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Gameplay Ideas Wishlist Topic

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Imagine that your car is badly damaged, but the mod shop is far away, it would take forever to get to the mod shop, there should be an option called “repair car” in the vehicles tab in the Interaction menu, it shows the repair cost, after each use, there will be a cool down time of 3 minutes

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posted this idea here initially. Hope this gets implemented.



My idea for a dlc title would be called Strangers

Basic synopsis is that our character can meet different npcs at the casino, Bolingbrook Penitentiary, Vinewood sign, nightclub or LSIA like when our character first came to Los Santos and many more places. This npc is represented on our map as either a question mark or the blue man figure like in GTA 4 or there will be a random text to our phones with a brief description and picture to find there location(kinda like the import/export vehicles location missions) Once we find a stranger, a cut scene starts.
This update will eventually allow us to utilize the feature to swap between single player characters and online character but instead it would be between our protégé(s) and main character instead of single player. We'd switch to them and our character is basically a contact for them. We can have up to three different apprentices working for us.
This mainly takes place in freemode but when you're a protege you won't know where players are and likewise they can't see you(except your character location is visible but they will be moved automatically to one of your garages/properties or perhaps another area to initiate a cut scene. However your protege only has 'one life' like single player and when you die or are arrested they will be sent to the hospital or police station respectively.
To unlock or to be able to use this feature you'd have to be at least a level 120 and have at least $2,000,000.00 cash on hand. They have their own sh*tty safe house and beater car. Since you could eventually have 3 apprentices/proteges they could have the same profession as you(criminal) or possibly work for Los Santos Customs and give you some kind of perk, could work at the golf course or a teller at Fleeca bank it could be almost limitless. You can only have up to three associates but you can keep picking and choosing who you'd like at any given time. For instance: You can contact one of them and select an option to terminate their employment(which basically means that you can't select them anymore, however if you wait a designated amount of time you could possibly run into them again but they may be hostile toward you or they would still like to work for you. Just depends) and if/when their employment is done you can then select another protege/apprentice from the strangers you've encountered.
Another perk is that IF you chose all criminal accomplices they would be able to do mission/heists and pretty much any GTA online related activity. Of course this is only "unlocked" once they've been leveled up high enough.(they are essentially 3 different characters for you) On second thought maybe this feature can only be accessed in solo or invite only lobbies because I'm worried about some kind of grifting(I think that's the right word when somebody kills you repeatedly) or glitching.


Was just thinking what it would be like if the strangers and freaks aspect came back and if they worked for you/with you. So here it is. Highly doubt this will even happen, at least I don't think it will happen till GTA online is on ps5 or the Xbox equivalent. But I'd still like to know if this sounds like its even possible or complete fantasy. And I'd very much like to hear what others suggestions or criticisms regarding this idea.


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My idea is to add  exo skeleton from: 

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra



But explode from one rocket launch hit and make it balanced like tank.OK

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Since the update will be coming soon, we need more quality of life updates too

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Edited by EspionNoir

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15 hours ago, AventadorFan443 said:

Since the update will be coming soon, we need more quality of life updates too

I want my character to be able to do anything I see the NPCs doing. ANYWHERE I CHOOSE.

I see what the NPCs do in the nightclub, the casino, the beach. Their "standing around" animation needs to be available to my character.

I want my character to act like a regular person.

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