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GTA Underground: Suggestions

Recommended Posts

15 minutes ago, AshGamer007 said:

Add GTA UG T Shirt for CJ

Hahaha! It was in snapshot 2.2, but they removed all custom clothes for some reason long time ago.

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Forgive me if anyone's come up with this one before, but if they ever implement missions again, I'd like to see them implement the side missions and beta missions from "Things To Do In San Andreas".

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I think a drinking at bar mechanic should be added, also at Malibu Club should be VC music while dancing.

Also the stadium VC missions or Phil Collins concert should be added. (Just give the VC Stadium a reason to be useful).

The SFPD HD should have the beta interior and the Beta Mulholland Safehouse in game.

The VCS Empire Building should be added to have more fun gameplay, more ways to make money and more reasons to enjoy VC.

In VCS you could buy cars at Sunshine Autos, so buying cars wouldn't be a bad idea.

Maybe there should be more accesible casinos and the LC casino should have an original interior.

Boat races would be fun in VC, or at least the VC/VCS and III/LCS races.

The robbing stores mechanic should also be included.

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Has anyone thought of creating an interior for Punk Noodles in Portland? Perhaps making it a full restaurant which utilizes SA's eating mechanic with it's own unique menu items?




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Posted (edited)

ever heard about crack yo necks vehicle pack


no im not talking about the Montoya being added i mean the full pack




Edited by Maybach62

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Chaos studios
Posted (edited)

Now i'm no scripter by any means but i do use dyom i have found that using the waterfall end effect you can create the steam from the sewer look as you would see in nyc Small detail it could be dynamic but i think it really adds espeically when it comes to overcast Weather & atmosphere in Liberty Here some examples 




Edited by Chaos studios
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Chaos studios
Posted (edited)

What does anyone think of adding street vendors or vending machines to areas it make sense without taking away also i had an idea of maybe making the basketball courts have an actual gamemode instead of just tossing in the hoop to compete against npcs i do not think thats ever been done that could be an interesting addtion if not for samp & other players if you think about it. 

Edited by Chaos studios
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