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New guy...


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Hi new here so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I recently switched to PS4 from xb1. So starting from scratch on GTA. Wasn't an avid player tbh but enjoying it now. Just wondering if anyone would be willing to help out levelling up and doing heists? Seem to not get much online think it's down to my level (18) I've got an mc and a business started if u would like to join! My patters pretty decent too!

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Have a look in this thread if you havent already:




Were willing to help out lower levels, were looking for mature & sensible (well mostly..) players for chilled sessions doing MC contracts, buying & selling etc.

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Yeah add me as well. I am 38 years old and tired of playing with kids my PSN is SAMMYBOY2978 I am on PS4 as well I have only been playing GTA V for close to a month. I am a level 52 and I play ALL HOURS! I am not an annoying american either lol

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Most players tend to see lower levels as inexperience. Though i have bumped into level 50+ who don't have a clue what they are doing when it comes to heists etc


Done all the setups for Humane Raid, just need to do the actual heist itself now.


Done most of the heists under other people as host. I enjoy doing the heists and setups if I can find a good group of competent players who don't just sit and argue over mic :lol:


Shame your PS :(

Edited by Ryandudeman
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I'm part of a community where we help each make money anyway possible. Mature players are always welcomed. Send me a message if u'd like


PSN: Jange21

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PS4 player tired of running solo. Add me on PSN and I'll help anyone out. Just trying to find respectable players to play with and help each other make a bunch of cash


PSN: jenblee1088

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