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Monday Movies: Rockstar Editor Showcase #1

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It's Monday, we're back to work, back to school, so what better way to bury your blues than get consumed into the creative world of the Rockstar Editor on GTAForums? Here's some highlights from the GTA Editor Showcase Topic, the place to show off your best work and take part in weekly themed competitions - it's currently in it's 17th round and is running an animal theme.


Screen 1


The Black Pug: Pug Life - directed by @old snake


Big balls, curly tail, fights crime; this dog has it all. Enjoy this funny story about a little inconspicuous pug who beats down on the bad guys.




Screen 2


Barbed Wire - directed by @SirJohnnyStark


Just to bring you down from the first video, try and enjoy this sad story about a stray dog who makes an unlikely friend, without reaching for the tissues. My heart ;_;




Screen 3


The Route 95 Killer - directed by @SirJohnnyStark


Sir Stark is back and he knows how to set the tone! Audio and angles are both on point for this series, and you can now also watch a sequel to the mystery here




Screen 4


Blood and Dust - directed by @CKR187


Now's the time to heat up the popcorn and put your feet up for the pièce de résistance. This murder mystery surrounding a retired sheriff is an impressive 32 minutes long and took a gruelling 7 months to create, with the director providing all of the voice over work for the characters involved. Now that's dedication, go view him some views!



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wow, nice work, Kirsty!
while almost everyone can make snaps, not everyone can make really good vids... Looking forward for the next one :)

Edited by EVOLUT7ON

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old snake

Oh cool, thanks for sharing my vid here, I appreciate it!

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Thanks for the kind words. Thats awesome that you have shared our videos. Not only did I voice all of my characters, I scored the entire movie as well, and built the entire soundscape, which is why it took 7 months. I think only about 3 sounds were actually from the game.

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Nice, thanks for sharing :D

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Pug life really funny,

Thuglife downright scum culture.

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