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DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic


Recommended Posts

On 11/20/2019 at 12:16 AM, VictorVance1239 said:

What's not to get? Modern day consoles feature more than just gaming, and in GTA online we can already invite people into our apartments to do multiple hangout stuff, including watching stuff on the in game television together, so this idea would only make that very feature more fun for those who choose to use it.  


With a few added features like letting people buy bigger TVs in any owned building, this would become quite a hit if you ask me. 

I don’t get it I suppose because in the context of playing a video game together, sure it can be a novelty for a short period to have the online avatars all “watch TV” or rather, the pastiche of TV that is provided. But In the context of playing the game only. 

Having players gather online to have their avatars gather in one place and watch something meta, like a show on Netflix seems like a strange thing to do. That requires some level of gaming inactivity and concentration, and so it is something that you would typically do separate from gaming I would say.

The host would effectively be expecting other players to down controllers for an hour to watch “Stranger Things” with him for example. I don’t think that conflating the two forms of entertainment in such a way would work. Gaming is fun when you are gaming. Gaming to watch videos ain’t as fun, which is why most people skip video game cutscenes.

Edited by Big Molio
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make a car that can tank a little damage and flat outrun the mk2. make the tryhards have to think through an interception

Edited by fartypants
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New swimwear



Amphibious Firearms and harpoon guns





New watercraft all around! Submarines, airboats, speedboats, hydrofoils, submersible Yachts, Diver Propulsion Vehicles, seabreachers, ect



..and Hawaiian shirts, eyepatches, captain hats, and general aquatic themed gear



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On 11/22/2019 at 3:12 PM, Cudwieser said:

Give us more DJ's for the clubs and associated missions and new tunes like this





do those streets look familiar ;) :)

This song is awesome.  Now downloading Nina's stuff thanks for sharing

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^That car deserves its own DLC. Having Kaufman cabs as a business would be perfect for this game! All they have to do is recreate taxi missions from precious games (mostly VC)

I remember Rexx made a thread about it some time ago (but he wasn't the first and the only one with that idea ofc)

My concept was:
- Fully customizable business. Let us pick the name, different styles, colors, drivers, cabs for npcs and for you
- Pick and hire npc drivers for passive income. You start with only 2, end with 20
- Drive yourself to boost income and unlock new upgrades, liveries and occasionally get special rare missions (like being a getaway driver in a heist)
- Bigger payout for doing it in time, lower payout for crashing and scaring the passenger  
- Let us convert any car we want into a taxi (and later unlock helis and planes as well). All they have to do is add new liveries for old vehicles
- Unlockable story missions (like the ones from VC) 
- Customize your cabs. Add countermeasures, armor, bulletproof glass, jumps, landmines, (but no missiles. Make it the perfect passive getaway vehicles)
- Off radar / missile jammer and no missile lock-on during missions (permanent feature or unlockable upgrade so you don't have to deal with tryhards and noobbikes)
- Set your price and let other players call your cabs (boosts popularity and low lvl players could call them as backup. Let us be the good guys for once)

Just think about all the things we could get with a dlc like this...


GTA-pic-2.jpg ZebraCab-GTAVC-front.jpg

latest?cb=20110529195324&path-prefix=es home-mobile.jpg Z14SEFU.jpg

  Toektoek_Den_Haag_01.jpg 12.jpg

Rajasthan-govt-37215.jpg 512x512bb.jpg 


WB5bpxH.jpg tumblr_m66oy8bs7d1qkfbl6o1_400.png china_taxi_shangai.jpg










And even better if they add Cherry Popper Ice Cream business in the same dlc. So we can pimp out ice cream trucks and sell snacks, drugs, ice creams and armor to other players. 

Oh and btw - give me AirWolf Helicopter and nerf those OP noob oppressors cause they ruined this game.

Edited by Piro
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Some more arcade cabinets, because the list is lacking:

QUB3D from GTA 4

Duality from GTA SA

Get Ready to Bumble from GTA SA

Pogo the Monkey — reskin of Invade and Persuade II


Invade and Persuade I [based on 1942] “1967. Those damn commie Vietnamese have challenged America’s authority on the world stage. As a red blooded American tanker, it is your duty to cleanse that jungle hellscape of the Socialist scourge!” Top down shooter, knock down villages for extra points


Blind Billy [based on Frogger] “Blind Billy is late for school, and he’s lost his cane! It’s up to you to guide him across the busy motorways that stand in his path.”


