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GTA Underground: Suggestions


Recommended Posts

This is a thread to post all of your suggestions, ideas, whatever into the Grand Theft Auto: Underground mod.


Please remember that Grand Theft Auto Underground is supposed to be mod-friendly, so you can use your custom-made cars/gang wars in other cities.


1. Do NOT suggest ideas have already been implemented into the mod.

2. Keep them creative and original.

3. Make sure you describe your ideas in an understandable manner.

4. Don't suggest anything too sexually explicit.

5. Don't go overboard with ideas. Some things can be very hard to implement.

6. Do NOT attempt to suggest mods related to multiplayer functionality. The mod is still in it's very early stages of development and is unlikely to handle an average server of 40+ members.

7. Keep your ideas sensible and within the topic.

8. If you want to see a list of elements already included or planned for the Mod, read the "Future Plans" section of the main thread.


Be creative!

Edited by SodaDog
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Get Project 2DFX working with Underground. It is difficult going back to the extreme low draw distance and no coronas after playing III/VC/SA with it for so long.


Integrate SkyGFX with UG so that the config changes as you change cities as an option.


(Unsure how this works now) Make it so we can change the textures in the added cities.

Edited by BobFromReboot
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regarding storyline, I have an idea, why can't we have a choice? if people don't want to play it then so be it but for those of us that do, why not make a marker at Francis international, where until we enter that marker everything in ug is available and when we enter the marker to start the story then everything has to be unlocked like the vanilla game??

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Ah good, i can finally put some suggestions of mine in a appropriate place without creating some tensions...


I got some business suggestions for Liberty City if you're actually thinking about adding more of these:


-Capital Autos in Hardwood, Portland Island (the same place where you do the Car Salesman side mission in LCS)
-Hardwood Scrapyard (the place where the car crusher is located, maybe with the fact that owning the scrapyard allowed you to use the crusher)
-Hogs'n'cogs in Belleville Park, Staunton Island (the place where you do the Bike Salesman side mission in LCS)
-Luigi's Sex Club 7 in Red Light District, Portland Island (just for the pleasure to own a strip club in LC)
-Punk Noodles in Chinatown, Portland Island (the same place where you do the Noddleboy side mission in LCS)
-Joe's Pizza in Bedfort Point, Staunton Island (the same place where you do the Pizzaboy side mission in LCS)


I'm also wondering at the possibilites of adding some news scripts into the gamemode such as:


-the possibilitie of avoiding a wanted level when entering in a impound garage or armed on a police station with the police outfit as long as you not attacking another officer or stealing an impounded vehicle in SA and VCPDHQ
-Adding somes 24/7 (or commerces) in VC and LC and adding the possibilite to rob them like in VC, with the fact that the longer you aim the storekeeper, the more money you will get but also the more wanted level you will aquired as up to 3 or 4 stars)
-Adding some unused interiors such as SFPDHQ in SF or "The Big Spread Ranch" in LV
-addng the 'Fare Bonus' as seen in Vice City when you pick up a pedestrian with a bus or a coach from a bus stop for 5$
-Adding the 'Hotring Race' stadium mission from Vice City (to be honest i like this one instead of the SA hotring race who was a nightmare for me)
-Adding the 'Cherry Poppers' distribution mission in VC.
-Adding the Import-Export in VC (Sunshine Auto Import Garage) and LC (Portand Docks and Shoreside Valls)
-Adding more bars in LC and VC and the possibilities to buy drinks (and get drunk) at these bar (instead of just going there for dating girls, billard or arcade games), causing the driving difficult with a shaking camera and delayed responds + maybe adding police attention when you drive near them (like in GTA 4 and 5)
-Letting access to some of the restaurants available for a girlfriend date (food will be offering less fat and will be 2-3X more expensive than fastfoods)


I still thinking the best way to enhance a GTA is by adding more possibilities and activities so let's hope some of my suggestions can be interesting
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Is this official? I don't think so.

It is.

Rule No 10- Do not freaking repost your silly suggestions. And yeah keep in mind that DKluin wont give a sh*t about suggestions and he might consider only 90% of the suggestions suggested.

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Is this official? I don't think so.

It is.

Rule No 10- Do not freaking repost your silly suggestions. And yeah keep in mind that DKluin wont give a sh*t about suggestions and he might consider only 90% of the suggestions suggested.


I asked the creator for permission.

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What if i want it to open the .img to see new guns names I want to add weapons from Underground in sanny bulider I can't find the files.


Oh weapon from LCS and VCS since I remember I played LCS for the first time and I like to see the more weapons

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Checkpoints in Vigalante\Ambulance\Firefighter\Taxi missions, just like in VCS.
E.g. when u reach level 6\12\18, u get a checkpoint, so u can continue it later...

And possibly wider list of vehicles criminals use in Vigalante missions, including military and other services vehicles (tanks, ambulances, buses and so on)

Edited by comanche93
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In my opinion Mendez tower should be re-added , In Vice city there would be a Combination of Both VCS and VC palms (In some areas these , in some areas these) and also i suggest replacing the Hidden egg from vice city...

For example make it a red egg with a Text "GTA Underground"


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I suggested this also on discord so here's what i thought about:


Instead of busting our balls trying to create a custom storymode for UG, why not make it simple? The player will be given control of CJ during his stay in Liberty City (as seen in the introduction cinematic) and will start with the apartment in Saint Mark's with low amount of money. He will also start with the same clothes he has in the cinematic.


