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DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic

Recommended Posts


Ok so a few things what's on my wishlist for gta online 2020.


-Give us the clean version of the ZR380 with maybe some benny love. Make it customizable as the sultan rs and the elegy classic. 


-1 new super car, with some looks of the new Koenigsegg Jesko and give it a new engine sound. (Damn that thing sounds nice in rl) 


-A new biker dlc, but this time with sport bikes. 

Bikes like the Bati, Double T, Carbon RS. And add some nice modifications to fit on. And for the character some nice leather outfits, something like Alpinestars or Dainese. 


That's it for me. I hope everyone is still enjoying their time on GTA online. I'm playing this game since release, and every time I play this game I'm still having the fun I had on day 1.

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On 1/7/2020 at 2:11 AM, Halal Cyborg said:

It’s fine there’s more than enough

no they are not enough

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a new tank dlc modern tanks hangar for tanks  improve your tanks in your hangar



and  private military company

which we will create and farm in it performing all sorts of military contracts and missions

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Can we get a japanese type tuning cars more like benny's but we all know the tuning that is on benny's is a little limited for what we want, we would like to see the jester classic (Toyota Supra) better tunned or the comet retro custom and the elegy custom are too simple. So what i suggest is getting a new set of missions with the asian mafia as we did with lamar but you know, with some japanese tuning and that.

I would like to get a expantion to benny's or another workshop where you can upgrade with unique tunning like better wheels and things like that. REAL TUNING AND NEW UPGRADES. Please :)

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I have a couple of ideas, in fact I registered here because I wanted to share them somewhere lol. If people like this one I'll share my second idea.


GTA Election Day:

The Elections have arrived to San Andreas! It's time to choose a new governor!


The Story:

Donald Love is presenting himself as an independent politician, and wishes to win at all cost to change and skew some laws to avoid taxes and stop people from investigating him and his businesses. He contacts you because he needs someone to do the dirty work for him, he will start working with you if you buy a Motel, a place where he can plan how to defeat his foes and also f*ck whores on the side. More on the Motel later. Once you buy it he will start with his plans, crashin in one of the rooms and filling it with documents that involve him in shady stuff and also intel about his political enemies. He will send you to do several assasination missions, heists to get more intel and smear his enemies, and even mayhem missions in other politician's rallys.


At some point, just when he is about to win he decides that you know too much, and you are a burden to his plans, so he sends thugs against you, they kidnap you and attempt to fly you away and throw you into the ocean so you become shark chowder, but you manage to overpower them and return to San Andreas.


The final mission/heist would be gathering all the evidence of his shady dealings before he destroys it all and heading into some TV station so the news channels can stream it all. Ultimately, he wins, but at the same time he becomes impeached and there is a great set of legal confusion... so the people head into the streets to riot, people are divided between him becoming Governor and being sent to jail so all the peds from LS and the other towns start to fight each other. You have to drive among all the riots and reach him in the mayor's office, where a final battle between him and the heist crew ensues. With his death a legal loophole is formed, so the people simply decide that they don't give a sh*t about who is the governor and allow pretty much anyone to gather the position, and somehow, peace returns to the streets.


Being Governor:

After finishing the DLC you will be allowed to become the Governor, it's pretty much the same as being a VIP but slightly different. Only one person per session can be Governor, to become governor you will have to kill the other governor. If someone kills a Governor the text screen will say. "Player 1 impeached Player2 and became the Governor". Being Governor allows you to summon a Car or Helicopter for free, both will be bulletproof. You will also be able to send agents to other players to kill them, but only if they are VIP, working for a VIP or in a biker Gang. You can also remove Wanted Level and have the cops ignore you for free and the best of all, every 48 minutes you will be able to change a law, if you do so a list will appear with things like "No Motorbikes", "No Muscle Cars", "No explosives". Anyone who breaks this law will automatically have a 3 star wanted level, if you change a law the previous one ceases to get enforced.


The Motel:

The Motel will give passive income like the Nightclub or the Arcade, not much thought. The interesting part its located in its basement, it doesn't appears in the plans, and its soundproof, so its perfect to do illegal things. Things you would be able to do:

  1. Turn it into a bussiness of your choice: Meth, Documents, Coke, Weed...
  2. Turn it into a whorehouse: Gather inmigrants at the docks, airport or beaches, turn them into whores, defend them from clients, pimp them around.
  3. pr0n film studio: Find actors and actresses (And why not, a horse too), and make them to the nastiest movies in this side of the ocean. Then distribute them around the pervs and deviants.
  4. Kidnapping: Kidnap high profile actors, politicians and socialites and ask for a ransom, torture them and be careful of keeping them alive. The go get the cash.
  5. Organ Trafficking: Kidnap people and assault ambulances or raid hospitals to get organs and transplant them into mafia members that cannot go into a hospital to avoid raising questions.

The Vehicles:

  • Armored limo: Used to walk Donald around and get him escorts, can have weapons and mines installed to deter paparazzi.
  • Propaganda Van: A van with massive speakers.
  • Air Force Juan: Mexican passenger airplane used by Donald to fly around and look fly. Can have military upgrades installed.


The Weapons:

  • Judge Mallet: A wooden mallet stolen from a judge, perfect to break skulls and send people to jail.
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I have some loose ideas (not highly detailed, just the basics for the most part) for several DLC/updates, in no particular order.

This is a long post.



1: Middle-Class Life:

This DLC is focused on the early-game stage before new players have a chance to start getting into running their businesses and running heists. It is less focused on hardcore crime than most of the current DLC. It includes many new houses scattered across the map, such as some generic single houses (like those found between downtown and the Arena, or around the canals) but are a bit more customizable than the current low- and mid-end houses (also including some customization to those existing houses). Customization is similar to that of, for example, the Casino Penthouse (wall design, color scemes, perhaps some interchangeable rooms/furniture layout and style)?

Players can find work, both legal and illegal, in companies owned by other players. This provides a wide range of missions depending on the type of work and the kind of company (legal work for a VIP Organization or Illegal work for a Nightclub, for example) that the player can do regardless of if their boss is online or in the same session or not. These missions provide benefits for the employer in exchange for payment to the employee (not necessarily coming out of the employing player's bank) such as bringing in money, increasing production time, etc. A player who owns such a business can manage the type of work that is offered as well as a base pay (to provide a bit of a competitive employment market).


2: Vehicle Customization: This is a DLC's worth of content, but done more as a minor update. No new vehicles, missions, houses, or weapons are included. The sole focus and purpose of this update is to add new life to existing vehicles by providing a massive range of new parts and customization to EVERY existing vehicle. All vehicles have various options in every category including bumpers, hoods, skirts, wings, fenders, roofs, mirrors, dashboard, seats, steering wheels, etc. To keep Benny's relevant, it gets new and unique customizations as well (and perhaps a few new vehicles). Also, make the mirrors actually work properly (with a setting to enable/disable them in Graphics settings).