Blind Betty [based on Ms Pac Man] “the beloved sequel to Blind Billy, starring his sister Betty! Betty needs your help to navigate the labyrinthine halls of her school to get her class supplies. But be careful, there’s many enemies that seek to stop her like bullies, pervert teachers, and the nasty old janitor who will leave puddles Betty slips on!” You have to guide Betty from class to her locker and back without getting hit by an enemy. For extra points you can pick up other supplies like paper and notebooks. 2 enemies be ‘bullies’, that wander aimlessly with a randomised path. 1 enemy is the ‘janitor’ that follows a predetermined path around the level. And the last enemy is the ‘pervy teacher’ that will actively chase Betty. Each level, they get progressively faster.


Baked [Donkey Kong and Burger Time] “The Baker’s ingredients have been stolen by his arch nemesis, the Noodle cart man! Jump and climb your way through the city to find his ingredients!”


Expansion [conceptually similar to snake] “your fantastic ever-growing red square has to eat green dots to stay small, otherwise it will get too big to navigate through the maze called life!” Map is comprised of simple pathways of varyingly sized halls. The red square needs to collect green dots to remain small enough to navigate the level. If it touches a wall, you lose a life. Every level the rate of expansion gets faster.


Shiny Wasabi Kitty Super Ecchi Adventure [Dragon’s Lair in gameplay, Time Gal in theme] “Wasabi Kitty is just a normal high school girl on her way to class when she’s accosted by  superlewd monsters! Unfortunately for them, Wasabi Kitty is in reality a super ecchi superhero! Help guide her decisions so she can make it to class on time!” FMV-inspired gameplay where periodically you have to click a direction to make a choice in direction. If you make the wrong choice, you lose a life. The ‘deaths’ are hentai. Unfortunately, this is the original western release so all the naughty stuff is censored. 


Bar Brawl 13 [Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat] “the 13th installment in the most brutal fighting game ever designed! Pick your character as you fight and murder your way across pubs and brawls across the world before you can declare yourself the Bar Brawl Champion!” 6 or so characters with a cheap drunkard theme. Soviet vodka swiller, pregnant chainsmoking hooker, homeless tramp, Irishman, etc. each one has 3 basic moves and a special move. 2 Player mode available


Super Smash Cricket!!! [Pooh’s Home Run Derby with Punch Out elements] “little Pajeet dreams of nothing more than being a world famous cricket batsman, but everything and everyone stands in his way! From the evil colonial Englishman, to the ineffectual American, to the scary Saudi and many more! Each bowler has their own bowling style, so choose your timing carefully. If you fail, Pajeet will never fulfil his dream!” You pull the analogue stick back to bring the bat backwards, and push it forwards to swing when the timing is right. You get an Over [6 bowls] to knock the ball far enough to score a set number of runs. [marked on the map, certain distances worth specific numbers of runs] if you hit the bowler, it’s an autowin for that innings. [innings=that match] every innings is a new bowler, and each bowler has their own theme and bowling style.

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It annoys me that I can't see what car I'm about to have brought to me whenever I call the mechanic. Some of us have multiple versions of the same car, so it would be easier to be able to have a picture available for us to choose the design we want to drive at that particular time. 


I'd honestly like that feature to be replaced with a website ran by the Mechanic that can be used to scroll through pictures of all of our purchased vehicles lined up just like how it's set up on the apps to buy said vehicles on. Then we could go ahead and

  • Have it Brought to us by clicking on whichever one
  • Modify it without needing to drive it to the Mod shop
  • or Sell it right there on the spot

Another neat feature for this website would be a section that we could click on to look back at all of the cars we previously owned that we chose to sell, and maybe even give us the option to buy it back at anytime with all of the customization changes we made at the time still the same at a slightly lower price. Makes sense to me because it's a used car.




Edited by VictorVance1239
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An additional batch of improvement points:

- As part of an organisation, if organisation work is started before or during a "Business Battle" starts, while it is possible to participate in the latter in the sense of locating and driving the target vehicle without direct indicators on the map, it cannot be delivered. Even if one resigns or quits the organisation after the organisation work has finished and this is unfortunate.

- If a participant quits the second stage mission lobby in heists, the one which is showing the characters, the game cancels the lobby and places all of the participants back to the same or different sessions. In some heist setups or finales this chance is increased, perhaps because players are trying to get hold of outfits or bags. In most cases though I would think that quitting players encountered network issues or that they had to leave urgently. This would not be that much of an issue if the remaining players would be sent back to the first mission lobby. There already seems to be a mechanism for this present, namely if a player quits during a cutscene which sometimes bridges what I referred to as first and second stage mission lobbies.

