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Quick question about Motorcycle Club


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So, I searched and couldn't find an answer. Dumb question I'm sure, but I've got a Cocaine warehouse and I was wondering, if I take a friend or two with me to sell the product, would they get paid something also or is it only me that gets paid? Thanks and sorry for the dumb question.

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Yes, they get paid, but only a fraction of what the president gets.


Not sure what the equation is like. Did it ever get verified that it's tied to lifetime contribution, or rank within the MC?

Edited by OCDee
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Selling MC business stock gives MC members 10%+ of the total delivery. But It doesn't come out of the president's pocket. I found the exact formula of prospect payout on the internet and here it is.


Biker prospect pay out for a business stock selling = 10% + ($200 to $900 * minutes up to 10)

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Got ya. Thanks. And it has to be done in a public lobby? So I could potentially be screwed by griefers. If my mission is interrupted or failed or whatever because of griefers, can I restart it or do I lose everything and have to make product all over again?

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Yes, MC business missions can only be triggered in public sessions. If someone attacks and destroys your products, You will lose all those products. You have to deliver supplies again and wait until the staff process it to products. I am not 100% sure but I think disconnection of the president during a sell session can also result in a loss of products. I slightly remember that happening to me.


Anyway if you sell products in a lobby full of random people you'll get a "High demand bonus" based on the number of players in the session. But I would recommend selling supplies in a solo public session. How to get into one? Disconnect the Ethernet cable for about 4 secs and plug it back. Sometimes changing session few times works as well.

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Got it. I'll have to give that a try. Not gonna get griefed, that's for sure. Not to go on a tangent, but is there any good reason why R* forces certain missions in public sessions? They know people are a**holes right? What do they expect to happen?

Edited by MysticJon
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Well, TBH I don't really know why R* makes such certain restrictions. Maybe it could be to increase the competition. But the closest assumption I can make is, R* supplies ways to earn money and in the same time they have found methods to minimize the player's income. Thus a great effort has to be dedicated for earning a relatively small amount of money. This will force people to purchase Shark Cards. Shark cards let's you get in game funds for real world money. And the revenue made by Shark cards gives the ability to R* to release free DLCs.


Edit : I am not talking only about the MC update, I just made this assumption based on the whole online part of the game.

Edited by JamesTheCat
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Look for a way to sell in an "empty public" session if you don't want to be bothered. The way JamesTheCat puts it makes me think of...



Anyways, I've seen people fail sale jobs and not one has ever said they need to buy a shark card to compensate for their loss. I pity anyone who would make such a bitter purchase after losing a mission.

I like to think they made it this way to cater to all types of players with each update, it's more co-op with a touch of PvP and adds new tear filled targets for R*s favorite type, the trolls.

Just IMO.

Edited by FlacidJack
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