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Music Artists You Didn't Like But Later Fell In Love With

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A while back Achlys created a topic about artists you instantly fell in love with. What about artists you didn't like, maybe you even hated them, but eventually you fell in love with them?


Years and years ago I bought the Foo Fighters album In Your Honor. This was back in high school, I think. But when I listened to the album I just thought the music was a lot of noise. I don't think I ever even made it to the second disc, which had a lot of ballads. Maybe two years later I broke up with my high school sweetheart. It was rough. And one day I was going through my CD collection and stumbled across In Your Honor. Maybe I was looking for something to numb my pain, so the thought of some loud noise was appealing. But as I listened to the album it started to actually help heal my wounds. The words resonated deeply, and the music felt perfect for what I was going through. I never looked back. I'd often post lyrics to the songs on my Facebook. Actually, my ex eventually took notice and asked me "what's with all the Foo Fighters songs?" :lol:






Anyway, I consider myself a huge fan nowadays. Saw them in concert two summers ago. Fantastic concert!!!

Edited by Queen

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Homemade Dynamite

I didn't much care for Lorde at first but she really grew on me a couple of months after her debut album Pure Heroine was released.

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At first I didn't really like Death Grips. I considered them "unlistenable bunch of noise and screaming". Currently, they're one of my favourite bands.



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Mister Pink

Definitely The Smiths.. I actually hated them.. Now I love them, lol.




Other bands I kind of have a love/hate thing with are like Pantera or Metallica.

Edited by Mister Pink
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The Wolf Man


I used to think that they were a little bit boring but I changed my mind recently. They're a great british band with lots of good songs and Noel Gallagher is a "Godlike Genius" haha.



Edited by Lamarz
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I used to be on the Ye hate train, till I started checking out his old stuff, notably the College Dropout album which was insanely good

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I used to insanely hate Trance music in general because I was biased after the first few songs on Rise FM in GTA3. One day I clicked on this piece of art on YouTube since it was recommended for me:



From this point on, I started listening to more late 90's hard/acid trance and nowadays it became one of my favorite genres, I still dislike Rise, but three songs on there are awesome, especially the one by Slyder who recorded it under the R.R.D.S. name...

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