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DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic

Recommended Posts

8 hours ago, MostlyPonies said:

@Jackimo1999 If you already have an insurgent or MOC, you should also be able to use them for small cargo runs.

Definitely both Insurgents, absolutely. Not the MOC, though. The MOC, depending on how you have it set up, likely isn't built for cargo. You would have an extremely big, rather expensive vehicle, that could only hold as much as a large van, if that. The cab could likely be converted into the warehouse, but the trailer wouldn't work.

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I would like to see the creator updated. Mainly, I'd like to have all stunt track pieces come with a dirt version for off-road race creation. Dirt blocks, dirt blocks with different terrains, dirt ramps, water hazards, mud bogs, etc. With this, I would like to see the Bandito RC added to the creator and for the Sanchez dirtbike to be removed from the Off-Road class. It would be nice to have more dirt bikes added and there be a vehicle class exclusive to them. It would also be nice to have the option to adjust the width and height of racing checkpoints .


Then I think the game needs some weaponized boats and other watercrafts. Missions, heists, and adversary modes that take place at sea are few and far between, if not missing from the game altogether. I thought San Andreas was a coastal state. Hence, there should be more money to be made out in the drink.


Straight up Demolition Derby!


Add more stunt races, more hotring races, more deadlines, more sumos with different vehicles. What about some other ways to utilize parachutes? Arena War definitely needs some new game modes and/or expansion/additions to the existing modes.


I saw billiards mentioned in this thread and I think that is an excellent idea. Maybe skeet shooting, skateboards, street loujing. How about a bowling alley?

There is a horse track or dog track so why not figure out a way to utilize that?


Just some of my thoughts. In my opinion, the game severely lacks in the off-road racing and ocean based play modes.

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On 2/8/2019 at 6:51 PM, CoachDub25 said:


Straight up Demolition Derby!


That would have been pretty amazing if the game has GTA IV damage model with all the cars. 

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Liberty City. You brought back Armadillo. Bring it back to Online. Modders have proven this is 100% feasible. 


Then require all the grinding to get new properties, cars etc in Liberty City all over again. Take Two would be swimming in McDuck pools of money. 

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Agent 14

Would anyone be interested in a contact mission creator? 


Being able to add as many objectives and enemies as you want and even being able to recreate some of your favorite movie scenes via creation? I think that would be good if I was given the power to create missions like The Los Santos Connection which is my opinion is one of the best contact missions bar to none.


They could also let us use the interiors like humane lab fib iaa police stations etc in order to make our creations better. 


You can set the amount of enemies wanted levels etc. I would love it and deff would a lot of fun creating contact missions instead of sh*tty adversary modes.

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Sniper Rifle Mk II




Based on an Accuracy International AX308

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hunter attack  helicopter must be made for 1 player


Edited by NightShineDragon

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lazer customs




savage customs

add savage tuning 


Edited by NightShineDragon

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add hydra customs 


rhino ccustoms


add new powerful jets like Hydra Mig 29 and that infinite ammo rockets and explosive rounds


Edited by NightShineDragon

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I just wish I can change the size and width of the wheels, including the stock ones(and colour). Can't remember how many times I got pissed when I see the wheels being too small or cannot fit into the wheel arches. Damn

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just bring me back this


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Micro SMG Mk II




Based on the IWI Uzi Pro

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this car must have some kuruma bulletproof glass. and insurgent's anti-explosion armor


and to all of this was on 1 player and with endless ammunition and very a powerful


more bazookas with infinite ammo

Edited by NightShineDragon

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The Tools of Choice for Rebels & Renegades

If any of you follow the Vehicle Wishlist topic you’ll have seen some continuation posts for an idea I thought up nine months ago now that I called “GTA:O Rebels & Renegades.” Just to fill in, it’s a cheaper DLC similar to Bikers that would have a late 50’s/early 60’s vibe with vintage hot rods, Kustoms and police cars. I’m going to continue it again, but this time with a focus on the weapons that would be included with the update. I’ve got three new weapons and two reskins for this post, and a focus on what I've deemed “Street & Service” weapons. Two weapons of the LAPD that served their time and their officers valiantly, and three that would have been seen in the hands of juvenile delinquents during the mid 1950’s. I've done my best to balance the firearms with other ones in game, focusing on damage, fire rate, and capacity. I’ve also come up with a scavenger hunt for two of the weapons, which I’ll put at the end. So, let's rumble!

