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GFX Request Guidelines

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GTAForums GFX Requests & Tutorials Section

This Section can be used to request various signatures & avatars (including resizing), and images for whatever reason you may need them.

Our goal is two-fold: to streamline requests and to make sure that users kind enough to fulfill requests aren't being taken advantage of.

Members may also post a topic to ask for Help and Support in any aspect of GFX.


  • POSTING YOUR REQUEST: - While not absolutely necessary, it will help get your request fulfilled much quicker and to your liking.

    Here's a handy request guide that can be copied/pasted:

  • Name: If you want a name on your graphic, state it here. Whether it's your username or something different. On the other hand, if you don't want a name on it, also say so here.

    Size: Put the size of graphic wanted.

    Theme: Put an extended description of the theme you want. Including positions of anything and everything, and text that you want included.

    Resources: Post links to any logos, screenshots, or fonts you'd like.

    Colours: Color scheme you'd like.

    Additional info: Anything additional you want added/done.
    • Please be patient. We now have a format where completed tasks are marked and clearly visible. This means that our artists can easily identify new and outstanding requests. Simple tasks such as avatar & signature image resizing will be dealt with quickly because they are less time consuming.
    • This forum is quiet and topics do not move down the board quickly, it is not necessary to bump your topic more than once per week and even then, you should not just post the word bump...please add more information if possible. This applies to new requests and modifications of existing work.
    • Remember, if your request has not been answered, it doesn't mean that it hasn't been seen, it may be that what you are asking for is too complex or too time consuming so please consider revising your requirements. There is now no limit to the times you can bump your topic but please be patient. GFX Creation is very time consuming. Artists have many demands on their time and don't work here 24/7!
    • Please remember that all posts and replies in this section must adhere to the Forum Rules.
    • Abuse of our free service by selfish, repetitive bumping will result in the deletion of your request without warning.


Edited by ~Tiger~

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