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DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic


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I'd like a bit more expansion with the underwater aspects of the game. These sunken treasures and the yacht missions are a start, but I'd like some more exploration and use out of the individual subs. Give me a large sunken ship to explore with the Kraken and recover loot (would make an interesting business battle event) or do something with the UFO that's sitting in the water near Paleto Bay or the many other wrecks in the ocean. 

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Midnight Club LS update


Makes Hao a mission contact at his LSC where he introduces you to the underground street racing scene in LS. He tells you about how there are 6 Bosses in the city who run clubs focused on one of 6 types of vehicles: American Muscle, Tuners, Trucks, Luxury, Exotics, and Bikes. He tells you how about each of these Bosses (who are collectively known as the Midnight Club) are willing to pay good money to anyone who can beat them in a race using vehicle types from their respective clubs. But they won’t just race anyone; they will only race anyone who beats all their Enforcers. To entice the Enforcers to challenge you, you have to cause a stir in each respective Club vehicle specialty by racing and beating random racers around the city. Once you’ve beaten all the Club Bosses, it’s unveiled that there’s one racer left, the King of the city: Hao himself. Beating him awards the grand prize of cash and (for the first time you beat him) a special car for free (which then unlocks it for purchase), and earns you the title of King/Queen of the city.


The Clubs aren’t so much based on the in-game vehicle classes but instead are specific models curated from a variety of classes (including cars both in the game already and new to the update). For example the Luxury class has cars from both Sedans and Coupes class, whilst Tuners has cars from both Sports and Coupes. You’re told which vehicles are eligible for which Clubs in your garage, included in the same popup that tells you if your car is insured or not. 


Multiple new racing types are added in addition to the standard lap races and point-to-point. These include:

-scramble races (unordered checkpoints)

-time attack (where you are given a handful of laps to beat a specific lap time with no other vehicles on the track)

-drag races (which incorporate a new burnout minigame mechanic before the race to heat your tyres to a specific temperature sweet spot to give you the best grip on launch, and also requires you to time your launch right to get off the line better than the other cars along with requiring you to manually shift the gears at the proper time to get the best acceleration)

-drift events (using a new Drift Tyre upgrade, where you score points based on angle combined with speed and with distance)

-and gap races (where instead of simply beating drivers to a set point, you also have the ability to win or lose prematurely by building up a specific distance from the driver. Pull far enough ahead and you win automatically; fall far enough behind and you lose automatically). Gap races are limited to only 2 drivers and are exclusively raced either in the mountains or on the highway. They are used to challenge the Club Bosses one-on-one.


All the new race types are also available for Creator/R* created race lobbies.


The regular races used to bait Enforcers are done in free roam lobbies (but can be done in invite-only sessions), whilst races against Enforcers and Bosses are done in specific racing lobbies like normal races, to prevent griefing. You can invite Associates to participate in the non-Boss races, and if they win instead of you it counts as a victory for you as well. There’s a chance of the police getting involved in all non-Boss races. No weapons allowed. To start the regular races, you have to find the NPCs in the respective customised Club cars cruising around the map and challenge them to a race by flashing your headlamps, after which you’ll be tasked with beating them to a predetermined destination. After you’ve beaten enough of the Club NPCs in freeroam races, you’ll receive a text/call from the Enforcers who will challenge you to race them, at which point you’ll have to visit Hao at his LSC to load into the new special race types in their own dedicated lobbies. Races against Enforcers also include regular NPC racers.


New content includes:

-new lowrider/hotrod/bike/tuner/VIP/spinner wheels

-updated tyre models for all wheels that have HQ tyre tread and multiple sidewall options

-new wheel spacer upgrade that allows for 2-3 different fitment options

-new Drift Tyre upgrade that gives the car low-traction physics which let you initiate and maintain drifts and slides much more easily at the expense of cornering grip

-new ability to change the colour of window tint

-new paint option called ‘candy’, which is any of the gloss colours with a reflective chrome undercoat

-new paint option called ‘chameleon’ which is a selection of new colour-shift colours that change depending on the viewing angle

