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Gameplay Ideas Wishlist Topic

Recommended Posts


I'd like a color wheel, instead of this crew colors crap. And add in the hidden textures, custom colored matte with pearlecent


Make chrome a rim color option, and metallic texture gold for tacky lowriders. And Benny's rims for all


And bigger garages. Rearranging is like playing a rubics cube by now


I'd spend so much

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I want an adversary mode where R* devs have to source and deliver product with glitched weapon wheels and disappearing ammo in lobbies full of Deluxos and Opmk2s.

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This forum used to be busier


I've got it, was just reading the red dead online section and why not add the red dead map to GTA? It's not like they care about context or continuity at this point


Then instead of half adding two games they could use their whole asses on one

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I want a wall around Sandy Shores and Grapeseed is going to pay for it

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I wish that R* reworked both the Explosive Rounds on the Heavy Sniper Mk II and the Explosive Slugs on the Pump Shotgun Mk II so those behave more like they did in The Ballad of Gay Tony with the Advanced Sniper and Automatic Shotguns, respectively:




This way, R* coud finally introduce the Railgun in Online without it being redundant because of these weapons.

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Boozey St James

Personally, I feel that after DDH, there won't be any more updates of that grandeur. Where could the game possibly go from here? 


A leisure/high life update would be great but that probably ain't happening any time soon, if ever.


More survival maps would be greatly appreciated. 


Mini heists like the Fleeca job. 


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I feel like instead of adv mode, how about a new modes in the next DLCs like i don't care if it's titled arena tits war but at least make some sensible content like these stuff

and these new modes can be dripfed every week

Classic muscle road race, with races made by rockstar but please don't make it a stunt race just a normal road race with some new props, a crowd like in arena wars and some commentaries like in arena wars something like this



Drag racing fest 



Classic formula race



Boat race (yes with crowds new props and commentaries)


Bluebird K7


and here are the races would be like




Hovercraft races



Grand tour like bullrun rally, mille miglia, dodgeball rally point to point time attack race (non contact, players goes one by one like overtime rumble in one sessions) divided by class sports classic, muscle, sport cars, supers, even SUV!



Muscle class


Sports classics



new props like

start finish signs



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