3: Map Expansion: This may be best split into two (maybe 3) DLC. 2 new cities include Las Venturas (based on Vegas) and San Fierro (based on San Francisco). Las Venturas is east-northeast of Los Santos while San Fierro is north-northwest of Paleto Bay. The existing map stays mostly the exact same with a few tweaks. The freeway going north out of Los Santos and along the eastern side of Sandy Shores is reworked to continue as a freeway all the way up to near Paleto Bay (no intersections, ONLY ramps). Instead of ending in Paleto Bay, it would have an exit to get off onto a smaller road to take into Paleto Bay. The freeway would continue north and connect to San Fierro. The western coastal highway would bridge over the water before entering Paleto Bay with an intersection before the bridge for a road that goes into Paleto Bay (the same road that enters from the east from the freeway). The coastal highway is an undivided scenic road to San Fierro.

The freeway that leaves Los Santos going east to that truck stop would be completely overhauled. Rather than looping north to the first freeway, it would continue east across a bridge over the water. Just before the bridge, an exit would start a 4 lane undivided road going north with a large truck plaza on one side (or two across the street from each other). This 4 lane road would split into two 2 lane roads further north, one being the original 4 lane road and connecting to the first freeway where the current interchange is and the other merging eastward and becoming the current road that loops around to the train station, motel, and quarry. The road going east out of Grapeseed would cross a bridge over the water on the other side of the mountains.

This results in the east and north coasts becoming rivers.

Las Venturas would be positioned in a massive flat valley with a huge empty desert around the outskirts. It would include The Strip full of casinos, each offering a huge difference in overall style at atmosphere, as well as some unique housing. This map region also includes a salt flats area and some scenic canyon roads.

San Fierro would be situated on a hilly peninsula around a large bay. The city is made up of the main downtown section on the peninsula, a primarily industrial area across the bay to the east, and a vast urban sprawl around the southern portion of the bay. The land between here and Los Santos is heavily forested and mountainous with a few towns speckled around and some nice small country roads. North of San Fierro is a scenic coastal freeway along the northern coast heading east (providing a Golden Gate Bridge going north out of town), perhaps with a small fishing town on the Bay's coast. This freeway (and various roads, possibly including one more freeway and several small roads, leaving San Fierro and other towns) head east into a forested wilderness (imagine the Redwoods of northern California). This region, located east of San Fierro and north of Las Venturas, includes a vast valley between two mountain ranges containing a lake with several small island surrounded by several towns with docks and marinas, a large plain with many farm fields and a small farming town, and plenty of forest.

Overall map has 3 large cities (Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro) all interconnected by a continuous freeway network and many interconnected roads with many small towns speckled around.


4: Cultural Update: GTA5 has been in top few highest selling games of all time for YEARS now and has a playerbase from all over the world. This paired with its attention to culture (pointed out all over the place in-game), it only makes sense to release an update like this. Such an update would be relatively small (but could easily be made bigger if desired). The idea here is to bring in some new content that is focused around some foreign cultures such as new outfits, music, and house customization.


5: Logistics: This would be especially useful if the map expansion happens. The focus here is the transportation of products. To start your career in logistics, you first buy a truck and facility to keep that truck. You use this truck to haul products from a factory to a warehouse or from a warehouse to a store. Other players can hire you to transport their products, legal or not. As you make money, you can grow your business by expanding your facility to include larger garages, a customization shop, buy more trucks and trailers, etc. If you are hauling illegal cargo, you may want to hire on your friends/crew to drive your other trucks in a convoy to deter other players from trying to steal your cargo.


That's all of my ideas for now. Sorry for such a long post.

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Saw this on reddit, so true.



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I was thinking about a DLC today and I would love for street gangs/crimes to be a DLC.  I would love to see an entire new economy created for this DLC.  I have close to half a billion dollars so I can buy anything and everything but would love to have a section of the game spin off and the only way to play in it is to grind in it...maybe e coin or something.  But you would have to either join one of the gangs or start your own with either NPC's or if you want to play in public sessions other players/friends.  


So you could be in the regular lobby playing and get a message from your street gang that they are going on a drive by shooting on the ballas or something and they need you...something like that and then you get so much e coin for it.  When you get enough maybe there could be special weapons and vehicles ect.  Would love a new hideout in one of the junkyards under a pile of junk cars...or just one of the run down houses in Davis.  I think they could make it really cool, as soon as you enter that world you are instantly exposed to attack from other gangs and of course the cops would be on a hair trigger for you.  

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new tuning for plane Lazer  new camuflage and 4 rockets like a molotok


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go Military update pls Rockstar  )

go Military DLC

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On 1/20/2020 at 1:24 AM, Tengerecki said:

Here's a list of what I want:


- flying RC boats with rockets

- flying Lester

- flying tanks

- more errand missions (I love getting owned by fat Russian kids, that's one of my favorite hobbies)

- more 2x RP and money

- more super cars so I can show off how awesome I am

- less Singleplayer DLC (we've received so much so far, please tone it down, Rockstar)

- 20% sale on "repair vehicle" option so that it'll save me enough money to buy a yacht

- a new tee that says "Bite Me" on the front with a Rockstar Logo on the back

- fortification like in Fortnite - why not, right? Who cares at this point?

- weekly rewards for having high a K/D

- less bug fixes and general gameplay improvement - because I've got low standards, I'm a GTA Online player


This update would be so cool, I'm looking forward to it!



but a flying tank is a good idea

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The ‘oh sh*te it’s SoSan and we need more convertibles’ update


Grotti Herculaneum — Ferrari Roma with Portofino’s convertible hardtop

Grotti Magnum — Ferrari 308 GTS

Grotti Ferocious — Ferrari Daytona spyder

Lampadati Skorpione — Alfa 4C spider & Alpine A110

Pegassi Matadore — Aventador SVJ roadster

Pfister Clypeus — Porsche 991 speedster & 982 Spyder

Pfister Clypeus Classic — 60s 911 Targa

Inverto Coquette ZXR — C7 ZR1 & Z06 convertible

Declasse Idaho — 1975 Chev Caprice [lowrider and donk customs]

Zirconium Gilitin — ND Mazda MX5

Zirconium Gilitin Retro Custom — NA MX5 rocket bunny

Dewbauchee Super GT — 2020 Aston DBS Volante

Karin Zpyder — BMW Z4 G29

Truffade Adder Gonzisse — Veyron GS Vitesse

Ocelot Caracal — E Type Jag roadster

Ocelot Locust Retro Custom — Caterham 620R

Benefactor Feltzer V12 — 2018 SL65 AMG

Benefactor Feltzer Classic — Mercedes W113

Overflod Diktatur — Koenigsegg Regera

Progen Itali GTS — McLaren 720 Spyder & 600 Spyder

Canis Mesa Grande — 2020 Wrangler Rubicon

Vapid Nokota — 2020 Mustang GT convertible

Vapid Nokota Classic — 1965 Mustang convertible

Weeny Faerie — Healey Frogeye Sprite & MG Midget

Mosquito — Morgan 3 Wheeler

Obey Boltaktion — KTM Xbow

Obey DD — 2020 Audi TTRS roadster [convertible hardtop]

