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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic


Recommended Posts

Basically this:



I would love to see turf wars return in either a coop or multiplayer freeroam mode. Not PvP, but PvE. Open up the local businesses, such as bars, restaurants and diners, and give us the players the option to well... either enjoy them or raid them. 
Combine the current businesses, bikers and nightclubs within one larger syndicate. 
This along with your own patrolling npc's would really make players the 'crime syndicate' R* advertised from the get go.

Edited by ivarblaauw
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But anyone who knows the Model T, it should:

- have a top speed of 50

- not drive with the same controls

Edited by FrugalDangerMan
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This may not be THE next major DLC for GTA Online, but I'd like to have Rockstar introduce the ability to travel to Liberty City in an update named "Back to Liberty".

Why, you might ask? It's the perfect way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III's original release, which was in October 2001.

There should be a five-part mission strand that functions just like heists, but this time, it needs to involve up to 6 players, with the maximum such payout percentage being 40% if done with 5 players, or 25% for 6 players.

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If I had to change up the freeroam for GTA Online; it would be the mission structure and payouts of business sell missions, which are very low in comparison with the heists. Adjusting this would make the game diverse again and... fix 90% of the inflation issues.


Contact missions:

Make them freeroam instead of loadable and increase the payout by 3-4x. This means that the longer missions pay out around $80.000 on hard.


Biker/CEO % management:

Let the leader adjust the payout percentage in the management menu. The more associates, the easier the mission, the lower percentage each player gets. 


Biker sell missions:

Make the payout 5x the current payout (so between $1.5 and $2 million depending on type). However, since the percentage is now in play, it is distributed over all associates/members.

Biker business sells might be the worst of the entire list to be honest...

Max total: $2,5 million (shared between players)

Time: around 4 hours

Current max total: $420,000


Vehicle cargo:

Vehicles sells could need an adjust of 2x the payout to make it worthwhile for all players. Again, using the percentage system. 

Max total: $650.000 (shared between players)

Time: around 1,5 hours

Current max total: $320.000


Airfreight cargo:

An adjustment of around 2x to make the max sell around $3 million. 

Max total: $3 million

Time: around 5 hours

Current max: $1,5 million


Special cargo:

special cargo is expensive to buy and a chore. A double increase in price would be fair:

Max total: $5.000.000

Time: give or take 6/7 hours

Current max: $2.500.000


Heists (no changes):

Fleeca Job: $143.000, time 30 minutes

The Prison Break: $500.000, time 1,5 hours

Humane Labs raid: $675.000, time 2 hours

Series A funding: $505.000, time 1,5 hours

Pacific Standard Job: $1.250.000, time 2 hours.

Doomsday heist Act 1: $650.000, time 1,5 hours

Doomsday heist Act 2: $950.000 time 2 hours

Doomsday heist Act 3: $1.200.000 time 2 hours

Caya Perico heist: up to 5,5 million, mostly around $1,5 - 2,5 million, time $3/4 hours


Heists pay:

$500.000-$750.000 an hour

Business sells (new): $450.000-$650,000

Contact missions (new):


Business sells (old): $150.000-$200.000 an hour

Contact missions (old): 



Nightclub and Gunrunning don't really need to be changed, since these are passive incomes. Perhaps give associates a 20% of the total price, without taking it from the CEO.


Contact missions still pay significantly less, but don't need any investments from the players and are set per player, so no percentages.


By combining these, players can rake in, if done right, around $500,000 each every hour just by playing the game how they see fit, instead of grinding the same heist or mission over and over again. More in line with what R* did with Red Dead Online, players play a role instead of everyone the same person.


Last but not least; PvE private sessions for all missions. Hell, create a 6th star with military to attack us or a narco's heat system or whatever in npc form, but for the love of god no more players who explode everything. Also sell missions for a lot of businesses are a chore since no npc enemies are present, these should be added ofcourse.


That's it, I think these, mainly minor changes except payouts, would make the game much more diverse, replayable and give associates an honest pay.

