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What actually is it about GTAIV that is not optimized?


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Is it the graphics? Memory management? CPU utilization? After running a few benchmarks, I think it's the CPU that does it. However, after actually playing the game, I think it's a mix of GPU and CPU utilization.


I have an RX 480 and i5-6500 (game patch, and running the in-game benchmark at absolute maximum settings at 1080p gave me an average FPS of 62.20. However, this did not translate well into actual game-play, which is a bit annoying. Using the same settings and just driving around Broker, I got around 30-40 FPS on average (ballpark figure). I tinkered around with the settings and managed to bring the game up to a respectable 60 FPS. However, even with these reduced settings, the in-game benchmark shows I got 63.85 FPS on average.


Something isn't right with the in-game benchmark tool. It seems to stick around 60 FPS regardless of what settings you use, even though it is rendered in real-time, whereas changing the settings drastically affects game-play outside of the benchmark.


For those who are curious, here are my benchmark logs:


Maximum settings (30-40 FPS real-world scenario) (no VSync): http://pastebin.com/rv5guKw2

Tweaked settings (60 FPS real-world scenario) (no VSync): http://pastebin.com/difGeDU0


What are your thoughts?

Edited by HalfOfAKebab
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My theory/observations:
GTA IV RAGE engine was originally built for X360/PS3 architecture foremost. It was new tech back then and optimizaton focus was solely for those platforms.
They knew PC version will eventually ship, but it was not priority when they built it. Game got eventually ported by R* Toronto, but it was not running so well for most people.
And as your experience shows, even throwing burte computing power at it won't make game perfectly smooth.

Things got much better when they re-engineered/refactored RAGE code and Max Payne & GTA V PC versions are proof of that.

Edited by Cr!minal
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To me sometimes the game runs like your pc is emulating the 360/ps3 because it behaves in much the same way as the PS2 emulator does sometimes with certain games.

I think of 2 games that the ps2 emulator cant run properly ViceCity PS2 and Liberty City Stories. I own legal copies of both and made iso copies to run on my ps2 emulator, they run terrible, VC has audio clipping LCS frame rates are all over the place.

I know this isnt whats wrong with GTAIV but sure feels like it at times, as much as i love the game it was a very poor port to pc, they could have done a much better job.

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One of the main issues (V has this problem as well) is how RAGE handles framerates and physics. If the game is played above 100 FPS, things won't work correctly. This dates back as far as the 3D era games (since RAGE is built off RenderWare).


As for actual optimization, it's definitely how it handles LODs and shaders, as well as it being mainly CPU heavy. It tries loading too much at once, putting stress on the CPU. LOD/shader loading definitely needs optimization if they were ever to remaster it.

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Poor port made by R* T using Xbox 360 version as a base (3 core PPC system). Thus leading to poor CPU threading and usage. I think the engine also has bad memory management.


An excessive amount of materials in assets. Bad LOD handling. As said by NTAuthority.


The engine itself doesn't help much. R* has evolved RAGE a f*ckton. V is the miracle that surprised a lot of people. IV runs bad even on consoles. So...


@The7thOne. RAGE was built off Angel Engine made by Angel Studios. As far as I'm concerned older games used a Rockstar Engine and RW was only a graphics engine.


File structure is kinda similar if you compare games like Midtown Madness 2, RDR, Table Tennis and V. You'll see similar directories.


IV hardly hits ~100FPS (Unless you turn everything down and nobody plays it like that nowadays.) so, that "isn't a problem" in that game.


3D Era games situation was more that some timers (afaik) were tied to the framerate and Rockstar never bothered fixing anything to adapt to the "PC 60FPS standard".


They also didn't seem to care about 120hz players on V, putting 60FPS as priority. And I don't think most code is tied to framerate like before. (I believe IV suffers from the same issues. It's just that it's so much of a poor code that one can't reach such high framerates).


Silent/NTA know more about the intricacies of this whole thing.

Edited by BlackScout
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ViceCity needs framerate limiter on or you get very strange things happening, its actually funny in some cases. Cars that are too heavy to reverse but will drive forward, can have same effect on motorbikes.ViceCity definately ignores the optimisation rule

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ViceCity needs framerate limiter on or you get very strange things happening, its actually funny in some cases. Cars that are too heavy to reverse but will drive forward, can have same effect on motorbikes.ViceCity definately ignores the optimisation rule

This was the same with all the 3D-era games. SA made some missions impassable with the frame limiter enabled. Alley-Oop in the driving school was impossible because your car turned too slowly to be able to barrel roll before hitting the ground. Amphibious Assault wasn't even able to be begun, since you needed to advance your lung capacity skill, which was impossible because you couldn't dive underwater.

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