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Scared about 100% completion...


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The only thing left are 2 tags and the NRG challenge is SF. Obviously th e problem are the tags. While spraying over the tag number 70?(or something like that) i didn`t hear the ding sound, but i got the comfirmation text. So i didn`t mind it much, at least before i`ve read on a forum that if the thing a ove happens you will be prevented from 100%. Is that true? I got this percentaje in almost a year of playing, maxed out everything and g o t myself over 16 million dollars all without a single cheat. So is that possible? If it is i`m going to have a breakdown.

Sorry for doubl dc posting you better delete it mod

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Oh it's been a loooong time since I have had to discuss this...


If you are playing the original PS2 copy of this game your fears may just be a reality....


I have been a victim of this glitch and there's no fix that I know of. This is why I'll spray seconds after the notification and sound even on newer versions. It's a lesson learned for sure. Take on the few tasks left though just to be sure.


The struggle here is real though...if it happens it happens....

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If you have a PC game you can upload your last save and use the "Collections" maps to see what is left.


If you have a console game I suggest printing off


placing it in a Page Protector.

Then crossing off each tag with a "China Marker" as you check or do them.

After you are finished you can wipe off the "China Marker" to use the map again.

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Well... i was playing the ps3 "remaster" and well...i have 2 more sa saves, and one prior collecting the bugged tag so it s a life saviour. Damn you gotta love copy saves. Thank you for your kindness weasel anyways, you always answer my posts . Lol. Thank you too vanzant, ill see what i can do about it. Sorry you guys for the lame ass writing above, it was wroten on a phone with auto


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i just go all the tags... so the one above was just an audio glich... by the wa, i guess you know that the tags i missed...... where both GREEN seville blvd ones that i thought i got... i more task and im getting 100 for my first time... fish me luck!!!!!

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I meant 100% not just 100 sorry for my typo lol(can t edit on phone)

:-) love u 2 guys.

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Good show! But, Do not make multiple posts (called "double-posting". If your previous post goes unanswered use the EDIT feature to update, change, delete, your text.

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