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In the realm of coding, there lies a challenge true,
An upstate liberty, unseen by a few.
For this grand game of GTA III, a mod, they say,
To unlock the unknown, to pave a new way.


Many modders entered, hopes high, dreams grand,
But the success slipped through each hand.
Frustration like rivers, flowing deep and wide,
Yet you, undeterred, still chose to abide.


Through lines of code and countless nights,
With determination, you fought the fights.
The upstate liberty, once shrouded in haze,
Slowly emerged, like morning's first rays.


Your dedication unmatched, your spirit bright,
You turned darkness to triumph with unwavering might.
And as this new year dawns with fresh cheer,
We celebrate your perseverance, so dear.


May 2024 be a year of triumph and cheer,
For you, dear AdusPL, who refused to veer.
Thank you for your commitment, your endless zeal,
And may this new year bring wonders that reveal.

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So when will this MOD be finished?🤔




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