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3 years later...who is your favorite GTA V protagonist

Who is your favorite Protag as of right now  

210 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favorite Protag as of right now?

    • Franklin
    • Michael
    • Trevor

Recommended Posts

Arnold Stallone

Michael De Santa.


He's the most stylish of the three.

His character is supposed to reflect the style of play that I have always had in GTA games basically feeling like you are a star of your own "Vinewood" movie.

I liked his voice actors performance which sounded like a more typical eastern American accent which made him unique in a game set on the west coast.

I also liked that his name is likely a play on Michael Mann (Heat) and Brian De Palma (Scarface) which worked because he was a huge movie buff.


That about sums it up.

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Still franklin

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I have strange, unusual feels for the Michael for what has he done when he caught his wife with another man on the bed. He didn't leave her and he just blamed that tennis coach... Then ironically, he entered into the crime world because of tennis coach again. That's why Michael is a miserable character to me (he also has been insulted in front of his home).


Trevor is just a maniac, simple person who thinks he can do whatever he wants. I shouldn't even waste my time for him. Franklin is nobody, he thinks he has no other choice than involving in crime activities. If he had past just like the Niko then yes it might be a reason for him to do that but he doesn't have that. Actually, we don't even know who Franklin is.


This is not just for the Franklin, but for the others.. I never felt I'm controlling a main character in the Gta V. Probably it is because there are 3 characters (which is very bad situation for me) so that we can't concentrate on the characters. I don't think they even have solid backgrounds.


Any of those protagonists (!) in Gta V, don't make sense to me.


I vote null.

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iiCriminnaaL 49


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Average Joe

Trevor. When the game came out, he scared and disgusted me a bit, but nowadays I like to play more with this batsh*t crazy guy.

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Franklin, he's got the best car, the best friend and the best dog. 

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Jack Lupino

Franklin because he has more customisation options and Chop.

Whenever I choose to do freeroam I play as him.

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