Edited by ivarblaauw
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The ‘Gone Straight’ update


Introduces 2 new business types: Ride Share and Delivery Boy, both of which can be operated solo and in passive mode


•Ride Share is a parody of Uber and Lyft. Uses the singleplayer taxi side mission mechanics, but with gameplay more based on Crazy Taxi where faster fare deliveries offer increased cash rewards. Bonus cash awarded for dangerous driving like jumps, close calls with traffic, and driving on the wrong side of the street. Three levels of luxury depending on which vehicle you choose to use, with the base level being bland junky saloon cars, the mid level being expensive executive cars, and the top being helicopters. A cash multiplier is applied depending on which level of vehicle you choose to start the missions in. Have the ability to phone up a free ride for yourself anywhere; functions like Downtown Cab Co/CEO luxury heli with no fee, and can be used in passive.


Base level cars:

Mk2 Stanier



Glendale Großer rat rod

Checker Marathon

63 Impala 4 door convertible

Austin FX4

80s Caprice

Mondeo ST200/Peugeot 406 mix



Executive cars:

Cognoscenti LWB

Landstalker XL


Updated Super Diamond

Updated Patriot Stretch

Updated Fugitive HSV

Dubsta Maybach landau

2020 M5/M3 mix

Koenigsegg Gemera

S160 Lexus VIP

Benefactor Stretch E



Updated Frogger (ACH130 Aston Martin, modifiable luxury interior)

Updated unarmed Buzzard (MD 500N, modifiable luxury interior)


•The Delivery Boy strain involves buying into a failing local restaurant, and having to make food deliveries with plot development based on how much income you bring in and what class restaurant you invest in. Base level being low rent fast food, mid level being some hipster fast casual/coffee shop, and the top level being fine dining. Can own one of each level. It offers passive income, with more money depending on which level of restaurant and with an income multiplier based on a ‘popularity’ level increased and maintained by doing deliveries similar to the popularity missions for nightclubs.


Small delivery vehicles:

Updated fixter

Delivery Faggio

Harley Freewheeler

Honda Supercub


Medium delivery vehicles:

Pony rat rod (GTAIII Hoods Rumpo XL)

Lost Slamvan

Kei-sized Scion Xb based on Dominos DXP

Reliant Regal Supervan

Ford Transit Connect

HSV Maloo panel van


Large delivery vehicles:

Boxville rat rod

swb Mule dekotora


•the big ‘centralisation’ vehicle every update seems to require is an ACJ220 based on a mini Air Force One/70s-80s rock band tour jet. Has an autopilot feature that has it fly in a big lazy circle around the map at a sustained altitude, so you can enter the interior and walk around. The interior is modular and customisable with a few different theme options, a bar, TV, internet, and etcetera. Has enough room for all CEO associates/biker club members. Operates like an aerial Terrorbyte with direct access to all businesses with the ability to launch restock missions and check on supply levels. Stored in Hangar (roughly the same size as Titan/Bombushka). Unarmed so it can be flown and relaxed in in passive, but launching a resupply mission automatically takes you out of passive and activates SecuroServ CEO/MC.

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On 1/26/2017 at 4:21 PM, CuteFaceJay said:

Hi guys,


My first major post on here I left a post on /r/GTAOnline about this idea ages ago but I don't think it was seen by anyone.


I love GTA Online but it seems that some of the updates were heavily focused on fancy CEO stuff that seemed a little out of reach for some people. My idea is based around the criminal underworld that is some what a hybrid of the Bikers update we had as the businesses and drug production will be one of the main roles for this update kinda like a Biker Part 2. This will be based on the three main gangs that reside in LS. The Families, Ballas & Los Santos Vagos.


I give you The Criminal Colours update!






The Main attraction:


Ok so you will basically start up a biker MC as you normally would but now when you log into The Open Road you will notice a discussions session aka forums... In this forum you will see some major posts by anonymous members for what looks like some business opportunity's.

