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Dreamt I was playing GTA 6 and it was amazing


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The main character was a white brown haired woman about early 30s with a black bf. She was a meth dealer in Los Angeles and the game was amazing. It was kinda contemporary or contemporary+5-10years.


The "world" was filled with stuff to do, i remember doing a bunch of sidequests cause they were fun and saving the main quests. From what i remember they put huge emphasis on gameplay this time. The character moved a lot better and the gunplay was smoother. it felt a lot less clunky than gta games usually do. graphics were top notch as well. bright yellow light orange sun covered everything.


A lot of the game was you and your bf riding around holding up liquor stores and other robberies and getting chased by cops. lots of infighting in the car as well, "bitch hold the car steady so i can get a shot!!" "baby im doing it."


shame u guys wont experience it.

Edited by AnimalFather
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slimeball supreme

sounds f*cking sh*t

Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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Not entirely sure on what I just read...

I guess you could say it was all a dream? ;P

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Queen Elizabeth II

I've once dreamt about GTA V... the map was quite sh*tty and Las Venturas was called Las Megas.

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the game had a more real serious tone and the comedy was more real instead of goofy. the goofiness was gone but the comedy was still there and it was better than ever.

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Official General

I once dreamt that GTA V was gonna be the best GTA since VC's or SA. Shame it didn't come true.

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Queen Elizabeth II

It's hard to be the best in the family if your brother is GTA IV and your sister is GTA: EFLC.

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a meth dealer in Los Angeles


Los Angeles? There is no such place in the GTA universe.


In any case, dreams, like all subconscious and conscious desires, are best presented in our Official Wishlist.



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