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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic


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Dear rockstar


It's time you unlocked the option to color stock alloy rims. We know it can be done, I've seen it, I've glitched it, it's on the car I just won. But yet I can't do it in lsc or the several mod shops I have purchased. Grow up


Secondly, you might as well just unlock Benny's rims for all vehicles, again, with the points above, excluding the last


And finally, give us all the damn paint options. Worn, epsilon, all of them. While you're at it, throw in a color wheel and call it the lsc update


If you really want to go the extra mile, unblacklist the blacklisted cars from our garages. Myself and countless others spend a fortune in time and GTA money to achieve these features either way, save us some time


Imagine the snapmatic contests


Your pal,



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GTA List

Twitter : zombie_2113
Skype : zombie2113

Discord : zombie213#0774

1. Anti-Air Missile Trucks with actual vertical aiming, regardless if the missile pods are remote controlled or player controlled

2. Anti-Air Missile Trucks with no movement restrictions, meaning you could drive and fire missiles off, or you could be on a hill and you wouldn't have to reposition to shoot.

3. Oppressor Mk. 2 nerfs (Missile capacity, speed, missile tracking, countermeasure removal)

4. Countermeasures added to each and every aircraft in the entire game, even delivery aircraft, exclusive delivery aircraft. (Skylift, etc)

5. Ability to modify each and every aircraft in the game (Adding armour and every other mod to the Hydra, Lazer, Savage, etc, etc)

6. Engine and Turbo vehicle mods actually improving top speed, not just acceleration

7. Ability to choose from different weaponry in specific vehicles (Like with the Vigilante, being able to use handheld weaponry)

8. Ability to DISABLE the cops permanently

9. Adding Flare Weapons (Like Flare Shotguns, clip fed Flare Pistols, high power and speed Flare Snipers)

10. Adding Flare Weapons to personally owned Vehicles

11. Ability to sell / modify Pegasus vehicles

12. Ability to use the Up-N-Atomizer in vehicles

13. Ability to select which missiles you can outfit your vehicle with, in a mod shop (Public or personal) [Adding Deluxo Missiles to the Hydra]

14. Changing certain weapons on all vehicles, like adding Barrage missile pods to the Sasquatch Monster Truck instead of the awful Kenetic Grenade Launcher

15. Adding Jet Engines to the tops or rear of vehicles and selecting the boost duration and recharge rate for how you want it

16. Changing the amount of damage your vehicle can survive during combat (E.I. Oppressor Mk. 2 Missile spam against an Insurgent)

17. Ability to significantly upgrade the weight of which a Cargobob can lift (It can lift a 60 Ton Tank, but can't lift an Insurgent??)

18. Ability to weaponize ALL vehicles in the entire game, and fully mod them [Weaponized Cargobob / Titan]

19. Ability to change the colours of tail lights / reverse lights / tire colour (rubber) on every vehicle

20. Ability to lower suspension to a ridiculous degree, and also raising suspension

21. Ability to decrease or increase the size of the wheels on your vehicle

22. Ability to increase the payout of user-made jobs (current max payout for user-made races is $11,210, with a change it could be $100,000 or higher)

23. Flare Missiles for both player weapons and vehicle

24. Ability to create user-made heists with user-made vehicles

25. Map editor (Not just props like the creator, but being able to physically edit the landscape of the map of San Andreas to how you wish)

26. Environment no longer stopping vehicles if that vehicle is heavy enough

27. Destructible Environment (I can't be the only one who really wants to carpet bomb a bridge and watch it collapse)

28. Massive speed overhaul of every single vehicle in the game

29. Advanced futuristic vehicles (Helicopters without rotors, but rather, hover engines)

30. Supersonic Jets

31. Ability to transport EVERY vehicle in the entire game via aircraft, like the Maverick Helicopter being able to carry a Stromberg

32. Lazer weapon variations for every vehicle / weapon in the game

33. Hypersonic missiles

34. Ability to change the scale of your CEO / MC to allow or restrict player numbers.... (2 player MC / CEO or 10 player MC / CEO)

