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ElPatron036's Fanmade Missions in GTA VC

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Hello! This is my fanmade mission fanfictions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! If you want to comment about one of my missions, QUOTE it.

Edited by ElPatron036

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Mission Name: Manga Blood


For: 11qgx8r.pngKazuki Kasen


Unlocked After: Rub Out


[The Mission didn't started, but Tommy gets a phone call from Lance]


(Tommy picks up.)


Tommy: What.


Lance: Uhh.. Tommy? There's someone you need to know who needs your help with moving in Liberty City.


Tommy: Who?


Lance: An old friend of mine! Kazuki Kasen! He wants to create a organization! Maybe he can help us to take over Vice City after we f*cked Diaz!


Tommy: Okay then. Lance Vance Dance.


(Tommy hangs up and goes to a Public Phone Booth in Viceport.)


(Tommy reaches there and goes to the Marked Phone Booth, starting the mission.)


(Tommy picks up the phone from the public phone booth.)


Kazuki: This is Liberty City's Japanese Crime Family Yakuza's Leader... Kazuki Kasen...


Tommy: So, Mr. Kasen, what the hell do you need to raise your kindergarten.


Kazuki: My Kindergarten? It's a motherf*cking crime organization! Alright... If you could get me a few gun vans, we could be on friendly terms!


Tommy: Give me a break! Where can I find those things?


Kazuki: I don't know? Take one from the Haitians? Another one from the Sharks? Oh! And don't forget the Costa Ricans!


Tommy: I'm on it!


Get the gun vans for Kazuki Kasen.


(Then Tommy steals a gun van from the Haitians as the Haitians are shooting on Tommy.)


Bring the gun van to the ship.


(Then Tommy brings the gun van to the ship in Viceport.)


You got a gun van in the ship! Now get the other ones!


(Then Tommy goes to the gun van from the Sharks, Tommy steals their gun van and they are shooting at him, but Tommy survives.)

Sweet! You got another one! Bring it to the ship.

(Tommy brings the Sharks gun van to the ship in Viceport.)


The Costa Ricans has their gun van heavily protected! Fight your way to their gun van.


(Tommy drives to Downtown Vice City to steal the gun van.)


(Tommy fights his way to the gun van, killing the Costa Ricans shooting on him.)


Get in the gun van before the police comes!


(Tommy gets in the gun van.)


Get to the ship.


(Tommy drives the gun van to the ship, as a cutscene starts with the ship taking off and drive away from Vice City.)


Mission Passed.





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Who the hell are the Costa Ricans?

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Who the hell are the Costa Ricans?

They appeared in that mission for Diaz where you steal the Boat.

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