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Spanish.gxt from GTA III mobile to PC

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Hi, I "made" this mod a few months ago, making compatible the spanish.gxt from mobile for PC. As you maybe already know, the .gxt's of GTA III has different strings made specially for GTA III mobiles, this causes some sentences to look strange, so I changed all thouse.


The translate of GTA III made in 2001-2002 was terrible as sheet, the re editioned one is way better, this why I did this.


link: https://mega.nz/#!1lxGUQ4Q!9vTMGMvUeFqwH0ArfjaY6ftAlgq5IhNxlooG2dE6blk - UPDATED

Edited by Fabrix199
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It asks me a decryption key :-(

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I fixed the link, should works now

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After nearly 2 years I thought about fixing some pesky bugs that I left. "Masacre a la mafia" and similars displayed for example ::mkills:: and taxi driver ::mmoney:: this was because the release on mobiles used images to display on the hud and not texts. 


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idk if this replay would be considered a bump... But this mod is great! Original releases of GTA III came with an awful and lame Spanish translation. Good job boi :D

Edited by Kawaii Sapphire ☆

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Updated one single string, now it's fully fixed for good hehe. I have also checked again most of it, Ctrl+Fed it to see through if anything was missed and I can say now it's cleared of bugs :) aaand I'm replaying again GTA III to accomplish 100%, if there's anything I have missed I will surely see it now. To download the new version you can use the same link in the first post, is the same though with updated file.


Also, thanks for finding this useful.

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