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PS4 Criminal Mastermind Challenge


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Hello guys, I'm new to this forums so figured I'd give a try to finding a team to do this challenge asap.


I'm very experienced with heists and all aspects of GTA:O but have recently started a fresh account on PS4.


I'm looking for 3 players that can get through this on the first run ideally, I'm happy to host all and can pay a fair 40/20/20/20, of course, others can host too but the cut should stay the same as to not cause any issues further into the run, I'm English and play over the weekends and usually on weekday evenings, though for this challenge I'd be flexible.


I've completed this challenge twice before too guys, once during the April 2015 not long after heists came out, also I helped 3 guys out when I first transferred to PS4, though I didn't get a second 10m, I was glad to have completed it on current gen.


Now I have a new account and really would like a 10-12m legitimate cash boost to get the ball rolling.


So, Any PS4 player out there keen to get in?


As expected, I'll be using a Kuruma on some jobs, purely to minimise the risk, the only reason it sits in the garage collecting dust to be fair, personally I don't like the drive in it and the stigma of it being the 'noob shell' but suffice to say it was built to take a whack so it will be useful here, on Pacific Standard finale it will be run as usual (except noose, experience will tell) and taking an armoured truck to the boat as I don't care about the finale's pay out as much as the 10m.


Please reply here, or send a PM with PSN details, I don't want low levels or kids asking for money or to help on anything other than this challenge at the moment I'm afraid. I'm more than happy to re-do heists as much as needed if I can find the right few so as to fill all our bank accounts up to get some of the more luxurious items on GTA. Please include any ideal times and any restrictions you may have and we'll try to find a suitable time for everybody to be available too.


Hope to speak with some good players soon, thanks for reading.

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I've done these heists and the sub jobs so many times before, but never really bothered to go for the mastermind challenge. I'll leave my psn here, i'd be happy to help out.


PSN: Zaibatzu_Van

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I'll add ya dude, got my run done rather comfortably now but can help you too, not sure if the guys I used are ready yo roll right away but will ask...

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