35. Drastic weapon range increase

36. Chernobog's max missile range from 1,000m to 4,000m

37. Chernobog's missile tracking increase

38. Chernobog's missile damage increase

39. Chernobog's missile speed massive increase

40. Chernobog's armour from 1 explosive to 60

41. Wire guided missiles

42. Never-ending missile targeting (it doesn't explode on impact with a structure, but goes through it on the way to the target)

43. Interior improvements (Realistic dial movement, scale increase, quality increase)

44. Up-N-Atomizer damage / range increase

45. Ballistic Equipment buffs (Weapon variety, speed, health, resistance)

46. Ability to personally edit the payout of missions and for CEO Associates

47. Removal of Orbital Cannon

48. Removal of indestructible fences / walls / trees / vegetation / poles

49. Ability to use RPGs on Motorcycles

50. More female hair styles

51. Terrorbyte missile overhaul (Tracking, speed, damage, fire rate)

52. All vehicle homing missile range increase

53. Futuristic aircraft (Like in Battlefield 2142)

54. REMOVAL of all contacts from your phone (Besides Lester, Lamar, Merryweather, M.M.I. and the others that have functionality)

55. REMOVAL of all contacts inviting you to jobs

56. Additional setting for disabling job invites from contacts / players

57. REMOVAL of Simeon's car requests

58. Plastic Surgery DLC

59. REMOVAL of raids (MC Businesses, bunkers, CEO crates)

60. Up-N-Atomizer weapon varieties (Like my Flare suggestions earlier in this list, same thing but with the Up-N-Atomizer ammo)

61. Tank tread upgrade options for all vehicles (Like an Insurgent but instead of wheels, it has 4 individual sets of 3 Tank rollers and treads, or 2 sets of 8 rollers and 1 tread each)

62. REMOVAL of passive mode griefing (Otherwise known as passive popping)

63. LIMITING passive mode usage to 1 hour cooldown and 5 minute timer (once you select deactivate passive mode)

64. Sniper bullet travel / bullet drop

65. Glider plane with a 4,000 lb bomb that once dropped, cannot be dropped again until you refill at your Hangar

66. In terms of explosive handheld weaponry, add more variations (Like smoke grenades for grenade launchers)

67. REMOVAL of Rhino Tank and Chernobog exploding vehicles when ramming them, just squash them without explosions

68. Ability to use the smoke grenade launchers on the Rhino Tank

69. Ability to use the .50 CAL Browning Machine Gun on top of the Rhino Tank

70. Grand Theft Auto: Apocalypse (Working Title)

This is a new mode, which would show another side of the Grand Theft Auto Universe. This has been experimented with, on GTA PC servers, also known as mods. These capabilities are not currently available in the Console versions of the game. This version of the game would be a complete overhaul of the world, with grass and trees being over grown, buildings in shambles, cars being scattered, a world full of the undead. This mode would have factions or groups, similar to that of Motorcycle gangs or CEO's. In this mode, factions would come together to create teams to fight off the hordes, and other factions. Weapons would be found throughout the world, but can also be purchased from merchants for resources and other things, as money would hold no value. There would be no police, but the place holder as a consequence for killing another player online is that making too much noise would attract the horde. The premise of this game would be to add a new and refreshing mode to GTA. Although GTA has been an extremely fun experience, it has been out for 6 years coming this september. To renew the player base, and bring more players into the GTA community. GTA needs a refresher and this would be a great way to do so.

