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GTA Forums Free Aim League

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Welcome to the GTA Forums Free Aim League Idea (Yes it has been done before). The aim of this league is to provide a simple yet fun and competitive place to hod weekly crew battles. Using the service https://www.toornament.com we can effectively host and manage a weekly crew battle league following the structure or a Football/Soccer league.


The system would work by have a number of teams play a weekly TDM on a set map. Each week every team plays a TDM, Home or Away with every team eventually playing each other twice.


The system will work as such

  • 8v8
  • 3 points for a win.
  • 1 point for a draw (Tied Scores).
  • 0 points for a forfeit or loss.

*examples structure*


At the end of each season there will be a league champion, who can have bragging rights over the rest of the teams in the league.



The individual matches will be based from a single map, most likely a capture to remove any BST and Double Damage, with the following rules:


  • No Headgear (All Hats,Bandannas, and Helmets)
  • No Masks/Equipment (Rebreather ect).
  • No Scarves.
  • No Gun Butting.
  • No Corner Shooting.
  • No Trash Talk.
  • AR Only (map set to forced and pickups).
  • All fighting to be kept in the weekly TDM's.
  • No Mods (High K/D ect).
  • Free Aim Only.
  • No BST (Pickup)
  • No Quad Damage.


Teams can register but do not have to use the same members each week,however each team will be required to have two TDM uniforms, of different colours, one for Home and one for Away matches, they must have the crew emblem on them too.


You have a week to organise your math with the other team, if you cannot agree on a date or time this counts as a forfeit for both teams, breaking the rules will also result in forfeit of the match by the team in question.


Teams are aloud to live stream and record the matches however no defamation towards the other teams , this league is a mature fun place to compete.



If you are interested let me know below, and I shall add you to the list of sign ups, feel free to discuss anything, i will need help administrating all of this but the E-sports website will help us do allot of that. Also if this idea grows we can add extra leagues and have promotion and demotion and the end of each season to make things even more fun. This will be open to all free aim ability as long as you follow the listed rules.


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Very interesting 👍 hope we get some participation

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I hosted a Crew League in 2014 however I basically abandoned the idea of continuing it in 2015 because there isn't much support for free aim on this forum.


The Damned are interested in taking part but we can't see more than three teams participating, we would like to sign up though.


If you are taking suggestions, it would be nice to have a league that stands out from the other endless, rifle-only TDM tournaments. Perhaps consider adding certain Adversary Modes, Last Team Standings, Captures and perhaps even racing to have an all-round GTA tournament rather than just a shooting tournament.

Edited by T0X1C

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Good post above from T0X1C.


Any other crews on here interested?

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