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can't gt lst 2 missioons, help


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How do I get the last two misiions i 've looked at other topics about it but I've done all that...help :rah:

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Make sure you have secured enough assets; i.e. Taxi Company, Printworks etc.


Secure the Printworks, that's essential - and around 4 others I'm pretty sure...


Best thing to do is to get as many assets as possible, and wait for the call from the Printworks..



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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i read in a faq on gamefaqs that u have to have 60% of the game completed

Well, I secured all assets and completed both final 2 missions; a handful of rampages, jumps, packages etc and I only was on about 50%...


It maybe true, but I guess you'll have to do all the ambulance missions etc. to get there...



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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1. Make sure you have completed the asset missions for the printworks and done THE JOB mission for the malibu. you must own some other assets to so that the bikers in the second last mission can take money from something. As well as the vercetti missions. I have completed VC 3 times and that all that i needed to do to unlock them.

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Just check below what you aint done (note an asset is only compleated when it is earning you money)


1) All of the 21 story missions completed

    1-5  Ken Rosenberg

    6-11 Colonel Cortez

   12-15 Ricardo Diaz

   15    Kent Paul

   16-19 Tommy Vercetti

   20-21 Final Missions  

2) All of the assets and their missions bought and completed

    1    The Boatyard

    2    Cherry Poppers

    3    Pole Position

    4-6  Kaufman Cabs

    7-10 Sunshine Autos

   11-14 Film Studio

   15-16 Printworks

   17-20 The Malibu

3) All extra missions completed

    1-3  Avery Carrington

    4-7  Umberto Robina

    8-10 Auntie Poulet

   11-13 Love Fist

   14-16 Big Mitch Baker

   17-18 Phil Cassidy

4) All of the phone missions completed

    1-5  Assassination Missions

5) All of the hideouts bought

    1    Skumhole Shack

    2    3321 Vice Point

    3    1102 Washington Street

    4    Links View Appartments

    5    Ocean Heights

    6    Elswanko Casa

    7    Hyman Condo    

6) All of the Checkpoint races won

    1    Ocean Beach Chopper

    2    Vice Point Chopper

    3    Downtown Chopper

    4    Little Haiti Chopper

    5    PCJ Playground

    6    Cone Crazy

    7    Test Track

    8    Trial By Dirt

7) All the street races won

    1    Terminal Velocity

    2    Ocean Drive

    3    Border Run

    4    Capital Cruise

    5    Tour

    6    VC Endurance

8) All the arena challenges won

    1    Dirt Ring

    2    Blood Ring

    3    Hot Ring

9) All the RC challenges won

    1    RC Bandit Race

    2    RC Baron Race

    3    RC Raider Race

10) All the 100 Hidden Packages found

11) All of the 36 Unique jumps completed

12) All of the 35 Rampages completed

13) Shooting range done

14) Got to Level 12 Vigilante

15) Got to Level 12 Paramedic

16) Got to Level 12 Firefigher

17) Got to Level 10 Pizza Boy

18) Dropped off 100 Taxi passengers

19) Robbed 15 stores

    1    Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach

    2    Cafe Robina - Little Havana

    3    Corner Store - Vice Point

    4    Jewelers - Vice Point

    5    Vinyl Countdown - North Point Mall

    6    Jewelers - North Point Mall

    7    Jewelers - Downtown

    8    Laundromat - Little Havana

    9    Rython Aid - Little Haiti

   10    Screw This - Little Havana

   11    Tooled Up - North Point Mall

   12    Dispensary + - Vice Point

   13    Dispensary + - Downtown

   14    Donut Shop - Little Havana

   15    Gash - North Point Mall

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However much work you put into your last post, he (large_fish) didn't ask what is needed to complete the game, he asked what is needed to be done to unlock the final missions; and, that question has been answered.


Plus, all your information has been uttered several times & is indeed in the 100% Spoilers Topic already.



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Yeah i know that,but the missions are in order on there, maybe he could look back to see what he has missed, i did not get the last 2 missions for ages because i did not realize about the pole position mission, no harm in posting the list another time is there?

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List of assets needed for last 2 missions.

Sunshine Autos (Must finish at least the first garage)

Boatyard (Not required, but helps finishing the second last mission)

Pole Postition (Must be generating money)

Malibu Club (Must be generating money)

Film Studio (Must be generating money)

Caufman Cabs (Must be generating money)

Printworks (Must be generating money)

Cherry Poppers Ice Cream (Must be generating money)

Once all of those are done, you'll soon get a call. Go to the Printworks to get start the final missions.

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