-new nitrous upgrade available to all cars

-new ‘door’ customisation option that allows you to convert select cars to scissor doors

-new supercharger upgrade available to all cars, grouped with the turbo upgrade. Increases top speed stat rather than acceleration

-new radio station dedicated to late 90s-early 00s east coast crunk/dirty south rap

-new radio station dedicated to 80s-90s acid trance/eurobeat/italo disco

-new clothes like cholo/urban gangsta streetwear, hypebeast stuff, and bosozoku/yakuza clothes


New vehicles include:

Albany Cavalcade Custom — bagged 2004 Escalade EXT on 28s, SUVs

Annis 420SeX — S14 Silvia, coupes

Annis 420SeX Custom — LS-swapped Rocket Bunny Boss S14, sports

Annis Hercules — Pandem Nissan Titan & RTR drift F150, utility

Annis ZR380 — civilian Arena War ZR380, sports

Benefactor Feltzer V12 — 2018 SL65, sports

BF Club Sport — Mk7 Golf R & A45 AMG, coupes

Brute Hurrycane — GMC SyTy twins, utility

Brute Hurrycane Custom — minitruck lowrider, utility

Classique Tahoma — 79 Olds Cutlass & 79 Monte Carlo, sports classics

Classique Tahoma Custom — lowrider, sports classics

Declasse Hellenbach GT — 2019 Camaro ZL1, muscle

Declasse Idaho — 1975 Chevrolet Caprice, sports classics

Declasse Idaho Donk — donk, sports classics

Declasse Impaler Custom — lowrider, muscle

Declasse La Bomba — 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline, sports classics

Declasse La Bomba Custom — lowrider, sports classics

Dewbauchee Super GTS — Aston DB11 Volante, sports

Dewbauchee Volatol — Aston Vulcan, supers

Dinka Boomer — stretched custom Honda Zoomer, motorcycles (rear wheel uses car wheels)

Dinka Double T Drag — TLAD port, motorcycles

Dinka Perennial — kei-sized Scion Xb & Nissan Cube, compacts

Dinka Shuriken — Honda CB750 bososoku bike, motorcycles

Dinka Spritzer — Amuse GT1 & Veilside S2000, sports

Fathom Feroci — 1999 Lexus GS430 bippu, sedans

Grotti Herculaneum — Ferrari Roma with convertible hardtop, sports

Karin Asterope Retro Custom — bosozoku GX71, sedans

Karin Dori — GT86, coupes

Karin Dori Custom — Ryan Tuerck’s GT-4586, sports

Maibatsu Thunder — Mitsubishi GTO & FD RX7, sports

Maibatsu Thunder Custom — 3-rotor Rocket Bunny Boss FD, sports

Obey 9F Cabrio Custom — 2020 Liberty Walk R8, supers

Pegassi Matadore — yakuza Liberty Walk Lambo Aventador, supers

Pegassi Tamburello — Ducati Panigale V4 & MV Agusta F4, motorcycles

Progen 690GTS — McLaren 720 Spider & 600 Spider, supers

Schyster PMP600 — GTA 4 port, sedans

Schyster PMP600 Custom — bagged on 24s, sedans

sh*tzu PCJ Custom — Spondon frame streetfighter, motorcycles

Ubermacht Argento XS — G80 M3 & F90 M5, sedans

Ubermacht Sentinel Retro Custom — E46 Rocket Bunny & E46 GTR, sports (GTA4 body)

Vapid Carnivale — Fiesta ST & Focus RS, coupes

Vapid Hotknife Custom — T Bucket hotrod, muscle

Western Bagger Custom — custom bigwheel Harley Softail, motorcycles


And new modifications/liveries for:

Baller LE swb

Cheetah standard (inspired by Enzo FXX)

Cognoscenti 55

Comet Retro Custom (inspired by 934/935; more RWB stuff as well)

Dominator GTX


Elegy RH8

Entity XXR (inspired by Agera variants)


Monroe (inspired by Miura Jota)

Premier (inspired by Neon SRT & Cobalt SS)

Primo Custom (inspired by 93-96 Fleetwood lowriders)

Tornado Rat Rod


Youga standard

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