This list was originally created by zombie2113 and if you want to message me, my PSN is zombie__213 {Zombie Apocalypse Idea was thought of by "torin4031 - PSN"}

If the Orbital Cannon won't be removed or nerfed, give us the option to fly out into space and physically destroy it. That should make it unavailable for 1 month each time it's destroyed. All players who own it won't be able to use it for any reason, even just for surveillance

71.**ANY form of suicide is counted as a death in your Kill Death Ratio**

72. More ammo for weapons (Like more than just standard, pathetic range cannons on the APC and Tanks, but rather.. APFSDS shells and more) (Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot)

73. If your mental state is at any point higher than normal, passive mode should be permanently disabled

74. Remove bad sport sessions and add a counter when you destroy a personal vehicle (Bad Sport! You destroyed x amount of vehicles. Destroy x amount more to become a bad sport)

75. Remove the Oppressor Mk 2 as a "Motorcycle" and re-class it as a "Jet"

76. Add all exclusive vehicles to online with the ability to purchase them, like the Skylift, Cargo Plane, Dock Handler, etc. etc.

77. PERMANENTLY REMOVE Arena Wars level system and give us the rewards from every level up to 1,000 free of cost

78. Allow ALL Anti-Aircraft vehicles to aim at every possible direction, and give all of them -30° of gun depression

79. Removal of missile lock for supplies / product / cargo / delivery vehicles, and remove the $2000 reward for destroying them

80. Ability to choose the colour of your MC / CEO

81. Cherobog Mk. 2 (Has tank tracks, 2 SAM batteries, 20 missile tubes instead of 15, fires 10 missiles per burst instead of 5, has 4x the speed of the fastest missiles in the game, cannot be destroyed with explosives, has -30 degrees vertical aiming, 360 degrees horizontal aiming and 90 degrees vertical aiming, new top tier missile tracking with 100% accurate missiles that will never miss, max range would be 4 KM and max lock on range would be 2 KM

82. Add a feature in which ALL properties show their stock / supplies level on the bottom right of the screen when you press down on the D-Pad (Or whatever it is on PC) to extend the map and show the player list.. It would appear exactly as it does in the business it's from, but ALL your properties would have visible stock levels and supplies levels on the bottom right of the screen

83. Removal of the need to navigate through separate sub-menus on the Insurance menu, just have a list of vehicles

84. Addition of a defense system of the Akula Stealth Helicopter that would deflect any and all projectiles while in stealth mode

85. Yacht defenses not targeting passive people, non-weaponized vehicles or while chaff was deployed

86. Much, much more personalization of weapons, adding custom user designs to any and all parts. Including the default green sniper scope hit indicators, changing them to blue or pink, etc. etc.

87. Maximum lock-on range increase for all homing missiles in the game

88. Removal of bad sport due to it no longer serving a purpose in this age of GTA

89. Add a cooldown for off the radar / ghost organization spam.. If someone buys one, limit them for 5 hours or 1 day

90. Increase the bounty limit from $9,000 to $5,000,000 because $9,000 was ok in 2013, but in 2019, it simply just doesn't cut it anymore

91. Increase the limit of cash that a mugger can steal from $10,000 to $1,000,000 to teach people to put their money in the bank

92. Decrease the chances of raids by 90%, I can't register as an MC President unless I'm inside a property without getting immediately raided

93. Increase the max payout of the "Good sport" reward from $2,000 to $20,000

94. Increase the time it takes to lock on to friendly players (no mental state)

95. Make the train destructible or at least de-railable

96. Add a vehicle editor, I want a Vigilante type jet engine on the back of my Insurgent without the Insurgent model changed, just the addition of a jet engine

97. Edit the industrial vehicles to function (Forklift being able to lift things, bulldozer being able to lift things and lower the feet, allow the dump to actually dump the gravel.. Etc, etc)

98. Permanently increase the length of the Cargobob hook by triple length

99. Add 2 person fighter jets, like the F-4 Phantom

100. If nothing is done about the orbital cannon, at the very least.. Make it only able to kill players on foot

101. Desperately needed : Nuclear ICBM launched from a Nuclear submarine, that hits anywhere on the map and kills each and every player in the session. Regardless if they're in a property or not. But can only be launched once per real life day

102. Military DLC, in which ONLY weaponized vehicles / handheld weapons / new vehicle weapons / new vehicle customization are added (Proper military, not redneck militia like gunrunning)

103. Animals on the map

104. Vehicles requiring fuel in order to move, this would stop Oppressor spam, considering how tiny they are and how wildly unrealistic the Oppressor Mk. 2 is, if that thing really existed there wouldn't be anywhere for the gas to go and even if there was, it'd be used up almost immediately

105. "Bulletproof" armour plating, actually becoming bulletproof.... This includes the "Armoured" Boxville not having bulletproof tires and windows

106. Removal of wanted levels if you're in passive mode

107. Allow players to store vehicles inside other vehicles, like the Cargobob, Cargo Plane, Bombushka, Volatol, Titan, shall I continue?