These will start up a co-op between one of the three gangs. Each one will main a specific product type, But all of them also deal in other activities outside of drugs I'll get onto those activities in a bit.


The Families product: Weed = higher payout for weed sales. (Can still sell other product just at normal rates & slower.)

Ballas product: Coke = higher payout for coke sales. (Can still sell other product just at normal rates & slower.)

Los Santos Vagos: Meth = higher payout for meth sales. (Can still sell other product just at normal rates & slower.)


These guys want to get a hold of a large amount of your product so they can push them on the streets it will be up to the MC to provide these products and to maintain a re-up every so often so deliveries will have to be done to keep them happy.

(This will increase the amount of cash pulled in but will require a lot more player activity to keep up with the demands.)


You can provide re-up's for more than one drugs type if you wish but based on the gang you picked will depend on the maximum amount of cash they can make.

Example: It's slower for The Families to deal coke than it would be the Ballas because they would have contacts that know the right people to deal/sell product too.



Other business opportunity's & activities:


Store fronts:

We have an option to buy the gang's a store front for them to hold group meetings, These meetings will boost gang moral and smooth out product pushing operations. (Having a store front will up the value of your product but also put the gangs at risk with other gangs)


(Some fronts can be clubs and will run like a real club, Some times they will ask for security from the MC members to man the doors. The more attractive the club the more people = More cash payout for the MC members holdin them doors)


Busts 4 Bling:

Sometimes gangs will have members that take bling to another level, These dudes will have extremely hench (Big/bling) chains or blinged up SUV's / Lowrider's that will appear on the minimap when a store front meeting is happening. Other MC's will see this and take the opportunity in taking the ride or going inside the store front to steal the chains


(The chains can be sold at the Jewel Store for less than street value OR sold back to the gang members for how they value "Higher pay than the store" Then but at a risk of other MC's messing up the deal)


Extra: The rides you steal from these store fronts can only be sold to Simeon for a boost of cash.


Protect the Pimp:


Pretty much says it all in the title, The MC is given the task to protect a pimp and his "bitches" while they are working. The more the "Bitches" you look out for the higher the payout, Some of these girls have high profile clientele so if you protect her during the session she has with them your MC will gain some extra payouts.


(The more members in the MC = More "Bitches" you need to look out for. The more you look out for the more money you guys pull in.)


Assisted sales!:


Some times when doing a re-up for a gang they will need some help changing drug hand off locations so no crazy crack heads try to get wise and steal the product.


(It's up to the MC members to move the product to different street corners and protect them from other players who are also able to steal the product. If this happens they will attempt to take them back to their safe house to be sold into the system.)




Sorry if this idea sounds dumb. Also sorry for formatting & typo's

I'll be adding concepts to this post in the next few days.



If you have any ideas you want to add to this then please do I'd be happy to see what you guys would want to see expanded upon this.




I love this idea 

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I was thinking what new twists on heists they can do. How about:


  • A new heist thats basically a spoof of Die Hard
    - You get invited to a party inside the newly opened building (or you scoping it to rob it), but someones already robbing it (/terrorists are attacking it) and you have to get out of it alive
    - Bonus objectives: Saving other hostages / Robbing the place and blaming it on the other guys  
    - Multiple approaches, different spawn points, different objectives, different robbers and different endings  
    - They can use parts of the movie like rappelling down the building, disarming bombs or having to avoid glass (since you are barefoot)
    - And the next "heist" could take place on a plane (and it could end with a cutscene of you crashing in New Yankton or near Cayo Perico or something like that). Or... a cruise ship heist?   


