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Should there be a subforum for ideas, wishes and speculation?

Should there be a subforum for ideas, wishes and speculation?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Should there be a subforum for ideas, wishes and speculation?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes, but only for one or two out of the three. Please specify.

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Over the years here I've seen a lot of good topics with awesome ideas get buried or moved to a wishlist thread.

Of course there are legit reasons to some being buried or removed. But a lot of well thought-out ideas simply get some likes and few response because most people agree with the idea, and it's gone because no one is bickering about it.

Ideas that are possible fixes for faulty situations get thrown into a wishlist thread, even though they are totaly different.


The wishlist threads have gone so overboard that they cover half the game now. The vehicle wishlist is specified and is pretty solid, but the general wishlist thread is comprised of anything from solutions to make a Hydra counterable to 'I want my character to be trans-species'.


I think the 'speculation' part would just fit in with the sub-forum, as ideas, wishes and speculation go hand-in-hand.


The amount of posts made that would fall into these categories certainly account for enough to make this new sub-forum.



Wondering if you guys who are reading this are on the same page, so we can maybe persuade the admins/mods into getting this done.




Since this has been moved, should specify that this is regarding the GTA Online forums.

Edited by Sagrawa

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I think yes.




But it just has to be a subsection of the online section, otherwise its gonna fail, and it should have some kind of rules before a single idea has the right to become its own separate thread within the section.


edit: even with more rumors coming up of GTAO coming at the point of it's last update, the last word will not be said about it until:


-rockstar announcing GTAO getting it's last content update.


-rockstar announcing GTAO's last ever tweaking update.


-rockstar bringing clarity to whether or not GTAO will be it's own standalone thing or not.


-rockstar's last update actually being dropped.



I think until those things have happened, the wishlist mill will keep running like it currently did for the past year.

Edited by Darth Absentis

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No, because it's just going to be Online wish-listing and there's already an Online section with enough sub-sections and threads dedicated to it.


Online has also already gone through most of its lifeline it looks like, so there's going to be far less wish-listing for it soon.



There's no point for it being a separate section because then it will just be a mish-mash of different games with the majority being GTA:O, which is gonna look messy.

Edited by Arthur Fookin Shelby

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Something like this has been done already in the form of "GTA Concepts" subforum but it got little interest and was scrapped.

Also, most ideas usually consist of a single sentence like "I want an x y, please R*." that really doesn't deserve its own thread let alone an entire section.

There is nothing wrong with wish-listing an entire DLC/game feature and making a thread for it, though. As long as it has some thought and effort put into it, one can always make a concept thread either in the GTAO forum or the GTA Series forum.

Edited by WildBrick142

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Would locking the current wishlist thread and opening something fresh like a couple of specific wishlist threads (e.g. DLC and gameplay) be a good way to move forward?

The current topic has been open a few years, so I can appreciate people might get a bit arsey if their topic is merged into it, however it doesn't change the fact that they should have just posted there in the first place - 9 times out of 10 "please give this R*" just doesn't deserve it's own thread, so why would we want a subforum full of them? It's just not going to work for an almost 4 year old game when we have the GTA Series subforum and even a GTA 6 subforum.

Well thought out ideas that generate discussion are fine and a majority of those stay open, and perhaps us staff can have a chat about keeping all GTA Online DLC concepts which people have put effort into stay in the GTA Online section instead of moving them elsewhere, for example like this tuner DLC idea which became a hugely popular suggeston but has not kept active because it was moved.

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Thanks, Kirsty! Indeed, the option you just implemented will do fine.

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Kirsty, I PMed you a sorta-lengthy post with an idea of how a subforum could work. I think it's at least worth a try, there are a decent number of people here who post some pretty detailed concept threads and would probably revel in their own special place to do so.

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