Ithaca Model 37 DSPS


This is easily one of the most iconic shotguns of the last century, and funnily enough it’s a knock off from the beginning. It’s just a complete reproduction of the John Browning designed Remington Model 17. Ithaca just waited for the patents to expire before building their version, and even had to change their production plans on discovering Pederson patents on the Model 17, forcing them to change it from the Model 33 to the Model 37.  But, the 17 was a fantastic gun, and the 37 continues that fact, with one of the most interesting features carrying over in that it both loads and ejects its shells through a bottom ejection port. This is excellent for people like me, who shoot southpaw, as well as being good for being resistant to dirt mucking everything up. It served with troops like the early Navy SEALs in Vietnam for these reasons, as well as one it’s most remembered features, the ability to slam fire it. Slam firing makes the shotgun into a sort of manually operated automatic shotgun, as you can simply hold down the trigger and work the action, firing a round with every pump. The specific reason it’s on this list, however, is it’s time served with the LAPD. The Ithaca 37 served as the cruiser scattergun on the streets of LA from the late 1940’s all the way through into the mid 1990’s, and can be seen in that role on screen in movies like LA Confidential and The Terminator, as well as in Rockstars own LA Noire and GTA: San Andreas. For GTA, I envision it as the “Shrewsbury Service Shotgun.” It would be capable of being able to slam fire by holding down the fire button, whereas tapping the button would allow players to fire it normally with a quick pump instead. Slam fire rate should be high, about that of the Assault shotgun, and it’s damage should also be high, being a one to two shot kill even up to medium distance. This would be balanced with a low five round capacity, keeping in line with the police model’s four round tube. (for those of you who may not know much about firearms, the ithaca has what’s called a 4+1 configuration as you can load a round directly into the chamber with a full tube) So you’d have five rounds that you’re able to fire off in just over a second, making for a high-risk/high-reward close quarters shotgun. Acquisition of this weapon would be through a scavenger hunt mission entitled “Cold Case,” which will be detailed at the end, and would come standard with a blued finish and wooden furniture.

Smith & Wesson K38 Combat Masterpiece


Continuing the LAPD theme, the S&W Combat Masterpiece or better known by it’s post-1957 name, the Model 15. This was the sidearm of the angel's finest for nearly the same time frame as the Ithaca above, being adopted in the late 40's and eventually being replaced during the mid to late 1980’s by the Beretta M9. Chambered in .38 Special, this is an evolution of the S&W Model 10, and is directly related to the Model 14 Target Masterpiece. The Model 14 had improved grips, short throw hammer, different sights, and a six inch barrel. The model 15s primary difference from the 14 is its four inch barrel and quick draw sights. The Combat Masterpiece was the prefered revolver for many officers over the Colt Police Positive, due to its slightly larger size and faster sight plane. It’s also useful that the Model 10 is one of the most produced handguns of all time, making replacement parts relatively easy to get your hands on, as well as making the gun itself relatively cheap. Oddly, despite this, it’s not as widely seen in pop culture. Even LA Noire got it wrong, giving their in game officers the Colt instead. Perhaps this is because very few departments used it aside from LA, meaning the defining lawmans revolver is most well remembered by most as the smaller Colt. In game, I’d see it as the “Hawk & Little Service Revolver.” The fire rate should be high for the revolver category at 2-3 rounds per second, and should have the medium damage of the Double Action revolver making for a slightly higher DPS. I’d also like to see it given its own unique draw and holster animations, appearing to be drawn from a right hip holster with a faster draw to aim animation than the other pistols. Holstering would have the character push it back into the unseen holster with force. Similar to the Ithaca, this would come with wood grips and a blued finish, and would be acquired through the same scavenger hunt.

