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Everywhere - by Benzies' "Build A Rocket Boy"

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6 hours ago, MightyMax said:

no news about the game? 

After doing a lil search it appears the cinematic director was going to GDC in march but as far as i can tell they didn't appear at the show? He posted a picture of an everywhere dossier of some form but strangley he only used the tagline #buildarocketboy and not the tag of the companys actual twitter handle. Apart from the initial recruitment drive they did on their twitter its looking pretty dead for the last 6 months plus.

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They opened a new office

CoU submitted for office use in the former Genting Casino building on Ocean Dr for video game producer, Leslie Benzies' Build a Rocket Boy Games, as an expansion of their existing office in the Leith Corn Exchange



there are new jobs

Build a Rocket Boy barbltd are hiring across their studios in both #Edinburgh and #Budapest. Ready for the challenge of a being a Senior Environment art? Check out this job and almost +100 others here





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I think they are also going to open a studio in China

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Commander S

Like I said before, I get the impression that Benzies and co. are running this thing 'R* style' - i.e., months/years of radio silence, and we'll probably not hear anything until they've got something resembling the finished product to show off.


Same with CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077, come to think of it - game was announced in May 2012, had a pre-rendered proof-of-concept teaser trailer released eight months later, and then ...nothing, until last year's big reveal of the WIP stuff. Five years, and not a peep - the only reason why people didn't pay quite so much attention was because CDPR was also working on The Witcher 3, so no-one was wondering "hmm, is that Cyberpunk thing DOA?".


Better that, IMO, than something like Star Citizen - a game that needs to show off stuff to mollify the Kickstarter backers who want proof that their money isn't just going up in smoke, but with that coming at the cost of just getting on with the game behind closed doors, and only showing stuff off when the whole thing is ready. Or worst-case scenario: Build A Rocket Boy fails to launch (heh - intentional bad pun... :p), but at least it just fizzles out and people don't really notice anything, rather than a high-profile game dev veteran having to publicly shutter their new venture after things don't work out.

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Posted (edited)

EVERYWHERE where are you?

Edited by MightyMax

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Hoping for an announcement trailer at Gamescom but idk.

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On 6/10/2019 at 8:43 AM, MightyMax said:

EVERYWHERE where are you?


P.S. I think we me see it around 2023

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