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Rare Screenshot of Beta Infernus at Malibu?

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First of all, i'm sorry if this isn't a worthy thread but i didn't know where to post it else (Beta thread maybe?)


So i was looking through my old ps2 games and found my first 2 disc of vice city (they are basically the same). The thing that caught my eyes was on the bottom left, i noticed a screenshot of what it looks like an Infernus driving around the Malibu. I don't recall seeing it anywhere on the internet so i thought i'll share this.






Does anybody know where that image originally came from? a Magazine? website?


BTW for those who might consider this illegal for containing "Pirated copies" of the game, i now own a legit copy of Vice city for PS2 and also on steam so please no discussion of that. Thank you.







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It looks like a GTA3 Infernus judging by the wheels, perhaps the ViceCity Infernus was intended to be like this but they changed it

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On VC alpha/beta almost all cars had GTA3 sport wheels that's why the Infernus has those wheels in the screenshot. Plus, since your VC disc it seems have a printed cover then that screenshot maybe is somewhere in the internet.

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It looks like part of a gameplay screenshot, like the one above it.

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I remember in one of the trailer,A infernus appeared with a special rim which cannot find in normal gameplay

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