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Faith of Louise

Did Louise deserve to die?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Was it a good ending to kill off Louise?

    • Yes, gave emotional depth to story
    • No, she should have stayed alive
    • (Discuss)

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One question that intrigues me - did Louise deserve to die the way she did and was her death necesarry?

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If she didn't die the final mission wouldn't exist.

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Femme Fatale

Yes, it gave an emotional depth to the story.

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I don't know what her faith is. Christian, perhaps?

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Rebel Yell

If you look at it in a certain way, Louise and her death served as a foil to Victor's transformation from a mild-mannered good guy into an unstable hypocrite who suddenly began enjoying dealing drugs. Louise's death may provide a logical explanation for exactly the opposite persona Victor adopts during the Introduction part of Vice City. Well, before that, you already see Victor gotten deep into drug game not because he endorsed the idea, but because he wasted a lot of effort to build himself a career in drug trade. Having been busy with getting some money together for his brother Pete's medication bills and having given up hope on his idiotic brother Lance, Vic Vance might have felt like he lost everything with Louise's death. Besides giving the story an emotional depth to the story, Louise's death was kind of necessary in this point of view.

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IMO,she didn't deserve to die (she was one of the most decent characters in GTA series),but her death was necessary to give depth to the story (her getting killed gave Vic a good reason to take down the Mendez cartel).

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Posted (edited)

While I will admit that her death was necessary as the plot device, I didn't really show much sympathy when she died. She wasn't a bad character, but she was pretty bland. She didn't have much of a personality that would make her interesting and only seemed to exist as a plot device considering she's barely used as much more than a walking target. I feel that there should've been more moments with her and Vic to explore her personality more and help her grow and develop as a character to make her more interesting. Also, she should have a much bigger background and more moments with one of her siblings. That would definitely make Louise more of a likable character and make her death scene much more emotional that it would explain the influence it had on Vic's heart, which would've made him a much more tragic character. So many missed opportunities R* keeps wasting.

Edited by watersgta3
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