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Technology Abuse Causing Severe Depression?

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I have a problem. I can admit that. I spend way to much time in a world that exists beyond my own around me. On average I spend around 16 hours a day on some sort of device. Which is just about every waking moment.

No, I don't have a job. In California I want to go and get one, I have to get a damn degree which I am 20% of the way finished with (Of course, online)

Every time I get no calls back and waste all that time. I die inside a little and return to a virtual world. It's gotten to the point where I picture everyone around me in the real world like another mindless NPC. It feels like I am unnoticed.


It also doesn't help that I have a degenerative disease (Essentially I am lester) so manual labor is out of the question.


I don't know where to turn. I'm not suicidal, I'm just looking for a way out of this rut that's been going on for 2 years now.





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*Post deleted.

Edited by The7thOne

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to mutch artificial light will affect your health in a negative way, it is proven that it decreases the production of your body to produce melatonin and will affect your ability to have a good night sleep, or to think straight. i know when we are young we dont give a sh*t about that. its not just depression but also other health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes etc..

my advice.. force yourself to like other things that are not in front of a monitor

Edited by HaRdSTyLe_83

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Turn it all off. Firstly, you are not alone and many are or have been there... I've been there, it's an easy escape and highly addictive. Checking this, checking that, playing a bit of whatever... Before you know it, the day is done, it's 4am and you haven't eaten all day. The basics of living become a messy trap.

I closed everything down, stopped keeping up to date with tech and I haven't participated in any social media for some years but the console still got way over used.

Games like GTAO are the worst for people in the situation that I was in. They are very good at killing time.

I worked for myself and went through a really dry patch, social media is depressing as everyone posts how fantastic their life is, but the truth is that we all have problems and some are better at ignoring them and painting some sort of false facade than others.

The fact that you recognise that you are struggling is a good thing, talking about it is an even better step to take.

I've lost a pal who couldn't find a way out, he had the biggest and the best PC, like a mini cinema was his room, cost thousands it did, but he had issues with life, wouldn't speak to anyone, lost his job and lived in that room on the pc for years, he became an abusive recluse. No one could get through to him so of course we moved on with our own lives. Sadly after 6 years, he took his.


I think that made me aware of how absorbing technology can be to the point where the fragile existence you are reduced to eventually can be swallowed up.


I am nearly 40 years old, I don't watch TV, mute adverts on the radio, haven't read a newspaper for years, not on any social media and this post is probably going to be the longest that I spend on any website today. I also hit the master reset and totally changed careers which involves a lot of studying and exams and with 4 kids... It's not easy.


What prompted me to just shut down what I was doing and the situation I ended up in was someone just saying to me 'you make your own luck'. It's taken me 20 years to realise that. By immersing myself in a new future and investing in myself I am no longer immersing myself in games. My XBONE is collecting dust, my phone lays idle and holds a charge for nearly a week and my tablet is used for revision/ information. The priorities have changed.


So, turn it all off, communicate with those that can help and 'go and make your own luck'. There is always a way out.

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