- Also, this refers to the "Doomsday Scenario" mostly, as long as there are as many players as the minimum player requirement states, players who leave the mission should not cause the mission to fail. There already are certain fallback mechanisms in the game and I welcome those, this one I believe is essential.

- The helicopter landing pad on the "Diamond Casino" could be added to the list of delivery points available for applicable "Pegasus" deliveries. The two nearest ones are located atop the government complex on one hand and the hospital on the other. There do not seem to be conflicts to be expected with a parked helicopter for example as takeoffs happen in some altitude above the landing pad.

- As a side point only, is it possible to add an "Unarmed" weapon option in helicopters such as the armed "Buzzard"? This point was written before the understandable restrictions to "Passive Mode" in armed vehicles and so it seems like it would collide with it. However, is this not available already to vehicles such as the armed "Nightshark"? 

- There is no entry for "Arena Wars" modes in the "Quick Job" menu. Is the reason for this that they are "Adversary Modes" and an entry for these exists? I would think of the first mentioned as rather unique ones and therefore a separate entry might make sense.

- There is no silver variant of the "Big Dog Spokes" wheels at "Benny's". It would be necessary and important for there to be such a variant because the gold variant looks intriguing but its colour can break styles.

- And about wheels, there is no "Ice white" (I think, or is it frost?) wheel colour or matte vehicle colour option.

- The implementation of an internet browsing option when sitting on the organisation computer chair or at the very least the ability to use the phone would be welcome. This would prevent having to stand up everytime.

- It happens that players who would seem interested in participating in organisation work enter the session and or are noticed during organisation work, which however is when they cannot be invited. This is when they might leave the session, thinking that no one is interested in inviting them. Acknowledging that one cannot invite players during some session activities, it would be nice if there was a transitory invitation which lets respective players know that they were invited to an organisation which they will join once the ongoing activity of said organisation finishes.

- An "Invite Everyone" option would also make sense in apartments and in the organisation office.

- A countdown added to the "Lucky Wheel" message, informing players on how long they would have to wait in order to have another try. This could be helpful if one has multiple characters and one would like to align their spinning tries. It could also contribute to less character and ultimately session swaps.

- Adding lighting and window dimming options to properties such as apartments and offices. I really like this nightclub feature.

- As advertised in the artwork of the current update, the ability to wear a cap in addition to the great "Visor Respirator". And speaking of the latter, as it covers the sensitive eyes, nose and mouth area, wearing this and comparable masks should protect the player from teargas, which however it does not according to a test performed very recently.

Additions to the additions to the additions, the focus here is on issues affecting gameplay:

- It is currently present but there seems to be a tendency for the "Heist" entry in the "Quick Job" section of the phone to disappear from time to time. If there is an explanation for this, for example that this occurs after finishing a heist finale, players need to be informed accordingly.

- There again seems to be an issue with owned ammunition going missing. I noticed it for hand pistols this time around, with ammunition purchases made via the "Interaction Menu" and visible in the "Transaction" section of the online banking feature in the game.

- Moreover, "Discount" prices won at the "Lucky Wheel" have stopped appearing in the "Interaction Menu", "Lucky Wheel Discounts" or similar which displays eight out of nine entries. This happened to two characters on two accounts, one won a "Southern San Andreas Supercars" discount and one won a "Dock Tease" discount and both did not appear. I did not want to risk spending money on purchases that I may not have really needed and which may not even have had a discount applied. A support ticket will be created for this.

- In the last week or so, there were instances in the last couple of days where one would be stuck in the casino with neither the access option for the main entrance, elevators, the "Cashier" or the "Lucky Wheel" appears.

Edited by xaml
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On 11/20/2019 at 4:08 PM, Up2NoGood45 said:

Is there any possibility of a minor map expansion like providing flights to North Yankton from LSIA?  

I was thinking that or possibly San Fierro? I think both could work well. I was going to post a poll...if you could buy a ticket to an alternate location which one would you pick and describe some of the online capabilities of each. Lots to think about there. 


The Diamond Casino negates the Las Venturas area for me so I think "Where's SF?" But if the GTAV 5 map is the entire state of San Andreas why is there no relevant area of San Francisco? I quite enjoyed this area back in the days of ps2. More recently I looked over the North Yankton map during a single player run..if you press pause during the opening sequence during Michaels funeral..the map on the pause screen is huuuge. 


