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GTA2 Car Crusher Rewards


Recommended Posts

Here is a table with the correct car crusher rewards, it includes all cars you can get in singleplayer:

*** traffic vehicle ---- not available

*** uncrushable traffic vehicle

*** can be provoked to appear in traffic

*** parked only

*** unlockable/bonus

*** occurs in missions

*** accessible only with cheats


Vehicle Downtown Residential Industrial

A-TypeFast Reload--------

Aniston BD4Get Outta Jail Free Card--------

Arachnid----ShotgunMachine Gun

Armed Land Roamer----Machine GunMachine Gun



BensonMachine GunElectroFingersMachine Gun

Big BugMachine GunArmorArmor

Box Truck--------uncrushable

BugMachine GunMachine Gun----



Cop CarCop BribeCop BribeCop Bribe


Dementia Limousineuncrushable--------

Eddy----Machine GunMachine Gun

Fire Truckuncrushableuncrushableuncrushable

Furore GT----Fast Reload----

G4 Bank Vanuncrushableuncrushableuncrushable

Garbage Truck--------uncrushable

GT-A1----Machine Gun----

Hachura----Rocket Launcher----

Hot Dog Van----uncrushableuncrushable

Ice Cream Vanuncrushable--------

Jagular XK--------ElectroGun

Jefferson--------Get Outta Jail Free Card

Karma Bus--------uncrushable

Land Roamer----Machine GunInvulnerability*

Maurice----Machine GunHealth



MiaraRocket Launcher--------

Michelli RoadsterMachine Gun--------


Morton----Get Outta Jail Free Card----




RomeroArmor----Molotov Cocktails

Rumbler--------Fast Reload

SWAT Vanuncrushableuncrushableuncrushable

SchmidtHealthMachine Gun----

SharkMolotov Cocktails----Rocket Launcher

Special Agent Car----Respect!Respect!

Sports Limousine--------uncrushable

Spritzer----Molotov Cocktails----


Stretch Limousine----uncrushableuncrushable



TaxiDouble Damage--------

Taxi Xpress----Double DamageDouble Damage

Trance AM----Flamethrower----

Truck Cabuncrushableuncrushableuncrushable

Truck Cab SX----uncrushable----

TV Vanuncrushableuncrushableuncrushable

U-Jerk TruckMachine GunMachine GunMachine Gun



Z-TypeSilenced Machine GunSilenced Machine GunSilenced Machine Gun


About power-ups/weapon rewards:

- You get always three items for weapon rewards. In total:

15 ammo Grenades, Molotov Cocktails and Rocket Launcher

30 ammo Machine Gun, Shotgun and Silenced Machine Gun

60 ammo ElectroGun and Flamethrower

- Duration of temporary power-ups:

40 sec Invulnerability*

60 sec Double Damage

60 sec Fast Reload

60 sec Invisibility

70 sec ElectroFingers

- Respect! increases the internal respect counter of the gang where the car crusher is located by 20. It is useless on neutral territory (southern car crusher in downtown).

Additional info about respect: Each gang has an internal respect counter from -100 to +100. From -19 to +19 the respect-o-meter shows +1, at +/-20 shows +/-2, at +/-40 shows +/- 3, at +/-60 shows +/- 4, at +/-80 shows +/-5, at +/-100 it starts blinking.

Additional notes:

- the car crusher in Redneck (blue gang in residential) territory is bugged and doesn´t give you the reward

- you can´t reenter the Tanks in downtown after a frenzy is finished

- the Benson can appear in missions where some enemy chars are programmed to chase you down like in "Who´s Mad?" in downtown or "Lock-Out!" in industrial and also in "Final Job!" missions

- the GT-A1 (for the Wang Car Bonus) can be accessed with some cheats. After you enter the car and get teleported to the Wang Car garage, move the camera quickly back to where the car is and teleport there and enter it. That way it doesn´t disappear and you can drive it

Edited by Molotok
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Great! :p Btw, are all crushers functional? I think some do not give any reward items but I might be wrong.

Oh yeah I forgot to add that the Redneck crusher doesn´t work and still isn´t fixed in the unofficial 11.44 version!

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