Broken Antenna


Notice the large radio antenna on the front passenger side

And now we have the non police weapons. In the 1950’s, street gangs were mainly made up of teenagers, and they weren’t fighting over much worth going for life over. So instead of guns, those kids would often stick to knifes and makeshift weapons, with one of the most ubiquitous being a simple collapsible radio antenna snapped off a car. Collapsible to small enough sizes for easy concealment, and once fully extended around 3 feet of metal that could be whipped to keep enemies outside of switchblade distance, this was a good tool of choice for those that didn’t want to get in trouble for carrying a deadly weapon if they were stopped by the police. And as a bonus, it was easy to replace, as all you had to do was snap off a new one off a parked car. This should include its own new animations in GTA, with one handed baton style attack swings, but with the player whipping it out to full length on draw, and gripping the top to collapse it back down on holster. It should have more distance than other one handed weapons, with closer to baseball bat reach rather than knife distance. And due to the sharp, broken bottom of the weapon the sneak attack of the weapon has the player stabbing it down into the victims throat. When not a sneak attack kill, the weapon takes three hits to take down an npc, and 4 for a high level player. Sure, it’s not ultra powerful, and winds up as more a niche weapon, but I think it would be a neat idea. I’d also like to see it acquired in a unique way, with spawns of the weapon being spread throughout the map in rundown back alleys, inside wrecking yards, and specifically near the rusting wrecks of peyotes. So they’d have to be found in the world, rather than bought at any stores, since it isn’t exactly a normal weapon.

To go along with these new weapons would be reskins of some of the weapons we already have in game, specifically a wooden baseball bat with new fitting sounds and a “bespoke” variant of the switchblade, with the metal polished to a shiny chrome like appearance, horn grips and a more traditional curved crossguard. Both just for the more vintage aesthetic, with no change in performance. They may not be game changers, but for those that prefer a little style over substance, a good alternative.




Wooden baseball bat during a mafia II cutscene



“Cold Case”
A few minutes after loading into an online session, the player will receive a text message from an unknown number, telling the player just that “Everything you need is in a box downtown” and putting a search area around a random alley within downtown where the box can spawn. Upon finding the box, we get a view of a yellowed newspaper from 1956 with a headline article about an officer and his squad car going missing, and how police believed it could be related to a crime on the City’s east side. Going to another marked alley in Vagos territory leads you to the “Withered Letter” clue, which explains that the letter’s author and recipient “shouldn’t have done that” and they had hoped that an unnamed person had “Dug deep enough out there.” At this point the player is given their final search area, but it’s also the largest. The player will be sent to either search the Paleto forests, Grand Senora Desert, or around the shallower parts of the Land Act Reservoir, eventually coming across the half buried remains of a 1955 Vapid squad car. It’s trunk and driver side only just emerging from the earth, it’s windows impossible to see through and it’s bodywork heavily rusted but otherwise straight. A short cutscene will play, where the player is shown fighting the rusty hinges to open the trunk before reaching in and grabbing out the Service Shotgun from it’s storage, then walking around to the drivers side of the vehicle. Upon opening the drivers door, the skeletal remains of the long dead officer will fall out towards them, causing the player to jump back slightly. After recovering from the sight, the player will reach down and pull the officer's Service Pistol from his holster. With both guns now in their inventory, the player has completed the short quest, and a monetary reward can be earned through getting a certain amount of kills with both weapons, though cop kills would not be counted towards the challenge.


I've tried to keep everything as reasonable and possible as I could, and I hope that comes across to those of you who've managed to make it through my writing!

Edited by Rockett800

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Imagine ...



Edited by Gdiddywilson

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man, the player created-survival based maps in Far Cry 5 are a lot of fun


hey R*, stop stealing from Saints Troll and ADD THAT ^

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I wish we could sign up the different gangs to back us up against other NPC's while grinding.  I have the Davis IE Car garage and it's ridiculous, if I barely bump a pedestrian the gangsters open up on me and cause me thousands in damage on the car.  Would be cool if I could give them $1000 a day to be on my side and just appear when I need them doing sourcing and selling missions ect.  

