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GTA IV UNION - Rebuilding a Community on Xbox One

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Hello Fellas,

as you probably know GTA IV has been released for Xbox One a few days ago. There are many people who think GTA IV is better then its sequel; like myself. As on '08 OG who has played this game more than anything else I am very excited. A couple of friends and I would like to build up a new Community on IV. We created a club on Xbox One which is called GTA IV UNION. Everybody is welcome!

The club is for matchmaking, events and much more. We are also looking for moderators. Preferably players who are veterans. You can search for the club on Xbox or send me a message to get an invitation (GT= MeS H8mEx).



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Ill be adding you! Im also an 08 OG, I look forward to wrecking havoc. Im out of the USA

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Happy Hunter



Could clubs be used to beat the modders in GTA IV? I'm not actually in any myself - do they make it so you only play with people from the club, or is it just that you're more likely to be joined with club members?


Clubs where the only thing is that there are no modders, that might bring back some people to GTA IV (a lot of people I'd imagine just want a modder-free experience, even if they don't want to be tied to any other rules or events or anything).


This looks good though, and best of luck to you. Helicopters were great in this game.

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Lucky you guys.


I'm also a gtaIV oldschooler. Got a ps4 and gta V, tried to play it regulary but I cannot.


I've recently bought a ps3 again, 5 years later.


Played IV:MP a couple days, cops n crooks, tdm, dm, race, etc... The feeling was so good. Damn, much better than V. Even matchmaking is better. Driving actually takes skill. Aiming takes also more skill imo. Free aim is so nice on IV.


Good luck with it. I'm sure you will get players that feel the same as us.


Also hopefully the ps4 gets something like that someday


But while that happens....


I'm going to open something similar for the ps3.


Let's make old players come back and new players are welcome too if they're eager to learn and have fun!

Edited by EL_FUGA

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Mr. Mac

If anyone is willing to, I'm always down to play some GTA 4 on PC or Xbox One. If anyone wants to play hit me up: SNMC Ghost

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