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Mission Blips on Android Radar VERY Tiny, Very Hard To See!

Lit Logistics

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Hello! GTA III on Android is the only GTA game I have experienced this with so far.


All blips on the radar during missions (depicting destination, etc.) are the size of a period at the end of a sentence. Mission contact blips are full size. Is this a known Android glitch? I have not purchased the game on my IOS iPad yet to see if it also occurs that version.


Thanks for the input!

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Here is an example from the mission, "Chunky Lee Chong."



Can you see the blip of Lee Chong's location in this screenshot?


I've zoomed in here to show you, it's the small green blip. (This happens with all mission Blips):



Edited by Talon Logistics
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Also happened with original GTA III at high resolutions. See if decreasing the resolution fixes this problem.

Thanks for the idea! I just tried three different (lower) resolution settings (0%, 25%, 50%) and it unfortunately did not alter the size of the blips. Seems be something somehwere deep in the code? 🤔 This is almost crippling, inhibiting my gameplay completely without over straining my eyes to complete the missions. Think it's worth a ticket submission to Rockstar Support?

Edited by Talon Logistics
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These tiny blips are also present on PC Version if I am correct. Mobile (Android and iOS) is very close to being like the PC Port. So it makes sense it's like this on Mobile. Whereas, I have the PS2 Version along with the iOS Version and PS2 blips are SO much bigger and brighter. You can't see sh*t on Mobile and it's more like "memorizing" the Missions and where to go instead of trying to get help from the Radar as you can't see sh*t with a faded, tiny dot.

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As I research it online, I cannot find any answers. You all seem to say it is a common problem, however. Well at least I know I am not crazy! No known Android fix, eh?

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I have purchased the trilogy for my iPad mini on the App Store.


This IOS version of GTA III does not seem to have this issue with the mission blips on the radar. The blips are very easily seen. It doesn't seem to be because of the obviously larger display, but just completely different from my android version.


Very strange. I like having the mobile games on my android phone because I always have that with me. Obviously I am not carrying around my iPad 24/7. :p


Still have not found a fix for this on my android version.


UPDATE 1/27/17:


I have become so frustrated that I officially have submitted a Rockstar Support ticket. The person handling the case has no idea, and keeps telling me to do the usual "clear cache, data, reinstall, reboot phone, clear any apps that could be interfering." This is clearly something in the game's code!

Edited by Talon Logistics
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  • 2 weeks later...

probably something related to resolution of display, dpi and game scaling. But R* cba to fix any technical problems on old games.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, still no response from them on it. I went out of my way to actually hunt down some used original releases of the GTA 3d games. Playing San Andreas and vice city on my iPad makes me sick with all the music gone and the edits within vice city. Just something fun to do while traveling now, I guess.


Even the ps2 emulations on the ps4 store are the edited versions of San Andreas and Vice City, so I now own them all for ps2 once again :)

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  • 8 months later...

Rockstar SUCKS at optimizing games over the course of time. I think the reason it happens is that it was never meant to scale to the resolution of your Android phone. It's best played on a 2013-2015 IOS devices. Or the Ipad 2 because that came out right when the mobile port came out. Idk. Rockstar doesn't support the game anymore it seems like. Hopefully someone one can release a patch/mod for newer devices.

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