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Why did packie leave his mother in LC (theory) (spoilers)

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Ok so you guys know how at the end of gta 4 (revenge ending) packie calls niko telling him since Katie is dead, he has to look after his mom because derrick/ Francis obviously don't care and Gerald is in prison. However at the end of tbogt packie is seen at the airport and then in gta 5 he is seen with some guy at the pharmacy in strawberry.


But their is one fatal flaw in all this synopsis why would packie leave his mother after saying to niko that he *needs* to stay with her?


Theory: now I have 3 theories as of why packie would leave

1. Maureen died: this one is alot more self explanatory, Maureen dies so packie (feeling way to depressed to stay in LC) decides to leave the gang and the city behind to start over sorta like Michael


2. Packie left for vacation and will return: similar to the first one minus Maureen dying although its unlikely due to packie saying he can't leave her


3. Packie put her in a retirement home: yes this one probably isn't the best one but maybe packie thought it was for the best however she would probably just get arrested


So what do YOU guys think?

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yo boi ryobo

I think Rockstar didn't care at that point, they were just like "Ok guys, everyone loved Packie, so, let's make him a heist member in GTA 5!"

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Her passing away or being sent to a retirement home sounds pretty reasonable.

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Tao Cheng

Whoever did chose to kill Francis and did the Revenge ending are dicks for making Maureen lonely.

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