108. Remove wanted levels for suppressor kills. You could be at the airport with nobody around, kill someone with a suppressed weapon and get a wanted level.... How?

109. Add cannon options for weaponized jets (Pyro, explosive miniguns on the wings and the Lazer getting insanely strong non-explosive cannons that will one shot a player with full armour and health)

110. Add a delay for explosives (If you accidentally fire off a rocket from a vehicle or from foot, and it hits a pole, it won't explode)

111. Remove throwable explosives from being able to kill yourself (To stop K/D warriors)

112. Patch RPG glitch spam

113. Add alternate ammo types for every weapon in the game, even the Minigun

114. Remove every forbidden word or phrase from messages via the phone, why can NPCs cuss but players can't unless they're on a mic?

115. If you're holding a weapon, you're an MC President or a CEO, a VIP or your mental state is at any remote level above normal, easy way out should be permanently disabled or should cost 50% of your money

116. No More Griefers DLC

117. Naval DLC

118. Airforce DLC

119. Increase phone message length from 60 characters to 400

120. If someone keeps killing you x amount of times, allow the victim to have Trevor's ability to be invincible for a certain amount of time

121. Player physics

122. Clothing physics, like the ones in story mode

123. Remove ALL modded accounts based on their player kills, time played + level and money

124. More vehicles with tank tracks

125. Infinite range for laser weapons

126. Propeller on the rear of the Ruiner 2000, to propel it faster than just gliding while parachuting

127. Stun Gun in Ammunation, available for purchase

128. Railgun in Ammunation, available for purchase

129. Railgun range to that of a Heavy Sniper Mk. 2 (Heavy barrel)

130. Improve Valkyrie turret range

131. Improve Valkyrie armour

132. Add a speedometer on the screen with the ability to position it where you want

133. Based on how many people are in your CEO / MC, the payment for missions should increase by $20,000 per new member and for CEOs, the salary amount should increase by $30,000 per associate

134. Block the Chernobog from locking onto NPC vehicles

135. Add Snowmobiles

136. Bring the Tow Truck into online137. Allow the ability to call Trevor, Franklin, Michael, Jimmy or Amanda to be called and hung out with

138. Remove cops from impounding vehicles

139. Add more SAM batteries with the functionality of being able to fire on the move without requiring a gunner

140. Update NPC vehicles to spawn DLC vehicles, even police helicopters, boats, NPC helicopters, planes, boats and everything else

141. Add a feature in which supplies for all businesses can be purchased via the Terrorbyte / phone

142. Improve the B-11's cannon

143. Give all vehicle mounted non-explosive machine guns a huge upgrade, either in terms of damage or fire rate.. (Using the Scramjet's guns to kill someone in 3 shots)

144. Add a parachute option to the Scramjet (Like the Ruiner 2000)

145. Ammo storage increase for Mk. 2 ammo types

146. Ability to use Ballistic armour regardless of what you're taking part in

147. Additional rear turrets for the Savage

148. Stromberg propeller upgrade option

149. Remove explosive damage for your own player (Handheld explosives, throwable explosives or even vehicle explosives won't do damage to you, but will to other people)

150. Add more underwater vehicles with more new types of weapons, like remote controlled laser miniguns from the vehicle

151. Stealth capabilities for the Volatol and Khanjali

152. Grappling Hooks

153. Hovercraft

154. Window tint colour vehicle options

155. Ability to colour textures for user-made jobs (Like blood red water for a deathmatch)

156. Helicopters with the option to replace landing gear or skiis with tank tracks, to help with stable landings on hills

157. Finish the construction of the building in the middle of Los Santos

158. Fix eternal loading screens

159. Stealth vehicles should remain permanently off the radar and should block missile locking

160. New tanks from different countries / eras with more than 1 or 2 types of weapons (A generic tank cannon and a machine gun) but rather, actual weapon variation

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Gang DLC. It expands more on the Vagas and other LS Gangs but also lets us make our own Gangs. We can name them and hire NPC's and players. It could be similar to CEO stuff.