North Yankton or San Fierro? You decide 😛

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1. A truck like the one in Pack-man, to deliver import/export vehicle collections. 

2. Sidecar for a Motorbike

3. Paramedic Helicopter that carries patients in critical condition. Probably just a deco on top of the hospital.

4. Forest Fire Helicopter to carry tons of water to extinguish forest fires. Also just a deco

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It probably has been mentioned before, but there should be a DLC where the Illuminati is involved, closing the circle of all the “all seeing eye” references (Chiliad, Madam Nazar, tattoos, etc). We are tasked to take down/inconvenience/remove power from one or all of the members in a power play between the FIB and IAA.


Infiltrating secret and secured facilities aided by the highest in technology (actual stealth suits, mechs, OP weaponry) in order to complete ludicrously difficult missions and topple the all powerful puppeteers.

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We should get an update for the ocean. Properties could be oil rigs, that have water entrances that we could store boats and submarines at. Also a helipad. But in this most missions take place for underwater recoveries or destroying underwater items.  Get some new submarines that could hold multiple people. Some with guns, and have it able to be a business like a bunker. And for a big vehicle, similar to the MOB, Terrobite and Avenger, we could get a big submarine. As an upgrage get sea mines around it. 

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Something different than cars please. Give us Gunrunning or smugglers run 2


New bunker research. Im getting sick of grinding for basically nothing. 


Please give us real content in the next update 

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I wish I could make my character an official member of the Lost MC. Being able to call on them whenever and just walk among them without being shot at ha.


Same with Ballas or Grove Street in the Hood. Would especially be useful in solo sessions.

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On 12/27/2019 at 1:08 AM, IknowYouBuySharkcards0-0 said:

Something different than cars please. Give us Gunrunning or smugglers run 2


New bunker research. Im getting sick of grinding for basically nothing.


Please give us real content in the next update

Yes we need military content

new jets tanks attak hellicopters Private Military Company and our personal military base

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So if you didn't already know, owning the drone station in the arcade gives you access to the nano-drone from the inventory menu however when you are in a setup like the "Find the car with this plate number and look in the trunk" mission you get a message saying "you can't use nano-drones during a mission". Like when is a better time to use them? Sure you can still use drones during them via Terrabyte but it defeats the usefulness of the nano-drone being added to inventory. I just wish they would let us use them during these setup missions at the very least for those of us who like to stealth as much as possible.

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2 hours ago, Jeffjordan93 said:

So if you didn't already know, owning the drone station in the arcade gives you access to the nano-drone from the inventory menu however when you are in a setup like the "Find the car with this plate number and look in the trunk" mission you get a message saying "you can't use nano-drones during a mission". Like when is a better time to use them? Sure you can still use drones during them via Terrabyte but it defeats the usefulness of the nano-drone being added to inventory. I just wish they would let us use them during these setup missions at the very least for those of us who like to stealth as much as possible.

It also sucks I cant use my new rc tank in missions. I saw it and thought ok not good for pvp. Might usebit in I/E or mc raids but nope. 



Totally useless meme vehicles. 

Drone is fun for killing salty tryhards though 

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Bring back all of the games. And open up all of the bars and clubs. That's what a lot of people thought After Hours was going to be. We seriously need places to go and things to do.  The casino is a good start but I'm already getting sick of it. 

A basic bar blueprint of your basic plan with a couple of pool tables, dart board, juke box, and several booths to sit and hang out along with classic bar chairs and stuff. Throw in some TVs for a sports bar. Populate it with a bar tender, bouncer, waitresses, and customers. Maybe some go-go girls.

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Just for fun....


'Sports and Other Pastimes'




Pool Tables


Foot Races


Street Luge

Recumbent Bicycles



Skateboard and Stunt Scooters


Skydiving multiplayer events e.g. Formation Skydiving

Nano Drone range extended, plus 3rd person view of it.

Downhill Mountain Bike events

Gyms and bodybuilding / martial arts styles (as per San Andreas)



Create-a-Foot-Race (including new props such as ladders, monkey bars, zip wires and other parkour style props and animations)


Sports clothing including proper cycling gear





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11 hours ago, Halal Cyborg said:

It’s fine there’s more than enough 

Well you don't need to buy it


There are people who like that stuff you know. 


Griefers will grief on an oppressor or some new military vehicle it doesnt matter

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