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PSP or Android?

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Should I get Chinatown Wars for the PSP or for my phone? Which version is better? Which has better controls?

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I played both, and it depends. I finished CTW on both PSP and Android, and I think PSP has a few superior aspects to the Android version. The graphics are better, there are extra missions and multiplayer modes. It's definitely the best way to experience CTW. Android lacks dynamic shadows from the PSP version, as well as lacks a few bonus missions exclusive to the PSP, no multiplayer as well, but it might look sharper on your phone.


My solution would be emulating CTW on PC using PPSSPP (using your legit copy, of course). If you can't do that, play on an actual PSP, and if you can't do that, play on your phone. The DS version is a last resort, touch screen minigames are fun at first but get tiring after a while. Playing with a PSP or controller on phone is way more enjoyable.

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PSP is best IMHO. Even has more cheats than Mobile/iOS/Android version.

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PSP is the way to go for superior everything.

-Effects like police lights and flames look better

-Dynamic Shadows
-Melanie Mallard Missions and like two extra Chan missions
-For whatever reason, the boss themes are different but they're the better versions.


Android is just better for portability and I think you get the custom radio station, which in this game, is important because there isn't much else in terms of sounds. The vanilla stations get stale fast.

Edited by BeauShow

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