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God, please let there be a tuners dlc, here's what it would ideally involve if it were up to me

  • Mazda RX7 (FD & FB as separate cars)
  • Toyota GT86 (mostly pre facelift toyota with minor design elements cues from the various concepts that came before the real car)
  • Mazda MX5 (I'd ideally have the NA be its own car with another car that's a blend of the NC and ND)
  • Honda S2000
  • I feel like the truly Rockstar thing to do would be to make a car that's a blend of the 350z and 370z that's also completely different car from ZR380
  • two cars that are made from blending together various elements of the S13/S14/S15
  • A new supra that blends together design elements from the new Z4
  • EK Civic Hatchback
  • Subaru WRX STI that combines elements from the last 2 or 3 WRXes
  • Fox body mustang
  • Acura RSX
  • Honda NSX
  • Honda Beat
  • Datsun 510 with first gen celica elements
  • 1995 Toyota Hiace with rear barn doors so it'll hold 6 people
  • Porsche that looks like a 356 with 911 proportions as well as very 911 inspired tuning parts
  • second generation Toyota MR2
  • Toyota Carina A60 sedan

And maybe a handful of others! and there would also be 2 more LSC locations added, a handful of races that force you to use specific cars that are VERY poorly hidden drug runs, and a bunch of 10 car/heist compatible properties around Mirror Park and Strawberry with brand new interiors that match the kind of exteriors those houses have


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We have more than enough rich guy, high life content. I'd like to see a more low life focused, gritty, street level criminal update. A mix between Bikers and Lowriders... so Gangbangers. Lets see some run down, trashy new apartments, similar to Niko's Bohan safehouse from GTA4. Re-use the Biker businesses so we can set up our own gangs. Let us buy a hideout to run them from, choose gang colors, signs etc. Give us a spray can and add new collectible tags like from SA that rival gangs can spray over. New business battle type freeroam missions to control gang territory over South LS. Let us set up protection rackets on 24/7 stores and set up legit, in game car meets for lowriders. Dont know anything about cars that would fit so I'll let others choose what they would want there. 


Just to get it in there as well: let players choose to display office clutter or get it cleaned up. On the flip side let players throw parties in high end apartments which will mess the place up like the casino penthouse. Add animals to freeroam and allow us to buy pets from the Animal Arc website. Pets will just sit in your apartment/office/clubhouse etc. however you can also buy guard dogs which will go to warehouses and businesses to increase their security and stop them being robbed as much. Bring back the armored cars, HPV's and crate drops. Finally add some more life to freeroam: add in pool at Taquila la, air hockey at Del Pero Pier, let us use street food vendors, give money to hobo's, use QUB3ED machines.

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Short and simple: more slots for both personal as well as bookmarked playlists. Like, a lot more. I am constantly adding races from Broughy's creator series, races I've seen on YouTube in general, and my own created tracks that I make frequently. Shouldn't be too hard to raise the cap for playlists both custom and bookmarked.

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Standard Deluxe 59

Best addition that seems rather easy to implement: remove the property cap. 

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20 minutes ago, Standard Deluxe 59 said:

Best addition that seems rather easy to implement: remove the property cap. 

And the restriction to only upgrading Special Cargo warehouses.


Slightly unsettling that I can't trade in for anything smaller.

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Cars based of cars actually seen Commonly in the states not some car badged as a honda or chevy based off some european or foreign sh*t that as not ties to any of the companies in real life, Like a camry that looks a like a combo of a camry and corolla, not a camry and a beamer...Like wtf

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I actually want more fitted suits with a larger variety of "business vest" color combinations.