Dinka Spritzer — Honda S2000

Dinka Spritzer Custom : Amuse GT1 and Rocket Bunny S2000

Mammoth Patriot Classic — Humvee H1 softop

Albany Broadway — 59 Eldorado convertible

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Would love a new biker business,  Heroin lets say and you deliver it on the fly as it  builds up similar to the ice cream van missions in vice city you also get a daily cut to collect from the safe, while doing the missions cops and rivals will be lurking, also along with this update a new garage attachment to upgrade new and existing delivery vehicles so we can say goodbye to sh*t post op van and hello to new upgraded post op van .

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OK now they opened up a brand new casino. Now they need to open up the mall. and pack it with usable stores and features that will make everyone hang out there and spend money. and as a new location to do various missions.

Instead of one store where you can literally buy EVERYTHING. A wide range of specialty stores with huge selections of clothing and accessories. Such as high end clothing, formal wear, vintage used clothing, party and club wear, athletic gear, uniform store, swimsuits and accessories, army/navy military clothing, lingerie and sleepwear like a Freds of Vinewood,  costume store, used movie costumes and props store. Also include a walk up arcade everyone can use, food court with food not just snacks, food carts, vendor carts that you can buy all sorts of cheap jewelry and stuff. Also a jewelry store (possible heist target like in story mode) with high end stuff. Movie theater and Ammunation, along with a hardware store. Just pack it with stuff. And like a real mall there's off limits corridors that run behind all of the stores. Like ones that link to the loading docks and garbage removal. I worked in the huge four story Galleria mall in Dallas years ago and those are some creepy places.

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We need an Aquatic Update. Boats are almost useless.

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Whoever said flying tanks and fortifications like fortnite, no.


I don't think I would step a foot into a public lobby ever again if that was to ever happen.

Edited by Lu$is
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new SAVAGE Customs New Tuning FOR SAVAGE


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to go along with the open wheel cars and their tyre strategy gimmick, he’s some more things along that route:


the ‘s00p3r srs racing update’ update


•Declasse Grand American — 2019 Dallara/Chevrolet DW12 indycar, open wheel class

•Declasse Saturday Night Special — 410 winged sprint car, open wheel class

•Righteous Supersprint — Radical SR3, supers class

•Schyster Slinger — 60s slingshot dragster, dragster class

•Thunder Rodd — 70s funny car with multiple body shell and livery options, dragster class

•Ocelot Carbon TT — Norton Superlight SS, motorcycles class

•Principe GPX — Ronax 500 and Suter Racing MMX, motorcycles class

•Principe Speedster — speedway motorcycle, motorcycles class

•sh*tzu Ulster — TT style sidecar racing bike, motorcycles class

•Maibatsu Jackalope — Sanchez with MotoX sidecar, motorcycles class


The Grand American would use the same stunt series circuits that the R88 and PR4 bring, but would also have its own unique oval tracks: a one mile tri-oval based on PIR and a one mile paperclip oval based on the Milwaukee Mile. Slipstreaming and maintaining tyre health is vital to keeping position on an oval. 


The Supersprint, Carbon TT, and GPX would all use whatever road circuits the open wheel cars bring, and have the obvious tyre strategy options. 


The Ulster and Jackalope bring co-op sidecar racing. Up to 8 bikes, of 2 riders each. The driver controls the brakes, throttle, and steering. The passenger/monkey controls weight transfer. The monkey has to lean into the turns [using left stick] to keep the bike level and increase grip. If the driver causes the monkey to hit an obstacle/wall, the monkey falls off and they both respawn at the last checkpoint. Requiring teamwork and intuition to be the fastest. The Ulster would race on-road, the Jackalope off-road.


The Slinger and Thunder Rodd would bring a new drag racing mode, where players have to heat their tyres, time their launch, and control wheelspin over an ⅛ mile dragstrip. Before staging up, players get a few seconds to heat their tyres. To do so, you hold throttle and brake to do a burnout as normal, but you’re given a gauge that tells you the best operating temp window. The closer you get to perfect temp, the more grip you’ll have at launch. Then, racers would be automatically lined up at the tree. Racers would have to time their launch the instant the tree flashes green. Any sooner and you jump the start and are disqualified. To get the best launch, hold the handbrake and rev up their engines to get the engine spooling, and drop the handbrake the moment the light flashes green. You’ll have to manage wheelspin and the wheelie to get the best time. You get 3 runs, and the leaderboard is arranged by best time. Between 2 and 4 players, with divided lanes so no cheating. [obviously drag races would be available to all classes, but the promoted races would be based on the Thunder Rodd and Slinger]


The Saturday Night Special would include a new ¼ mile dirt oval held within the Maze Bank Arena, with two race formats: heats, and all-out. In heat races, there will be X number of heats [host chooses, default at 3] of 5 laps each. After each heat, the race is paused, the cars all line back up, and then start the next heat. This allows drivers that have fallen behind/been lapped to rejoin the pack and have another go. After all heats are finished, the final finishing order is where you finish. All-out races are just a traditional race to the chequered flag, and if you fall behind then tough luck. The oval has a special low-grip surface that forces racers to have good throttle and steering control to be fast, because the SNS will have very drifty handling on it.


The Speedster shares its race track with the SNS, and the associated drifty low-grip feel. Speedster races have 3 options: team heats, free-for-all heats, and FFA all-out. Team heats are comprised of 2-3 teams of two racers each [so 4-6 bikes at a time], where they compete in X number of heats of 4 laps each. After each heat, each rider is scored on finishing position. The finishing position of each team is determined by adding up the two rider’s points. The winning team is the one with the most points after all heats have concluded. FFA heats work the same as the SNS heats system, and FFA all-out works the same as the SNS all-out system. 


Finally, a ‘bangers’ racing category, which is just open car races on the new Maze Bank dirt oval. Car class is host’s choice, behaves like a normal race. With both heats and all-out race options.


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I would like a DLC that lets you recruit a crew of NPC that can help with missions like heists. They can make the payouts more if you do them with other players. Sometimes it’s hard to find people for heists then you have to pray they aren’t just trolls. Crew DLC would be awesome. 

