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XBOX 1 Community

Moneymanak907 here and I would like to introduce a new league. Gladiators league and how to make the best of it. I have a concrete plan in place that will attempt to bring our community and as many crews to life as possible. Here is the general outline:


The most important things for the community to assist with are simply understand why I am doing certain things to help out where possible. For instance, one of the biggest obstacles to getting players to become active and stay active in GTA V. Don't get me wrong, I think past and present tournaments are great, but they only last one night or are short lived, I would like to provide an active arena for old and new crews to enter into so that they have a purpose to want to play GTA V, I believe if we have a active league where players can participate and crews can look forward to on a regular league season basis we can peak the active level back up. I know this may annoy some people, but please understand the reasoning behind it. Seems like the Crew activity level is slim to none. This is our chance to bring this game out of the pits and into a bright future.

The bottom line is: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. The more community involvement we have, the smoother this league will run and stay afloat. You are all here because you love playing this game so I really have a lot of faith that everyone will be on board. We all want the same thing. Who doesn’t want to be able to say their Crew is the best and show results because of it?

Other ways the community can help:

Create helpful content like video tutorials.

Get inactive members back online.

Get the word out to other crews around the community.

Give suggestions on anything mentioned here or anything that could help.

If we can do these things as a community, I am absolutely certain this league will grow. Leagues and other tournaments have either died or have not been able to complete more seasons up until this point, Gladiators league is extremely motivated now and I hope some of that can be seen. Gladiators League has a strong structure, ran by than just one person and promises significant improvement to keep working hard to achieve that.

Gladiators League:

GTA Online XBOX 1 Crew League:


+ Free Aim Based

+ Weekend Schedule (Saturday/Sunday)

+ Head to Head action 6 vs 6 with 2 subs

+ 6 maps to choose from, Home Teams choice.

+ Ran by those who would like to be a staff member.

+ Crew tags must be worn.


Other information can be found at http://gladiators.9gaming.netLets get things going XBOX 1 Community.

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Gladiators is looking for willing players that would like to contribute to making our 1st season run smooth. You can PM me here on GTA forums or on Gladiators League website at http://gladiators.9gaming.net.

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