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How not to loose Johnny's Hexer?

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Hey folks,


I play GTA for ages now, from I to V, but never got around playing the EFLC. GTA IV was my least favorite game in the series, I couldn't get over the dull color palette, saturation, and graphics. I still prefer IV over any other non-GTA title, appreciate the awesome story & map design, it's superior quality but it never had that appeal to me, subjectively speaking. (more of a Vice City & Five guy). So I never came around to play EFLC because I didn't have the initiative.

Things changed when got back into modding, I found amazing graphic mods & ENBs for these titles and now I'm in full GTA EFLC hype. In some places, it even looks better than vanilla GTA V and allows me to fully appreciate story & map. Love it. I came around to finish TBoGT (loved it) and just started TLaD (loving it).


So first, I found out where the cheeky scrubs at Rockstar found all that DLC content for GTA Online (j/k-j/k), second, I'm kind of thrown off by some of the game mechanics. TBoGT was a classic GTA in that regard, but TLaD is very different to me.


So my Question: About Johnny's Bike story, it's his personal vehicle, but not really? The way it usually was until V is, if you lose the car you want to keep it despawns and you're f*cked. I noticed this was also true for IV and TBoGT, but how is it held in TLaD since they make such a big fuss about J's unique & personal bike? What happens if it gets destroyed or even more likely, the dilemma we had in every single GTA before, I have to leave it somewhere because of a mission? Will it get returned to the clubhouse? Will it spawn at the clubhouse? Can I contact someone to find it 4 me/repair it or will I simply be f*cked and have to use another one?


I just want to do it RP and am attached to realism, so I pay attention to that stuff. So what should I look out for? What can I allow myself to do? Is the game forgiving with this personal vehicle stuff or do I have to pay strict attention?




Edited by Spadge

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B Dawg

Johnny's Hexer always respawns next to the Clubhouse upon game load, not sure if it respawns if you go far away then return to the Clubhouse.

You can always call Clay to bring you another Hexer (but without unique paintjob) if you lose it/destroy it and don't feel like saving and loading the game.

Edited by B Dawg

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Its not really unique, you can have as many as you can place in your parking lots. Game mechanics huh

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