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Hao's Street Racing & Car Club Meetup DLC, race and meet up with your crews just like the motorcycle club dlc, with races like street drag racing, vinewood hills drift, burnout contest, lowrider contest etc

Edited by Mami_Entod
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I would like two swords and holsters to be added so that they can be worn on the back and waist. And holsters as costumes.



samurai sword:





knightly sword:




Edited by (Bumblebee_Prime)
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A Life in Los Santos (GTA Online Relaunch Concept Update)


Major Gameplay Changes:

  • Freedom of style: All clothing restrictions have been removed. Any article of clothing can be worn with any other, within reason.

  • Wanted level overhaul: When a player has the police called on them and they leave the area, a red circle will appear around the area to which they were called. The police will patrol this red circle in search of the wanted player, and the circle will follow the player if they are spotted. After the player loses their wanted level, they are seen wearing the outfit they were wearing when they first received it, they will receive that same wanted level again (this lasts for 24-72 hours depending on the star level).

  • Inventory: Players now have an inventory menu where any items they are carrying will be stored. A player’s inventory has a weight limit corresponding to their character’s Fitness stat. Items like clothes and weapons can be put on/removed from the Inventory menu. 

  • Realistic weapon carrying: Players’ weapon capacity is significantly limited. They are now only able to carry one long gun (rifles, shotguns, machine guns, heavy weapons) and a handgun, or two handguns. Both weapons can be looted upon player death.

  • Balanced health: Health has now been equalized across all players & NPCs. Three body shots from any weapon will kill a player (only Body Armor reduces damage). 

  • Weapon fire rates: Players may now switch their weapons between semi-automatic & fully automatic fire mode. NPCs fire in semi-auto mode by default.

  • Re-balanced economy: The prices of all items have been adjusted to be reflective of the real United States economy.  

  • Fitness: A new stat called Fitness has been introduced, which governs player’s running speed, melee swing speed, lung capacity, swim speed, and jump height. Fitness can be increased with exercise-related activities, such as running and biking. Regularly eating unhealthy foods, smoking, and drinking alcohol will decrease a player’s Fitness. 

  • Pets: Players are now able to purchase and adopt from a variety of different pets, including: dogs, cats, parrots, fish, monkeys, and rabbits. Players must purchase food for their pet to keep them alive. Some pets must be played with once per day to keep their Happiness meter up. When a pet’s Happiness meter goes completely down they may begin to defecate throughout the player’s home, requiring them to clean. If the player has a housekeeper employed, they can be instructed to both play with pets and clean up poop.

  • Realistic ammunition: Ammunition has been divided into the following types: .44, 9x19mm, .45 ACP, .50, 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, 12 gauge, 40mm, Missile, and Homing Missile.

  • Stress: A new stat called Stress has been introduced, which decreases all of a player’s stats in proportion to the amount it increases by. Stress is increased by participating in gunfights, being pursued by police or enemies, and by being in debt. It may be reduced by exercising, using drugs or alcohol, attending social events, exercising, engaging with prostitutes, or by eating one’s favorite food.

  • Debt: The player may now go into debt after borrowing more money than they can afford to pay back. 

  • Addiction: If a player regularly uses cigarettes or alcohol to reduce their Stress, eventually their Stress level is permanently raised and can only be lowered by using said item. 

  • Hunger & thirst: Players must now eat and drink once every in-game six hours or their stats will begin to diminish. Various foods can be purchased from restaurants and stores around San Andreas, and ingredients may be purchased at supermarkets. 

  • Decor Mode: All houses are now empty upon purchase. Players must now purchase every individual appliance and piece of furniture that they wish to have in their home. They then have the option to position each new addition via a free-roaming camera. 

  • Roommates: Players may now co-own homes (with shared appliances, inventory and rent charges).

  • Item transport: Players must now carry any extra items in bags and crates. These crates may be picked up, placed down, and put into the trunks of vehicles. From there, they may be brought inside houses and warehouses where players may place the crate down, sort its contents into storage, or place the individual contents down as static objects in Decor Mode

  • Personalized sessions: Custom lobbies (hosts may spawn vehicles, control weather & traffic, enable free roam events, etc) have been introduced. 

  • Multiple Personal Vehicles: The cap on the number of active Personal Vehicles allowed has been removed.

  • Realistic/time-efficient Contact Missions: Contact Missions now pay more cash depending on how quickly players complete them, rather than how long they take.

  • Auctioning: All properties, vehicles, clothing, and weapons may be auctioned off to players via in-game websites. 

  • Corpse looting: Bodies must now be searched (by pressing Right on the D-pad) in order to obtain items from them. In addition to cash, players may find jewelry, cell phones, credit cards, snacks, drugs, weapons and ammo on bodies. All of a player’s inventory may be looted upon their death, along with their cash.

  • Rank balancing: The level cap has been set to 100. 

  • Character naming: During the character creation process, players must assign a first and last name to their character. This name will take the place of where usernames otherwise appeared (players are reminded that this is for roleplay purposes and thus aren’t encouraged to use their real names). At rank 25, players are able to assign themselves a Street Name, which will take its place. 

  • Socialization incentives: Players will receive periodic RP boosts while performing social activities such as partying, playing sports, dancing, exercising, and being around bodyguards. 

  • Darker nights: Nighttime is now significantly darker. In areas where no lights are present, using a flashlight or headlights may be necessary to see clearly. 

  • Weapon balancing: The Carbine Rifle, Special Carbine, Assault Rifle, Advanced Rifle, Bullpup Rifle, SMG, MG, Assault MG, RPG, Homing Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Compact Grenade Launcher, Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mines, Pipe Bombs, and Minigun have all been removed from Ammu-Nation. Players instead must manufacture these weapons in their warehouses or purchase/steal them from others. 

  • Consequential wanted levels: Lester may now only remove up to a two star Wanted Level.

  • True Grand Theft Auto: All civilian cars are now able to spawn naturally in the world, and may be kept as personal vehicles. However, players must first bring vehicles worth over $50,000 to Lester’s warehouse for their Trackers to be removed.

  • Giving away money: The cap on the amount of cash able to be given to players has been removed.

  • Realistic Associate payments: CEOs now pay their Associates with their own money. Wages and payment intervals may be set at the CEO's discretion. 

  • Product delivery choice: Players may now choose the method in which they transport goods during Sell missions (they may also select the vehicle(s) used).

  • Security detail: Players may purchase an armed Security Detail from SecuroServ for $500 per guard that follows the player for one real life hour. Securoserv guards are only equipped with Heavy Pistols by default, but players may equip them with their own specific weapons. Guards can be commanded to drive the player or follow them in the players’ personal vehicles.  

  • Private deliveries: Players are no longer notified when another player moves Product. Vehicles containing Product can now be stolen and taken back to other players’ warehouses.

  • Enterable buildings: All buildings with interiors can now be entered and are staffed with appropriate NPCs (these include: police stations, banks, clubs). Like most stores, however, many of these buildings will close at night.   

