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Error reading the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City DVD - Playstation 2

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Hi, I have a PS2 that I bought in 2012 (original, no mod).

Last year, I loaned my original copy of GTA: Vice City to a friend of mine who owns a mod PS2.

As he began to play, it appeared "Error reading the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City DVD" , and could no longer play.

I thought that this problem was due to the mod PS2. The same situation happened to my cousin with GTA: San Andreas.

However, my cousin's original San Andreas gave no error on my PS2, which instead happened on his mod PS2.

Returning to my copy of Vice City, my friend gave back it to me, and a few months later I wanted to play.

I inserted the game into my PS2 and it frozed at the "Loading the saved data, do not turn off the console, etc. ...". I tried to start it without the memory card, and when I started to play it appeared the same error that happened to my friend and to my cousin.

Now I have bought another copy of Vice City (of course it's original) and I have the same problem.

I noticed that when the game loads, the PS2 emits a strange buzzing. This ringing also happens when other games load, like GTA III, Bully, or Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but despite this strange noise the games not give me the same error Vice City gives.

I have no idea what to do.

I'm sorry for possible grammatical mistakes. Reply as soon as possible, and thanks!

Edited by Skayz

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With PS2 as with any other console failure to read a disc is usually a faulty lens or a faulty disc. One of my PS2 is getting on now and sometimes it takes a while to load a game, im in the process of ordering a new lens, available new from china.

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I absolutely DREADED when that message came up. It was either the ps2 laser dieing or the game getting scratched(highly unlikely but still it could be fixed by taking it to a dvd rental shop and having it polished) Went through 3 diffrent ps2's in the last 15 years,multiple scratch removal polishings of gta vice city and san andreas(I could have SWORN it was the cheats that scratched the game or screw up the laser in fact me and my friends all swore on this and some still do to this day as for me im more weary about using them to mess around since i barely use them anymore) But thankfully my ps2 slim bought in 2006 is still going strong with the same original day 1 copies of 3 vc and sa.

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