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Your BG's days are counted!


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I searched, but didn't find anything on this.


Well, here's the funniest ways to kill your BG's:


1. Get a helicopter capable of holding you and all four BG's, i.e. a Maverick. Park it outside your mansion, get the BG's, and get in the chopper. Now, fly up as high as possible, and jump out. Not you nor the BG's will die at first, but just repeat.


2. Do the same as described above, but now move forward, and jump out. Your BG's will now stay in the chopper, and will only get out when it comes to a complete stop. Try to jump out above Leaf Links, land on the golf course, and if you're lucky, the chopper will slide right out into the water.


3. Get a car capable of holding you and your BG's (any four-door car). Now drive along a road until you get up to speed, and then jump out. The car will keep going pretty fast, with the the BG's in it. Try to aim at trees, peds, other cars, the water, a steep slope, a wall, or anuthing else that sounds fun to you.


4. Get a PCJ-600 and pick up a BG. Now, drive around and do some of the Unique Stunts again, and try to crash.

I was driving around in Vice Port, and jumped a smaller jump. I landed in one of those cranes at the docks, my bike got stuck and the BG was catapulted into the air! When he didn't return, I pushed my bike free again, and got on it. Wtf! He came running towards me... :wtf: He had been thrown at least 100 meters. Pretty damn fun!


5. You could of course shoot em'  :die:  :colgate:



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Come on! This ain't such a bad topic? You should be able to say something... anything?  :/

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Damn I wouldn't want to be your friend. You might push me out of a moving vehicle just for fun.


Haha that list is funny though. It would be funny to see the bodyguards falling in the sky. I need to get 100% so I can try those things.

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-Azazel-; you have now given me the inspiration to get 100% I had given up on the ambulance/pizza boy vigilante missions & couldnt be arsed getting the rest of the hidden packages. BUT I MUST! I MUST HAVE BG'S TO KILL


I WILL SPREAD THIER BLOOD OVER VICE CITY - but in imaginative ways like yourself.




EDIT : wordo'd   :dozing:



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Well well, how nice then.  :colgate:



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Moved to Gameplay!!


Try and keep the threads in the right forums please...





Messiah To The Animals


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How about instead of just letting them roll of in the car after you've jumped out into a group of peds or a wall, making the car catch fire first so it will cause a spectacular explosion to go along with it all.

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