  • Busted: Wanted players can be Busted if they remain unarmed. Upon being Busted, players will respawn in a jail cell at the nearest police station where they must wait for x amount of time, depending on their Wanted level. Upon release, players must pay a fine and lose any weapons and ammo they were carrying.

  • Test-driving: Players may now “test drive” vehicles from Premium Deluxe Motorsport. Once they select a vehicle from the dealership’s catalog, a version will spawn that they may drive freely for one in-game hour.

  • Burglary: Players are able to break into all stores after closing time and steal items of any size, provided they have an adequate item container. It should be noted that some stores have backup security measures, and triggering them may incur up to a two star Wanted level.

  • Mugging: When a player aims their weapon at an NPC, that person will now put their arms up in surrender rather than run away. Pressing “Up” on the D-Pad will initiate a Mugging, in which the NPC gives the player all of their cash. The player will then have the option to press the button again, making the NPC hand over their cell phone, credit card, and any jewelry they may have on them. A “second” mugging is always advised as NPCs will almost always call the police after the confrontation ends, granting the player a one star wanted level.  

  • Shoplifting: Players are able to shoplift small items from stores if there is adequate space in their inventory. However, they will receive a one star Wanted level if they are in sight of a security camera or an NPC. Most articles of clothing may also be stolen from dressing rooms, though this will also net the player a one star Wanted level. Players may steal up to two shopping bags worth of items of any kind. 

  • Business employees: Players may now hire NPCs to perform certain tasks in their Businesses, such as maintaining Nightclub popularity.

  • Prone: The rolling animation now replaced with a prone feature. When aiming, players may now press Square to lie down with their weapon.  

  • Online shopping: Players may now purchase clothes, weapons, and vehicles online from various in-game websites, and pick up their purchases at the respective stores (players may also have clothes delivered to their home).

  • Clothing customization: Players may now select the color(s) of every article of clothing purchased online with a color slider. 

  • Functional ATMs: Players must now bank their cash at a physical ATM machine, rather than from their phone. Players killed while using ATM machines drop 100% of their total cash.

  • Improved collision physics: Car crashes now do significantly more damage to players’ health. Armor upgrades can protect players from impact damage (maximum armor upgrades will protect the player from 80% of damage), but will lower the car’s speed and acceleration. 

  • Concussion effects: Upon major car accidents, players experience a concussion screen effect that lasts for ten seconds. 

  • Ammo balancing: Players may now only carry one clip worth of ammunition of each weapon type. They may, however, wear up to four ammo pouches that each allow another clip worth.

  • Dynamic stats: Player’s stats will now decrease over time if they are not sufficiently exercised (ex. A player’s accuracy stat will decrease if they do not shoot targets for a while). 

  • Renting: Players may rent their homes out to players for a set daily fee.

  • Warehouses: All Bunkers and Business have been removed. Players instead may purchase warehouses and equipment to allow for drug/weapon production. 

  • Unique stores: All stores now have unique and fitting inventories, and often will not offer the same items. Individual stores of the same chain will have unique layouts.

  • Snitching: Players may now call the police on other players. However, the caller themself will receive a one star wanted level if the police do not find the player actively commiting a crime. 

  • Realistic missions: When a player dies during a mission, they will no longer receive cash or RP. Instead, they will receive a Good Sport commendation for not leaving. Players who leave the mission will receive a Bad Sport condemnation and will lose RP. 

  • Warehouse snitching: When inside of another player’s warehouse, players may call the police. This will result in the warehouse being raided and police confiscating all equipment inside. 

  • Realistic bounties: Pedestrians can no longer set bounties; gang members will set bounties between $100 and $25,000. Players will lose RP for having bounties taken in proportion to the amount it was worth.

  • Security systems: Players may now purchase high-grade security systems (either mechanical or electronic) for their homes and vehicles. These will make it so that unauthorized players must first purchase a Pick or a Probe from Lester to be able to bypass the lock and enter. When a player with the proper bypass tool interacts with a lock, they are now prompted with either a lockpicking or hacking challenge. The difficulty of the challenge corresponds with the quality of the lock itself. Players may purchase both locks and bypass tools of three different calibers: budget, standard, and military-grade. A bypass tool is one-use only, and each tool works on all locks of equal or lesser quality. 

  • Clothing storage: Players now have to carry newly purchased items in shopping bags and must manually bring them to their vehicle/home. Players may now purchase duffle bags and use them to carry clothes and cash. Clothing may now be stolen from closets as well, when burgling players’ homes.

  • Health insurance: $25 per day, covers 75% of hospital fees

  • Talking to NPCs: When a player faces an NPC and holds L2, they will now be given several options on how to interact. They may: rob them, ask for a ride, insult them, ask them for money, or take them hostage.

  • Arms manufacturing: Players may now manufacture specific weapons in their Warehouse by bringing a version of the weapon and purchasing the necessary raw materials and manufacturing equipment. 


Drug Overhaul:

  • Drugs are produced and carried in quantities of grams. A single gram of a drug may be consumed if the player has a needle, pipe or sufficient amount of rolling paper in their inventory.

  • The quality of the produced drug depends on the quality of the equipment used to produce it (drugs may be A, B, or C tier). More expensive equipment produces slower but makes higher quality product. Different quality drugs produce different high effects and last varying durations.


Business Overhaul:

  • The player must now individually hire every employee and set their wages and hours.

  • Employees may complain if they do not feel they are being paid well enough. If the employee works in an illegal business, they may report the operation to the police and get it shut down. They may also quit, requiring the player to replace them.

  • The player may purchase undocumented employees through Martin who can be paid substantially less money, but are subject to occasional immigration raids. 

  • A business's popularity will be based on its location and amenities (ex. A Nightclub in North Vinewood will typically earn more money than a similarly furnished one in Rancho). 


Game Additions: 

  • The USS Luxington has been added to Free Mode as a new military base (restricted area like Fort Zancudo). Potential vehicle spawns include Hydras, Lazers, B-11 Strikeforces, and Sea Sparrows). 

  • Marijuana may now be purchased from the Smoke on the Water shop. 

  • Players may now pay between $500 and $15,500 to have Party Planner host NPC parties at their homes and Yachts. 

  • Players can now book rooms at several hotels around Los Santos and Blaine County which allow them the same basic amenities as Apartments. Players staying in hotels will be charged daily $20 to $500 Room Fees in lieu of utility costs. 

  • All apartments and hotels now contain a lobby room, which is the first floor when the building is entered. Players will now use the elevator to get to their specific room.

  • The Los Santos Naval Yard has been converted into a Coast Guard headquarters. The Merryweather Security headquarters have been moved to Blaine County.

  • Players may now purchase headphones that allow them to access all vehicle radio stations from their phones.

  • Players may now purchase NPC character models as “costumes” from the Richards Majestic Studio (the same models used in the Director Mode). While wearing a costume, players will not be able to edit their clothing. 