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i personally would prefer a map extension and a lot of new properties and removing that cap of six.

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Buckingham Volatus Mk II




- Cannon

- Homing Missiles

- Barrage Missiles

- Side Mounted Machine Gun

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Urban Legends

Yall see that Casino? I swear its got new signs WIN WIN WIN.. Coming Soon..I think Im just trippin though but it looks like new banners and stuff cause I was just there 3 days ago stealing a car for ny vehicle warehouse.

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create an invulnerable tank which can only be killed by another tank

and only shot him in the stern

and that any other weapon does not cause him damage


or even make the tank immortal


Edited by NightShineDragon

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Liveries, armor and countermeasures for every old aircraft cause right know they are totally useless.

Havok mk2 - Better landing gear,missiles with slow rate of fire and weak explosive rounds (and/or gimbal turret). Also it could work as a car/bike


Swift mk2 (AirWolf) - Rocket boost, no auto-stabilization (so it can do a barrel roll), special missions, autopilot (with no need to load a different interior and a callback button so it can land automatically), rc bombs, scanners gimbal turret, laser and all the spy-tech they can add

Volatus Mk2 - Similar to AirWolf but less advanced 

Buzzard mk2 - Bennys lvl of customization, custom cockpit (fuzzy dice, bubble heads). Maybe even 3 different versions like those vehicles from Arena War. And it should replace your CEO buzzard as well.

Mallard mk2 / Alpha mk2 - 3 big bombs with big blast radius

Annihilator mk2 - Ridiculous amount of powerful miniguns, hook from cargobob

Dodo mk2 - 6 miniguns or one with explosive rounds, bombs. Basically that plane from FarCry4

Frogger mk2 - Poor man's Valkyrie. Cheap helicopter with powerful minigun on one side. (I think it was used in SP). 

Sea Sparrow Retro (from VC) - with countermeasures and liveries ffc!

Thruster mk2

Titan mk2- vtol, autopilot, small aircraft inside (so kinda like flying terrorbyte)

Add to that:

- at least one futuristic plane and helicopter (Not a big fan of those but it doesn't make sense that only civilian vehicles have that futuristic alien tech... military should have it first) 



- drone bike / drone heli with no weapons other then rotor blades



- wingsuits and new parachutes with thrusters (existing pc mods)
- new kinds of weapon upgrades (kinetic, EMP blast, lasers, rc bombs)
- custom hud for aircrafts
- new RC toys and drones with different upgrades (flamethrowers, chainsaws, bombs, up-n-atomizer). For example: RC scramjet, RC r2k, RC Hutner, RC blimb, RC tank (all with small and weak fireworks instead of missiles) 
- buff for all unarmed aircrafts (maybe it could take 2-3x longer to lock-on to them or something like that)
- huge buff for huge planes like volatol and bombushka 
- everything from here
- special missile launcher that uses r2k rockets BUT they can only lock-on to oppressors
- EMP gun / Drone jammer to deal with RC toys and oppressors 

And we have a pretty awesome low effort update.

Edited by Piro

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just finished Salvage hard drives with just the mini smg.... 


all is needed now is this





add it R*





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My idea for a new business DLC 

Combining every single business in-game into one 


The Mobile Office


(Use your creativity and pretend that the oilfield equipment on the trucks is the Mobile Office)


Combining all the features of a fully loaded Terrorbyte,Avenger and MOC along with all special and personal properties.


Comes with:


-One hangar for one helicopter and one plane 

  -Helipad on top, planes are launched out 


-One 10 Car Garage for any vehicle (be it Pegasus, special, etc)

  -If the vehicle is to large it may take up multiple spaces


-Drydock for one boat (ejects out back)


-One miniature version each of the Facility,Bunker,Hangar,Office,Clubhouse,all MC businesses,Warehouse and Vehicle Warehouse along with an apartment 


-Includes all defensive abilities of the MOC, Avenger, Terrorbyte, yacht and orbital cannon.

