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Post Triathlon Game Freeze!


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So I just did the third triathlon in this game. The one that takes about 28 minutes of actual real time to play, NOT counting any breaks you need to take to regain feeling in your wrists.


One time, while playing this game (PS4 btw), it crashed and I lost hours of progress. I was pretty mad, this is 2017 theres no need for data loss. So as I'm killing myself with this triathlon, I'm thinking "man as soon as I finish, I need to save this thing".


So I finally get to the end, I won! It gives you your rankings, and I was 76772nd, go me. Then before exciting, I see a "View Profile" option, you get to by clicking the trackpad. So I do. And the game froze. And it remains froze. Nothing works! I can hit the PS button to go into the system's main menu, and I can bring up the share menu. But that's all I can do.


The first time the game froze, the system actually gave me a notice saying the game had crashed or something to that effect. This time around, it's just sitting there, doing nothing. Its been about a half hour and still it sits...




I REALLY do not want to have to do that f*cking triathlon again! Is there any way I can get the game going again? I do have auto-save on but I didn't see any auto-save notification screens so I don't think it would have saved yet. I think it's pretty likely i'm screwed, but I'm going to leave my PS4 on in case it works itself out and becomes responsive again, or in case someone has any ideas how I might be able to recover this :/

Edited by l008com
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