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German car, no ID. papers?

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I'm from Finland (EU country) and there's this certain 1967 car for sale in Germany (or wreck of a car...)

but it says in the sellers website; "Keine Schlüssel und Papiere vorhanden" and google translates that as "no keys or papers available"


Keys are not an issue, but I would need a vehicle & vehicle owner certification papers for importing and someday when registering it into this country.


So how does the missing papers issue work in Germany? In my country, if the cars official owner is dead for example, you need to have a certification with signed names of past owners from last 10 years and then obviously a car's VIN number to get technical data from governments vehicle agency. (and then probably lot more stuff I forgot)


If it's possible, do you need to pass the equivalent of "road worthiness test" to get these missing papers in Germany? (This car does not have an engine among other things)


I don't need an actual "road use registration certification", because the car is not drivable, but I need a car ID paper with VIN number and all its technical data like weights, year model, etc. AND name of current owner.


What are these papers called in German language, so I can ask them from the seller?


(Reason I believe it's not stolen, is because it's so rare car)

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Give me a link of the classified (via PM) and I will try to help you (also via PM or even via e-Mail).


There is a lot of regulations here and maybe just a simple buyers contract is necessary...


As I wrote, give me a shout via private message and I am willing to help you out.

Edited by K1FFLOM

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