   -Even plane specific abilities are included such as bombs which can be launched similar

     to mortars as well as a flare and chaff system.


-LS customs and Benny’s 




-While mounted on a truck it has fully upgraded Hauler Custom level of armor 


-When sitting on the ground all defensive capabilities are deactivated and the office becomes invincible like a building although it can be picked up by anyone who owns the trucks to haul one, as well it is not stationary and can be pushed around if hit hard enough


-The office itself cannot drown from water and can float or sink if desired by toggling an option in the interaction menu 


-Office is requested through the interaction menu as well as the trucks to haul it 


-The trucks cannot be modified 


Moving it around:

-Several types of trucks will be offered to haul the office around. If desired all the trucks can be bought and can be all used at the same time allowing the player to give another truck to a friend if desired, unlike Personal Vehicles where only one can be used at once.


-Holding the button that you use to disconnect semi trailers will bring out a winch line that will connect to the office, holding it again will pull the office up onto the truck and vice versa.

       -The winch can also be used to pull any type of vehicle, trailer or object onto the    truck.


-Trailers can also be bought for each truck and attached if desired 




-What Trucks can be bought and used to haul around the office?


All the trucks have been chosen so that the already existing cabs of vehicles can be reused

Let’s get started:


-Trucks that use ordinary highway truck cabs and engines:


Kenworth 963

In this case it’ll be an even bigger and longer 6x6 flatbed Cerberus with sand tires etc.

As well it would use the cab from the HVY BIFF



Kenworth 953-S

An efficient reuse of the Hauler cab 

Even though the Hauler is based solely on a Freightliner FLB, but let’s be like the GTA Wiki guys and ignore that 




Titan Z80

An efficient reuse of the brickade cab 





Reuse of the Terrorbyte cab and hood




-Custom built trucks


Foremost Commander 

Reuse of the Ripley cab




Cossack 6x6

Might as well reuse the ripley cab 




Foremost Husky 8

Same thing as the Commander, reuse of the ripley cab 




-Trucks derived from heavy haul highway trucks


Kenworth C500

Like how the Kenworth 963 idea will be based reuse the Cerberus components 




-Articulated dump truck based




Cat 740


-The end



@ me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions 

Or if I got a few spelling mistakes 

(damn Mobile) 






Edited by asadog2

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Light mortars would be awesome!


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Edited by NightShineDragon

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It's a little thing but, bring back the Yusuf Amir finishes for the Mk II weapons.

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I got an idea. To expand on After Hours, how bout we get a Escort Service. GTA Online: Escort Service Update (basically Pimps & Hoes). Mansions are available for purchase for the update. You make your financial income through how successful your Escorts are in the update. If something bad happens to your Escorts, then a Defend Mission activates, and it's your job to protect your Escorts, and bring them back to your mansion. Mansions are used, as a front for your Escort Service. You can also upgrade your yacht to become a party yacht (Nightclub at sea). Clothes for the update are Bellbottoms, Platform Shoes, New Catsuits, Canes. Weapons for the update are the aforementioned Canes, Cane Swords https://goo.gl/images/y1Rti7 , Ring Pistols https://goo.gl/images/rFeU5d , Lugers https://goo.gl/images/CWDMsa , Repeating Shotguns https://goo.gl/images/xu8yfQ , Heckler & Koch MP7 https://goo.gl/images/ShazvC , and The Dragunov Sniper Rifle https://goo.gl/images/ypTsWj. Vehicles include in the update are The Remington (1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V) https://goo.gl/images/YSQMxs , The Broadway (1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster) https://goo.gl/images/TttvZj , Mercedes Benz A250 (Hatchback) https://goo.gl/images/uHguz1 , The PMP 600 https://goo.gl/images/d4j9ij , and The Panther De Ville https://goo.gl/images/okhGCS . Adversary Mode: Widow Tag. You and your opponent with Widowmaker in a Laser-Tag Type Match.

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