  • The New skyscraper (not necessary Mile High Club since they would have to remove couple existing missions. but they can use any other skyscraper or make a new one)
    Different floors with different things:
    - shopping mall
    - bowling allays / pool tables / air hokey / table tennis / and other new mini games
    - mini-golf room / RC race track / RC battle room (with new game modes and creator mode) 
    - arcades / small casino / nightclub / penthouse / hotel / huge garages etc


  • New outfits:

e53e1577733cee2e8be3a7a69b3ee468.jpg1beb36203b3d42bc0afd27b3e4daee46.jpg14358164_4.jpg?v=8CF7724A11A9090 bg1.png7f0b23e6-max-payne-3-acrade1.jpg


Edited by Piro
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Great idea. The Weasil Tower is the Nakatomi Building from the first "Die Hard" movie. Minus the helipad on the roof.

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Maybe some used-car trade dlc, where people can buy and sell personal verhicles.


Personal modshop where you can literally modify every car in the game with a new livery, benny's wheels, other new wheels..

Perhaps some optional new bumpers/bodykits, the ability adjust the size of your rims


Create your own paint in game with a little menu with an RGB selection screen, should be doable because the crew color system is outdated (obviously).

Creating your own crew livery maybe? Could be dope.


Would be happy to being really able to customise cars more, and not just slapping some race-stickers on, slapping on some tupperware strips and rims which are too big or too small.


And give us a working tow-truck!

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Seeing as R* has gone more nautical w/ Cayo update,  think this will be the next update.


  • Shipyard - Store and customize boats (yacht, sub, etc).   Tweak boats like cars
    • Purchase price not 150,000,000,000
  • Add quicker access function to all ships/boats/subs
  • Make yacht drive-able
  • Add goddamn flamethrower as a weapon.  This has been wanted for years now.  Its on arena war truck, cmon.
  • Allow player to customize livery for vehicles.  Even if its pre-loaded shapes/textures
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other than the customization of liveries, this could be the most boring dlc ever

Edited by CarimboHanky
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why havent they released go kart racing yet?

18 hours ago, CarimboHanky said:

other than the customization of liveries, this could be the most boring dlc ever


as a standalone yeah. but thinking it should be cayo part 2 update.   boats are the most useless vehicle in this game...

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The only reason I am here is to tell people what I want.

Next update will come out and make sure to get what I'm saying.

Include some work for online gamers who want to get paid for what the prostitutes are doing. 

I'd like the prostitutes I pick up to be the other online players.

Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric
Merged and removed unnecessary image.
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Would love some contact missions or a mini DLC, centered around the Cults of GTA. Epsilon and the Altruist.


Spoofing movies like Duel and Race With the Devil.





Edited by Rev. Gnash
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The ‘more side activities’ Update


•Adds new games:

8 ball pool, 9 ball pool, snooker

10pin Bowling (includes customisable personal ball)


•Changes existing games:

Change cup locations on golf greens weekly

Change a few tennis courts to clay and grass with associated physics differences


•Adds weekly championships for Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and Billiards where the winners are awarded a large sum of in-game cash (say 5 million) and special prizes like unique clothing items you can’t get anywhere else, incentivising players to continually play the new updated games. To participate in the championships, players join into a R*-created series where their victories and losses are cumulatively tallied over the course of the week. At the end of the week, the player with the most series wins is awarded the top prize. Smaller cash and clothing unlock prizes for the top 5%, top 10%, and top 25% also are awarded. Each week, the championship in rotation changes. I.e., one week it’s golf, another week is tennis, and so on. A new leaderboard feature is added to the quick menu to allow players to keep track of their place in the ranking in real-time.


•new clothes include plain and patterned polo shirts with tucked and untucked options (sleeveless and longsleeved versions for females), sweater vests with polo shirts, half-zip fleece jackets and vests, plain v neck and cable knit cricket jumpers with collared undershirts, bowling shirts (with optional crew emblem), compression shirts, patterned and plain chinos, mid-thigh chino shorts, gym shorts, plus fours, pleated and flat-front tennis skirts and skorts for females (with optional compression leggings), plain and patterned capris for females, collared and collarless tennis dresses for females, studded golf shoes with plain and argyle tall socks for males, studded golf shoes with ankle socks for females, plimsoll shoes, Puma Match’s, Nike Air Oscillate’s, bowling shoes, visor caps, head sweatbands, flat caps, prescription sports goggles, wrist sweatbands, golf gloves

(Fashion inspirations: Bjorn Borg, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Ben Hogan, Payne Stewart, Rory McIlroy, Michelle Wie, Maria Sharapova)

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On 3/1/2021 at 7:42 PM, xDFaTaL said:

why havent they released go kart racing yet?


as a standalone yeah. but thinking it should be cayo part 2 update.   boats are the most useless vehicle in this game...