  • Players may now create their own custom radio stations by linking their Spotify accounts with the Rockstar Social Club. 

  • Players may now customize their nail colour with polish.  

  • Players may now purchase bulletproof windows for all vehicles, which cannot be shot in or out of.

  • The Rockford Plaza Mall is now open for business! The mall features four floors full of shops and stores for players to do the bulk of their shopping in one place.

  • Players may now communicate with the entire lobby through text chat.


Weapons & Weapon Changes: 

  • The Heavy Rifle has been added to the game (based on an FN-SCAR).

  • The Ballistic Shield has been added to the game (protects the user against damage from gunfire).

  • The Stun Gun has been added to the game.

  • Pepper Spray has been added to the game

  • Rock has been added to the game (may be picked up anywhere outdoors by pressing right on the D-Pad)

  • Thermal Sights and Laser Sights may be added to weapons.

  • Binoculars have been added to the game.

  • Plate Carriers (absorbs ⅓’rd of the damage from body shots but slows players down) have been added to the game.

  • Police Scanners (shows current police locations on the minimap when used) have been added to the game. These may be stolen from police stations or looted from the corpses of police officers. 

  • Flex Cuffs (prevents handcuffed person from accessing inventory; these may be broken out of if their Fitness stat is maximized) have been added to the game

  • The Laser Drill (opens bank vaults, locked doors, and the back doors of armored trucks) has been added to the game.

  • The Up-n-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer, and Widowmaker have been removed from the game. 

  • Sticky Bombs have been renamed to C4 and can no longer be thrown. They may now only be detonated by calling the Detonate contact on the cell phone. 

  • The Heavy Pistol, Carbine Rifle, and Assault Rifle have been remodeled to resemble a G17, M4 carbine, and AK-47, respectively.


Vehicles & Vehicle Changes:

  • Roller skates (count as shoes) have been added to the game.

  • The Surfboard has been added to the game.

  • The Skateboard has been added to the game. 

  • The Boating tube has been added to the game.

  • The Coast Guard Predator has been added to the game.

  • The Coast Guard Annihilator has been added to the game.

  • The Patriot (Military) has been added to the game.

  • The Oppressor Mk 2, Terrorbyte, Deluxo, Mobile Operations Carrier, Zhaba, Scramjet, RCV, Stromberg, Akula, Volatol, Barrage, Chernobog, Vigilante, Ardent, APC, Half-Track, Weaponized Tampa, Phantom Wedge, Technical Aqua, Blazer Aqua, Armored Boxville, Wastelander, Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic, Brickade, Turreted Limo, and the Savage have been removed from the game.


Law Enforcement Changes:

  • Police will now spawn and pursue wanted players from the nearest police station, instead of spawning at random. NOOSE will only respond to calls in Los Santos, with Blaine County and Paleto Bay now having their own police forces.

  • Players who are killed by police lose one rank, all of their equipped weapons & ammo, and must pay hospital fees.

  • Players busted by police must wait in jail for x amount of minutes, depending on their wanted level upon arrest. Bail may be posted by any player in the session. 

  • When a player achieves a five star wanted level, they will be pursued by the military rather than the police. Soldiers will pursue the player in Patriots (Military), Insurgents, Menacers, Valkyries, and Buzzards (Hunters and B-11 Strikeforces will pursue the player if they are in an armed aircraft). 

  • Players will now immediately receive a five star wanted level when seen by police using armed or military vehicles.

  • Female police officers will now spawn naturally alongside male officers (with a 25% spawn rate).

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol officers will now spawn naturally along certain highways.

  • Police that spawn at night now have Flashlight modifications on their weapons.

  • When shooting from vehicles, police will now aim at the wanted players vehicle’s wheels. 

  • Players must now be out of police sight for x amount of minutes for Lester’s Remove Wanted Level to work, depending on their Wanted level.

  • Players will now receive a three star Wanted level for killing pedestrians and a four star Wanted level for killing a police officer

  • If a Wanted player switches vehicles while out of the sight of police, they will lose one star (this will only work the first time).

  • Police AI has been vastly improved, with police now being able to pursue players into the sewer system, move in formation, block off exits to buildings, make use of sniper teams, and strategically launch tear gas. 

  • Police will now make random patrols through gang neighborhoods in Police Cruisers. 

  • One star: Officers use Stun Guns and Batons. They will pursue suspects in Police Cruisers.

  • Two stars: Officers use Pistols, Combat pistols, and Pump Shotguns. They will pursue suspects in Police Cruisers and Police Interceptors. 

  • Three stars: NOOSE officers use Heavy Pistols, Combat Pistols, Carbine Rifles, SMG’s, Pump Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Riot Shields, Stun Grenades, Tear Gas, and Ballistic Shields. They will pursue suspects in Police Riots and NOOSE Insurgents. 

  • Four stars: FIB NOOSE agents use Heavy Pistols, Carbine Rifles, SMGs, Assault SMGs, Heavy Snipers, Programmable ARs, and Ballistic Shields. They will pursue suspects in NOOSE Insurgents and Patriots (Military). 

  • Five stars: Soldiers use Pistols, Combat Pistols, Carbine Rifles, Heavy Rifles, SMGs, Assault SMGs, Combat MGs, Heavy Snipers, Assault Snipers, Homing Launchers, and Programmable ARs. They will pursue suspects in Patriots (Military). 

  • At sea: Coast Guard officers use Heavy Pistols, Combat Pistols, Carbine Rifles, Heavy Snipers, and Combat MGs. They will pursue suspects in Coast Guard Predators and Coast Guard Annihilators. 


Expert (Hardcore) Lobbies:

  • Players receive x2 cash & RP for all activities.

  • Player’s skills will diminish twice as quickly as normal. 

  • Contact Missions & Heists are locked to Mastermind difficulty 

  • Players must purchase gas for their vehicles for them to run. Gas may be purchased at all gas stations around San Andreas.

  • Players will no longer show up on the GPS. They must now pay Lester to reveal individual player’s locations for a fee.

  • Players must use the Trackify app to locate their Personal Vehicles on the GPS.

  • Players will now receive a one star wanted level when speeding in front of police.

  • Players must either use their phones or be inside of a vehicle to use the minimap.


Misc Gameplay Changes:

  • The last radio station played in a specific vehicle will play automatically the next time the vehicle is used.

  • Players may now fully mix & match specific themes of their nightclubs during customization, as well choose the names of them.

  • Players may now add custom toggleable map markers anywhere, which they can name.

  • Players may now have their cell phone stolen upon being mugged or looted. Their contacts will remain saved when they buy/steal a new one, however. 

  • Players no longer have the ability to purchase ammo through the menu screen.