  For example, we recently got a yellow shirt with black vest, but almost every other one has an unchangeable white shirt against a new colored-vest. 


As far the fitted jackets go, less floral patterns and more solid colors would be my preference. Making sure they have matching pants would be great too.


We got a green vest, green pants, and a green vest (with mandatory white shirt). Then we also got a hot blue jacket and vest, but no pants. Same with this fly Magenta fitted jacket w/ pocket square, no matching pants. No matching Ash colored pants. We do have matching pink floral patterned pants to go with our weird "sailor chihuahua" printed jackets and those flamboyant floral prints.


If we get one more fitted suit, R* let it be purple with a teal or green pocket square. Give us some business shirt variety too. Make them all compatible with the other fitted suits. Let us change the business shirt but keep the same vest.


Step up your suit game, R*. Some of these are pretty sweet. Some of them are hot garbage

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I would suggest 3 plausible themes that would make the game more interesting:


1. Drift (as an example of "Tuners and Outlaws DLC" concept): I believe this would be a huge success if well implemented and I bet R* is considering it.

2. Burglary: New business model with stealth features. It could be a complement to Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

3. Gangs: It would require a decent plot.

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I Iniesta I

DLCs seem to be going in a pattern


we get 1 quality of life update such as the casino or nightclub and that's followed by a militarised/pvp update like the Arena Wars or Doomsday, if its a pattern that's going to continue id put money on the next DLC (if there indeed is one) being a Naval Update, weve had land with the gun running and air with the air freight, sea seems like the logical next step. 


got a mate who fancies a cops and robbers themed dlc

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It's been asked about hover crafts and seperately for chainsaws and katana's


I'd love to see power and construction tools in general be purchaseable fro you tool hardware to be used as weapons. We have hammers and wrenches available so why not a chainsaw and maybe drill/jackhammer. Also as a 'tool' I'd love this as a novelty hovercraft



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Jetpack mk2 please:

And Jetpack mk3 please:


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Konata Inoue


On ‎8‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 5:52 PM, TEENWULF said:

At this point I just wanna be able to make my own liveries. 

Their execution of it in Midnight Club LA was actually pretty cool, I actually kinda thought they were gonna have it in GTA V before it released. 

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I want a new map if a GTA VI won't happen during the era of Trump.

On 8/2/2019 at 6:35 PM, Snoopbr said:

I would suggest 3 plausible themes that would make the game more interesting:


1. Drift (as an example of "Tuners and Outlaws DLC" concept): I believe this would be a huge success if well implemented and I bet R* is considering it.

2. Burglary: New business model with stealth features. It could be a complement to Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

3. Gangs: It would require a decent plot.

One could say we have gangs in the form of crews...

Edited by XxX19Dude95XxX
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Change ewo so it's 



A. Only In the pause menu




B, only available when you haven't interacted with your character for a certain amount of time


Also they should make it to where if you try to fire an explosive at your feet, then it will


A. point back up a number of times




B. pause for a few second, and then go off




Edited by Wolfhawk33
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I just want a Bolt action sniper upgrade (and for the delay to be removed from the firing mechanism, it's like a full second)


And a battle royale challange in free mode (that you opt into). I dont play pubg or fortnite, I just wanna get my kirito on.

Edited by GrmReapersCreed
Well this is nosy
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Leading by example of the rocketbikes, and personal flying war machines, I think rockstar should add a premium God mode and instakill button. Also, a nuke. Balance is for suckers.

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In my garage, nearby the cab company.