They're only the most useless because there's nothing to do with boats in the game and they don't have a central theme.

I have wanted a boat/nautical themed DLC for a while - personally I love my yacht and use it often. I thought the LS Summer Special was a bit of a disappointment when it came to the yacht missions. If you could drive it that would be amazing, also being able to respray boats and apply liveries would be a nice addition with a 'boatyard'.

But if you could make a DLC based around water and boats, there could be something there. I appreciate it's not to everyone's taste but the Arena War DLC wasn't to mine. 

Thinking about it, there would be nothing new in it that hasn't already been thought about, using a vehicle (boat obv in this case) sailing out to sea, collecting cargo and then bringing it back to the boatyard to sell etc. 

But even then, there doesn't need to be a business attached to it, I would happily part with some cash to buy a boatyard and customize my boats and have it as just that. I mean that's pretty much what the mod shop is in the CEO offices.


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I'm sure this has been said already, but mansions (customizable like the penthouse) with massive underground garages (we need more personal vehicle spaces!) would be amazing.

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3 hours ago, RaymondN1987 said:

I'm sure this has been said already, but mansions (customizable like the penthouse) with massive underground garages (we need more personal vehicle spaces!) would be amazing.


And the garages should be customizable, like an old hangar with a 1950s/60 decoration, like Jay Leno´s garage and a little diners corner to have some drinks with friends. And other players may like modern styles. I remember how happy i was when i saw the import-export garage for the first time. I was thinking i could store an present my personal car collection there, lol, idiot... that time, i just played GTA for two months and, yes sir, i still had dreams...

Edited by BurtB
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It would be nice to see a dlc dedicated to cars, there would be modes such as 1/4 mile drag, drift on time and points, zombie mode similar to what is in Forza Horizon 4 or Dirt 3, policemen and chasers. There would be special garages available for purchase in which you could install special upgrades for drift or drag. It would also be awesome to see a canyon like this: https://en.gta5-mods.com/maps/akina-map-mod-fivem. Hao would be a guide for the DLC 
.The vehicles that would arrive are:
Annis Roxanne: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/annis-roxanne-add-on-tuning-sounds-liveries
Maibatsu Sunrise R: https: //pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/maibatsu-sunrise-r-add-on-tuning-liveries-sounds
Annis Zr-350: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/zr350
Annis Zr-380: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/annis-zr380-pack-add-on-tuning
Dinka Nexus: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dinka-nexus
Karin Futo GT: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/6str-karin-futo-gt-hatch-custom-tuners-and-outlaws-add-on-tuneable
Dragster: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/80s-top-fuel-dragster
Vapid Hustler Gasser: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-hustler-gasser-add-on-tuning-animated
Pegassi Tempesta FR-Works: https: //pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/pegassi-tempesta-fr-works-add-on-tuning-ydrop
Declasse Vigero VL1 / 690SS: https: //pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vigero-vl1-add-on-tuning-liveries-glass-shards
Vapid Flash CS: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/purple-reign
Vulcar Hachura R Custom: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vulcar-hachura-custom-add-on-tuning
Police Coqutte: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/modern-lssd-coquette-pack
Police Gauntlet AC: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bravado-gauntlet-a-c-lssd
Police 8F Drafter: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/8f-drafter-police-interceptor
Police Dominator: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/movie-car-vapid-dominator-barricade
Police Bullet: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-bullet-improved-unmarked-voit-turyv
Police Vapid Scout: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2012-vapid-scout-police-utility-add-on-mapped
Bravado Feroci: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bravado-feroci-custom-add-on-tuning-liveries#comments_tab
Vapid Razor: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-razor-add-on-replace
Radiant: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/radiant-vff-add-on-tuning

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Last night we thought how cool it would be to work as a crew on an ambulance, so I continued dreaming an came to my


EMERGENCY DLC (Police, ambulance, firefighter)


Its free roam only and brings the three types of emergency work by purchasing an emergency vehicle garage/emergency headquarter.