  • When in gunfights, NPCs may now run away from players using military vehicles or weapons. When in gunfights against multiple, NPCs may flee from combat if a large number of their allies have been killed. 

  • The player may now pay for Lester to locate a specific vehicle for them. If the requested vehicle is currently spawned somewhere on the map, it will be marked with an icon.

  • Ammu-Nation stores have been removed from Downtown Los Santos, Morningwood, Hawick, Mission Row, and Chumash. 

  • Players must travel to their hangar at LSIA to pick up any of their aircrafts.

  • Only the Los Santos Customs in Vinewood will offer all vehicle customization options. All other Los Santos Customs will offer only resprays and engine upgrades. Workshops in Blaine County will only offer engine upgrades.  

  • Crew leaders are now able to set certain articles of clothing as acceptable “Crew Attire”. Crew members wearing it earn 1.5x RP for all activities. 

  • Players may now sit in all chairs found throughout the game.

  • Garages no longer repair damaged vehicles.

  • Players may now shoot other passengers while inside of vehicles.

  • Players may now go fully nude. However, public nudity will grant the player a one star wanted level.

  • Players now have different running speeds depending on their outfit and shoes (ex. A player wearing a suit or dress shoes will run slightly slower than one in boots). This works independently of one’s Fitness skill. 

  • NPCs will now use a variety of weapons from all released DLC. 

  • Players may be randomly mugged or have their vehicles stolen by pedestrians. This will occur much more frequently in areas where gang members spawn. Higher rank players are less likely to be mugged.

  • The cap on the amount of cash able to be stolen via mugging has been removed.

  • The cap on the amount of cash able to be bet has been removed.

  • The cap on the number of active strippers available has been removed.

  • Players may now use all weapons from the passenger seats of vehicles.

  • The cap on the number of potential Associates and Prospects has been removed.

  • Heist Setup missions that do not require four players actively participating to be completed may now be started with two players. 

  • Armed vehicles no longer have an unlimited missile supply. Players must now purchase all missiles individually from the Warstock store for $1,000 each. However, the explosive blast radius from missles is now twice as large.

  • The cap on the number of potential Crew members has been removed.

  • Players may now upload image files for their Crew Emblems. 

  • Players may now save hairstyles and makeup to individual outfits.

  • All stores are now open during missions.

  • Trailers & RVs are now able to be stored and converted into player homes.

  • Players may now set descriptions under bounties that they set (this is intended to allow players to add context on why the bounty was set)

  • Players are now able to host parties inside of their homes or on Yachts for RP. Hosting and attending larger parties will yield significantly more RP.

  • Players may now change their outfit from inside of vehicles.

  • Players may now transport vehicles and crates in the cargo bays of Titans, Cargobobs, and Packers.

  • Players may now purchase fireworks and Firework Launcher ammo.

  • Wait times for all services and game mechanics have been removed.

  • Players now have the option to adjust the volume on their radio (including in houses)

  • Melee attacks now do ¼ normal damage, to balance fistfighting.

  • Players now have the option to change the time on their phone from military to standard time

  • There are now significantly more trees in the Chiliad State Wilderness and around Paleto Bay.

  • Players may now choose from a variety of different types of alcohol in liquor stores to purchase and have in their home.

  • Players may only spectate players on Weazel News who have a Wanted level.

  • Most stores will now close at night.

  • Players will now experience a visual in mod shops where mechanics physically apply purchased changes to their vehicle.

  • Player’s characters will now hold up their phones when they use them.

  • Players may now customize their license plates in Los Santos Customs.

  • Players may rename their businesses an unlimited amount of times for free.

  • Underwater players no longer appear on the minimap.

  • Import/Export features have been removed.

  • Players may now send photos to other players in-game.

  • All helicopters now have their doors closed by default

  • Players may change their handgun animation to fire with one hand.

  • Players can now roam freely around the map during all missions. 

  • Crew emblems can now be placed anywhere on vehicles, and players may have as many as they wish

  • Players may now rappel from helicopters at will.

  • Players with rooms in hotels or the Diamond may order room service for a small fee.

  • Players may now take out bank loans, with interest.

  • All construction sites around the map are now complete.

  • Hats will now remain on the player when inside of vehicles.

  • An interior has been added to the Richman mansion. Parties are hosted inside & outside nightly in which players rank 50+ are allowed to attend. 

  • Players will now instantly die when they land on their heads from a fall.

  • Players will receive a fine for leaving vehicles and/or aircraft outside of designated parking spots/airports.

  • Mud stains on vehicles and blood stains on characters are permanent unless the player showers or the car is washed. 

  • Players may now save specific hairstyles to outfits. 

  • Makeup may now be purchased from applied in home with proper supplies.

  • Vehicles can no longer be turned over manually when they are upside down.

  • Gang members can now spawn anywhere on the map, though they are more prominently found in hangouts in their territory.

  • Suppressors can now be removed and equipped from weapons on the spot. 

  • Players will now receive a four star Wanted level when they enter Los Santos International Airport without having a private aircraft requested. 

  • A player’s success in carjacking an NPC is now tied to their Fitness stat. If the driver of the vehicle has a higher Fitness stat than the player, then they will shove the player to the ground and continue driving (and proceed to call the police, granting the player a one star wanted level). 

  • Players may no longer change their vehicle access settings. 

  • The player may hire housekeeping staff to keep their house clean and cook meals for them. 

  • Pegasus no longer delivers vehicles to the player.

  • Players are now able to choose to not lock onto police in their targeting settings.

  • Players may now stack tattoos.

  • Players will now receive a one star wanted level for entering Richards Majestic Studios, Humane Labs, and the Merryweather headquarters. 

  • Up to four pedestrians may now spawn in vehicles.

  • Jets and cargo planes will now periodically take off and land at LSIA.

  • Paramedics will now revive all pedestrians who were not shot in the head.

  • Paramedics will now treat injured pedestrians during gunfights. Some available police officers will stay behind to protect them.

  • Injured pedestrians will now bleed out for five real life minutes.

  • The Mechanic feature has been removed.

  • Armed pedestrians may assist police in chasing Wanted players in Blaine County. 

  • Fire will now last until they are put out by firefighters.




Pizza delivery driver: $15 per hour

  • The player is given a list of locations that they must deliver pizzas to within a set time limit.

  • $3-$5 tip if the player reaches their destination quickly.

Mega Eats driver: 75% of every order 

  • The player is prompted to purchase a random order from a randomly selected restaurant and must deliver it to the buyer’s address within a set time limit.

  • $3-$5 tip if the player reaches their destination quickly.

Taxi driver: $17 per passenger

  • The player picks up a passenger and must drive to a random location within a set time limit.

  • $5-$10 tip if the player reaches their destination quickly.

Truck driver: $300 per delivery 

  • The player drives a semi-truck to a random location.