After a while in LC the player will get the same phone call from Sweet telling about CJ's mom death and then will be given the choice to either fly to San Andreas to begin the main story or travel to other cities and get rich (and be a total busta)

Edited by tempRZ
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Hope this isn't too much, but can you add Detroit (between Carcer City and Mainland Liberty) and San Diego (southeast of Los Santos) from Midnight Club 3? That's another Rockstar game, so I believe this is within the rules...

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Hope this isn't too much, but can you add Detroit (between Carcer City and Mainland Liberty) and San Diego (southeast of Los Santos) from Midnight Club 3? That's another Rockstar game, so I believe this is within the rules...


I think, adding the real cities are a bad idea, they should add parodies of that cities, and Carcer City are the Detroit pardoy in GTA universe.


(sorry about english errors)

Edited by BreadOfCheese
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can dk add in Liberty City Businesses?


Portland: st. Marks Bistro (cause I know DK's adding it),Capital Autos, and Wong Launderette.


Staunton: Liberty Tree offices, and Hogs and cogs (maybe even the casino?).


Shoreside Vale: The 'see the sight before your flight' stand.


Hope you think about them and add them Dkluin!

Edited by EsperantoGTA3
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Hey I have some ideas in relation to the GTA VCS Empire feature.
Since the missions in the original are quite hard/work intensive to script, I thought about some easier replacements.
1. Prostitution: Just replace the GTA SA Broadway Prostitution Mission to the Polaris V8.
2. Loan Shark: Nearly as the original.
a) Steal a car that spawned somewhere (+ 1-2 guys for protection)
b) Steal a car that drives around somewhere
c) Steal a car XXXXXX like the Import/Export ones
3. Protection Racket: I don't know if you want to implement the original stores from VCS and even if that one would be quite stressing to implement like the original.
Easier methods: a) Spawn a couple of gang members in front of stores/investments (like Printworks/Zero's/Kaufman Taxis) and eliminate them
b) A car with gang members attacks stores/investments XY ... kill them
4. Smuggling: Again i don't know if it's hard to do the original like make a heli fly a certain path, drop packages to collect while the wanted level rises, but if so:
a) Do it like the Checkpoint Charlie ones: boat drive through checkpoints (which will be implying to be the drugs) while wanted level rises
After that you must drive a Mule or Yankee to the Empire
b) Drive to point X with a transporter, get drugs, get wanted level, drive back
5. Drugs: a) Maybe just like Smuggling b) only with gang members attacking
b) Go to area XY, gang members either deal with you peacefully or attack you or wanted level
6. Robbery: a) Just like the GTA SA Burglar Missions with the black Boxville
b) Just rob a store(if the feature is implemented)

For the skilling maybe you could do the max. of 15 missions each, with max. profit of idk 10000$ or adaptable to the crime empire
If 5 are completed : 25% of max. profit
If 10 are completed : 50% of max. profit
If 15 are completed : 100% of max. profit

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My suggestion is that dont make any storylines, as the time/year difference between the cities are a lot and it would look odd and also missions without any voice will look like DYOM missions. My opinion is that add mini games like racing, and other small things.

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I just want to give my two cents about the storyline in relation to "The timelines are not going to make any sense..."
I believe you can bend certain views about things to make this work out in the offical GTA lore.
Nonetheless, in my view this topic should be discussed at the end, because a stable bugfree and fully collisoned world with details should be No. 1 priority.

First of all I don't know how Danny and/or the community wants to handle the protagonist scheme.
There are two versions that i can imagine that makes sense: a) Only CJ is relevant as player in the story (I would be in favor of this)
b) CJ and Tommy Vercetti are the playable protagonists
Short summary of the story for a): Start Liberty City, Francis Int. Airport (after CJ's brother Brian died in 1987, he moved), work for the Southside Hoods (cause clicé connections to GS maybe), get somehow contact to Joey Leone (cause SA story implies that), work with Leones against Sindaccos and Forellis, get call from Sweet -> CJ's Mom is dead, GTA SA storyline, after "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" get call from Forelli family, offer a job to kill Tommy Vercetti because he iced Sonny, it's a trap ambush at airport they want to kill you (cause you steal from the casino which was partly owned by them + killing Marco Forelli), get in contact with Tommy cause you got the same enemy now, get back territorry in VC which was taken over by countless gangs, get revenge on the Forellis in LC or better MLL (Chicago like NYC was controlled by the mob, so you could split the town up to 4 LC Families Leone, Sindacco, Forelli and the Sicilians).

to b) mostly the same only that you start as Tommy in original VC and starting to lose control about the city...

To the VC problematic: - GTA SA plays in 1992, VC ends 1987 ... only 5 years apart
- the feelings of the cities is also connected to the location: Miami, Florida hot weather -> more colourful clothing, relaxed music (80's), more Cuban/Latin gangs
NYC colder weather -> more black, blue, eathy tones, Rock/Hip-Hop, Italo-American and Afro-American gangs
- i don't really believe that VC changes in over 5 years completly (like google Miami 90's) (and in LC there isn't really something visible to indicate that makes the "time/year difference between the cities" that much)

Sry for the long one, hope you get something to think about

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