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Posting in this board

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Posting in this board


  • Bug reports can be posted on the official forum and this board by creating a new thread. This helps keep things organized. However, it is also recommended to post bug reports on the bug tracker.
  • If you need help with installation issues, you should create a new thread in this board about your issue, or post a new entry on the bug tracker or official forum.
  • Posting new threads without a valid reason should be avoided. Suggestions or anything related to the mod should be kept in the main thread. It's best to keep this board clean. Obviously, posting new threads however is perfectly fine if you have a valid reason for doing so.

Reporting issues

  • Provide useful information. Posts like ("help me my game crashes" and/or "it doesn't work") are more likely to be ignored, or hidden.
  • Post your issue in a new thread. Don't reply to other people's threads, because that ends up in a mess when a severe issue is affecting a lot of players, and lots of people report it.
  • The more information, the better. It's recommended to provide additional details about the system you are running on, and what SA version you use (and if you downgraded it or not). Since I am not sure if there are any permission-affecting issues, it might be worth providing information about that as well (ie: if you installed UG on the C:/ drive, if your Windows-account has the right permissions set on the folder (no need to worry about this if you have administrator permissions on your account))
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