Ship captain: $300 per delivery 

  • Player drives a Tug to the pinpointed location on the map.

Tow truck driver: $20 per hour 

  • The player drives to a random location to tow a car to a different location.

Bus driver: $20 per hour

  • Player drives a bus to a series of bus stops by certain in-game times.

Tour bus driver: $20 per hour

  • The player drives a tour bus to a series of landmarks around Los Santos by certain in-game times.

Waste collector: $20 per hour

  • The player drives a garbage truck to a series of garbage bins and empties garbage bags into the truck by certain in-game times.

Security guard: $25 per hour

  • The player patrols their assigned area’s perimeter and arrests or kills threats.

Pest control: $18 per hour

  • The player travels to a random property and clears it by killing cockroaches and placing down Bug Bombs.

Prison guard: $35 per hour

  • The player patrols Bolingbroke Penitentiary and breaks up fights between inmates. 

Mailman: $20 per hour

  • The player drives a mail truck to a series of random addresses to deliver mail within a set time limit.

Stevedore: $25 per hour

  • The player moves crates around the Port of Los Santos using cranes and Dock Handlers.

Street fighter (Unofficial): $100 per victory

  • The player pays $100 to register to fistfight against NPCs and players for money (in addition to a $35 entry fee for all players)

  • Players are able to wager bets on competing fighters with the specating NPCs, who will take the competitors Fitness stat and win/loss ratio into account. 

Street racer (Unofficial): $200 if 1st place +$50 per racer

  • The player pays a $50 entry fee to participate in street races against NPCs and other players for money.

  • Hao and four random NPCs participate in the race by default.

Merryweather Security contractor $50 per hour

  • The player may be required to perform an array of services, including: patrolling the Merryweather Security headquarters, transporting expensive materials in vehicles, and assisting in the apprehension of players with five star Wanted levels.

On-call private pilot: $45 per hour

  • The player waits at LSIA for a client to arrive, upon which they will fly a Velum or Luxor to a random location.

Paramedic: $20 per hour

  • The player drives an Ambulance to an injured pedestrian at a random location and drives them to the hospital. Both drives must be completed within set time limits. 


Random Events:

  • Supply Delivery I: An Army Benson carrying random military equipment escorted by two Patriots (Military) makes its way towards Fort Zancudo.

  • Supply Delivery II: A Benson carrying random military equipment escorted by two Nightsharks makes its way towards the Merryweather Security headquarters

  • Supply Delivery III: A Police Transporter carrying random police equipment makes its way to a random police station.

  • Bank Heist: Three armed gunmen with duffle bags carrying between $3,000 and $5,000 make their way out of a bank and into a nearby Fugitive. 

  • Armored Truck: A Gruppe 6 truck carrying between $2,500 and $50,000 makes its way towards a random bank. 

  • Drag Race: 2-6 random cars race one another down the street.

  • Pedestrian Mugging: A pedestrian calls out for help as a mugger runs away carrying a random amount of their cash. The player may return the money upon collecting it or keep it for themself. 

  • Police Chase I: A pedestrian speeds away from police in a random vehicle. They will shoot at police with a random handgun when their vehicle is stopped

  • Police Chase II: A pedestrian speeds away from police in a random vehicle. They will run away when stopped. Two officers in a police cruiser pursue them with Stun Guns.

  • Hitchhiker I: A pedestrian in Mount Chiliad State Wilderness asks the player for a ride to the nearest main road. 

  • Hitchhiker II: A pedestrian asks the player for a ride to Los Santos International Airport

  • Hitchhiker III: A drunk pedestrian asks the player for a ride from a random bar to a random house. 

  • Injured Person: An injured pedestrian asks the player to drive them to the nearest hospital

  • Stolen Vehicle I: A pedestrian calls out for help as their car or motorcycle is driven away by another pedestrian. The player will sometimes receive cash as a reward if they choose to return the vehicle

  • Stolen Vehicle II: A pedestrian calls out for help as their bicycle is driven away by another pedestrian. The player will sometimes receive cash as a reward if they choose to return the bike.

  • Shoplifter: A pedestrian flees a random store carrying merchandise (corresponding to the store) in their inventory. The player will sometimes receive cash or a discount as a reward if they choose to return the items.

  • Abduction: A female pedestrian screams for help as she is driven in the back seat of a car. Once she is rescued, the player can bring her to the Altruist camp.

  • Street Fight: Two random pedestrians fistfight one another on the sidewalk.

  • Prisoner Transport I: A Police Cruiser with one prisoner in the back seat makes its way towards a random police station. The player receives RP for freeing the prisoner.  

  • Prisoner Transport II: A Prison Bus with several prisoners in the back seat makes its way towards Bolingbroke Penitentiary. The player receives RP for freeing each prisoner. 

  • Gang Dispute I: A fistfight between 2-3 Ballas and 2-3 Families breaks out in Davis.

  • Gang Dispute II: A fistfight between 2-3 Ballas and 2-3 Vagos breaks out in Rancho.

  • Gang Dispute III: A fistfight between 2-3 Lost bikers and 2-3 members of TPI breaks out in Sandy Shores.

  • Gang Dispute IV: A fistfight between 2-3 Vagos and 2-3 Marabunta Grande breaks out in El Burro Heights.

  • Biker Convoy: 3-9 Lost bikers ride in formation down a highway.

  • Bar Fight: A fistfight between two men breaks out in a bar.

  • Panhandler I: A homeless person asks the player for $5. They will walk away when refused.

  • Panhandler II: A homeless person asks for $5. They attack the player with fists or a knife when refused.

  • Celebrity Appearance I: A celebrity being photographed by paparazzi gets into a black Granger and is driven away by security guards. The celebrity carries between $1,000 and $10,000 and other expensive items on their corpse, but the player will receive a three star wanted level if they are seen killing them. 

  • Celebrity Appearance II: A celebrity being pursued by paparazzi in cars and motorcycles offers the player money for helping them escape and get home. 

  • Trafficking I: A Burrito carrying a crate of random drugs or weapons escorted by four Lost bikers travels up a random highway.

  • Trafficking II: A Burrito carrying a crate of random drugs or weapons escorted by one Emperor driven by two Families, Ballas, Vagos, Kkangpae, or Aztecas makes its way through a gang neighborhood.


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Killer Whale

Doesn't anyone think the Diamond penthouse should've been as extravagant as this? It could make more sense on a future GTA based on Las Venturas, though. Or Vice City.



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^^ That was interesting. Does the massage service come with happy ending?

I've seen videos of condos in the huge towers at the South end of South Beach and in downtown Miami across from the AA Arena that are like this. With more bedroom suites. They go for several millions. 

They shirked on the bathtub. Should have been at least twice as large for two people.

I want this in GTA 6 for my character. And should be able to share with my other character as roommates.


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No next DLC. Make Gta VI or V DLCs.

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