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I need help

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So all of the sudden if i restart my PC, applications that usually should load right away such as antivirus, team viewer, realtek HD Audi and others take about 15-20 seconds after windows boots. If i turn off my PC and turn it on again problem is not there. However it only happens when i restart PC, so when it happens i click on start and go to task manager, and it doesnt open at all and start button doesnt work untill in background applications/programs load up, same goes with if i go to control panel and click on category, control panel then freezes and keeps loading untill windows refreshes and applications i already named load up.


Here's an example of how it looks if i shut down PC and turn it on again and after windows boots and everything works and runs fine without having to wait those 20 seconds, but if i restart PC and when windows boots up none of those show up in that box, and none of the applications besides few programs and browsers will work untill windows loads those applications in the box, only USB loads if i have it inserted.




I hope you guys understand what i mean.

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This is actually how it's supposed to work. From Windows 8 onwards, when shutting down the PC it actually pseudo-hibernates, allowing for a faster boot. When restarting, it boots from scratch.

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^ Even if that's true (which I don't know that it is) it makes no difference for me. Apps load at the same speed regardless of whether I'm shutting down and turning it back on or restarting.


The hibernation thing is related to the sleep feature. If the OP has a laptop and (like a lot of laptop users) he doesn't turn off his laptop but just closes the lid chances are it enters sleep mode by default. For Windwos 8 and up, sleep mode also acts as a hibernation mode. So if you unplug the power source to your PC (or there's a power outage) and then turn it on again, it will resume from where you left it. It works really fast if you have an SSD.

Edited by ΣΓ

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Windows 8 has a feature called fast startup where it save the kernal session and device drivers to the hybernate folder so the computer doesn't have to open everything like it would in a cold startup.

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The thing is, when i restart my PC, windows boots up, i type in acc password and desktop comes up, in that little box i posted picture about nothing is loaded instantly, so while it loads for 30 seconds if i try to run the game, or a program it wont open them untill those applications show in that box, which means windows is basically loading them up for 30 seconds delay and untill then half of stuff on my PC wont work before it loads. I have 60 gb SSD and windows installed on it, this started happening like a month ago i think, before that it was all normal after start up everything would load and read right away just after typing in my windows acc password and when desktop comes up. I wish i could make a video about it.

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