I sit on the floor, rolling two small dices in my hand while calculating horse odds. There is a pack of phat chips on the workbench behind me. If anyone were to claim that I do not have enough of those. I spent the whole morning in here. I then exit the garage, crossing the street and walking towards the new building, through the serene external parking space. I head for the elevator, the roof terrace is where I want to be. I look around and for a minute it seemed as if the curtains of one of the apartments overhead was closing, but it may have just been the gentle caress of its air conditioning. I now have to decide what to do first, do I order a fruit cocktail at the terrace bar or do I head for the pool? The barista was kind enough to help me with that burden, briefly waving and welcoming me with a smile. I had just about enough cash to cover the cocktail as there do not seem to be any automated teller machines anywhere here, while my bank was performing some maintenance on their site so my phone would have been of no help either. Neither so my chips, but they do not accept chips up here anyway. Their preventative policies, they say. This seems to be meant literally, as no snacks are offered up here or anywhere else here either. I asked the barista about this and they said that it was a surprise to them as well and that they will happily forward this to their management. I thank them and walk towards the main pool, not without trying out one of the smaller pools first though. I especially liked the vibrations of their intermittent massaging function. Those, the main pool and the fireplace are where I spent the remainder of the evening, lasting well into the night before deciding to skip any transportation and head home walking.

Edited by xaml
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After whole casino controversy. Thinking Rockstar Games needed treating there players (that us) with better content and updates in online community,by what doing that! With a new Motor Wars location & features! It been awhile we have last update of motor wars and seen battle royale still popular (according to twitch & mixer),it still summer maybe could you're think,you're like to have a new motor wars? Taking place in Vespucci with hottest three of tourist attractions Beach,Canals and Puerto Del Sol,surrounding by lovely oceans . Players (us) can drop in battle can shooting and taking a drive or talk on Vespucci bleach or take a visit the Canals. Also though this new bring something new to table  like new Motor Wars female size flight suit for the ladies/any gender of player,now 28 amount of players in motor wars change to 32! New color team "Black" (Merryweather Black Ops),if it night time don't worry there some night vision goggles on maps (but there only 5 of them) find them quickly. All brand new weapons added to the map like Heavy Revolver Mk,Double Barrel Shotgun,Bullpup Shotgun,Advanced Rifle,Combat PDW,Sawed-Off Shotgun,Machete,Flare Gun,Gusenberg Sweeper,Heavy Sniper, and Sticky Bombs. With brand new vehicles Land,Sea And Air. Deviant,Frogger,Mesa,Valkyrie,Hexer,seven cycles bikes,Blazer,Barrage,Dinghy,Tropic, and Seashark. So must stuff to Motor Wars VIII you're barley can't wanted happen! Maybe ask Rockstar Games on social media to make Motor Wars VIII,this time taking place at Vespucci. Enjoyed the fun under the sun and the carnage,when you're and team murdered other team to be on top and earn some cash & XPBADOOM!


Would you're guys & ladies could freaking love for a new Motor Wars! And all new vehicles,weapons and new location to duke it out. A vacation Had to get away

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Standard Deluxe 59

Plain and simple. I wish that adding a racing livery or buying racing style roll cages would remove the license plates as well. My Tyrus looks funky next to my S80RR because the Tyrus has a license plate despite being a car meant only for the track. Or better yet, why not just a remove plate option for all cars. 

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How about...


DLC DLC? It's a DLC about DLCs. Sounds like a win/win.

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Business Work DLC

were we have to do so many tow truck / repo, taxi, bus, limo driver, ambulance, fire fighter, cop jobs

each tier unlocks something


A Water Related DLC


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Make a new model of older cars that have been there since the beginning. Like a brand new Cavalcade (third version of it)

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I’d like to see the XM556 microgun which just went into production. Imagine a minigun that fits in a suitcase. Could have it use the minigun’s ammo, and allow the player to sprint whilst holding it. The downsides being lower damage [especially to vehicles], lower accuracy, and lower range. Could just call it the Microgun.


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Amphibious firearms and a harpoon/spear gun. More boats would be a welcome inclusion, as well as subs, weaponized and non-weaponized. Need some new beachwear too, like limbless scuba suits and luxury swimsuits. 

   We would need more things to do out in the ocean, like: treasure hunting, pirating other vessels, looting yachts/aircraft carrier/cargo ship, ect. We would need a few new enemies, like pirates and Merryweather combat divers, but it could be soooooooo cool.

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