You can enter all police stations, fire stations and hospitals, where you can start your emergency work. Of course you can buy and customize any type of emergency vehicles and can find in the game. new ones will be added, too.

It will bring emergency themed random encounter in free roam like smaller crimes, accidents, car crashs, burning houses etc you can interact with, but thats not the main part.

There could be the follwing themed weapons/gadgets: riot gund with rubber shells, taser, riot shield, flamethrower, watergun, fire extinguisher, injection to health a player/npc. You can buy all variotions of cop/ambulnce/firefighter outfits like fire proof suits, masks etc.



1.) you start at a police station and go on duty in a/your personal cop car. you will get several crime reports to choose from.

2.) traffic control. you will measure speed limits and take out these dirty racers. you can work with spikes and pin stripes etc...

3.) riot control. you will get reports of riots and other attacks without deadly weapons. you can end these riots with riot shields rubber bullets, tasers, etc



start at a hospital and wait for the emergencies coming in....go ahead as fast as you can and prepare for different types of injuries. teamwork with a driver and maybe two medics in the back, working with minigames to get the patient healthy/alive/revided. maybe a rythm game for revive and some stick movements for other injuries. if the driver sucks/crashes, the screen of the minigame shakes i.e.



same as ambulance you wait in your fire departement for the emergencies coming in and go there. you will find different types of scenarios like burning houses, burning appartements, burning cars, etc....sometimes you can use your trucks, sometimes you have to enter buildings with fireproof suit and your water cannons to rescue people. teamwork would be cool, too, maybe a guy on the truck water cannon outside and an attack team going in.


As I said all of this DLC should be played as a team. Maybe when you and your friends are tired of shooting everything and want a new way of gameplay, which could be thrilling from a new direction.

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22 hours ago, fryday said:

Last night we thought how cool it would be to work as a crew on an ambulance, so I continued dreaming an came to my


EMERGENCY DLC (Police, ambulance, firefighter)




Theres strong indications (references in files & police car updates & related outfits in the dlc before it) we were supposed to get at the very least a police dlc as part of the casino "dlc-arc", but a shooting in America and a bunch of drama around it is likely why the dlc ended up getting cancelled/changed :( Hopefully we get it some day, i would love to see some roleplay as actual gameplay element.

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Tbh, I just want some legitimate businesses for us to purchase,  I'm getting so burnt out from heists. Stuff like Fast food,  taxi and a strip club business would be awesome. 

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I like to see another monster trucks beside Marshall and Liberator to be added. One with Sandking SWB body, and another one with Yosemite body.

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On 3/16/2021 at 4:05 PM, Brian X said:

Tbh, I just want some legitimate businesses for us to purchase,  I'm getting so burnt out from heists. Stuff like Fast food,  taxi and a strip club business would be awesome. 

I'd love something like the old taxi and delivery minigames in the PS2 games. I just want to race around dropping off people and chucking pizzas out of my customized sh*tbox. Don't even care if the pay would be bad

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I think we should make a restaurant dlc on gta online on GTA San Andreas you can go to burger shot and cluckin bell on gta iv you can go to burger shot and cluckin bell and gta online I think we should make a restaurant dlc because I don’t see players eating anything or hungry because they maybe hungry and they are starving but I think we should make a restaurant dlc we should make burger shot or cluckin bell and getting a job 

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Give Super Russian Tank 195 WITH 152 GUNS AND KILL ALL VIHECLE ON 1 BOOM

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