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VCS vs LCS ! | Which one would you prefer ?

VCS vs LCS  

199 members have voted

  1. 1. For VCS

  2. 2. For LCS

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Los Santos Survivor
On 3/17/2020 at 10:45 AM, Ahmedmfroezspeed said:

Lcs, obviously

Because the Chainsaw in LCS is way better than the Chainsaw in VCS, plus in VCS, the chainsaw doesn't kill by q hit, but in LCS, it does, plus, the storyline of VCS was a bit short, compared to LCS, plus, VCS had 59 storyline missions,  but LCS has 70 storyline missions, also LCS is a bit more enjoyable than VCS, especially the protagonist, Toni Cipriani is better than Vic Vance

Now you gotta understand though some of the missions are'nt that missiony, if you get my tone. Like 'Making Toni.' You literally drive somewhere, cutscene plays, Mission passed. Like I understand what they were going for but, come on, lets look at the quality of the missions, not the numbers.

Also VCS 2nd after SA

Edited by Los Santos Survivor
Referred to wrong mission
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  • 1 month later...

Although I love LCS (it really grew on me, including the music), I chose VCS for everything but the game world (map). Liberty City's space was used a lot better in its two games, while there's too many dead spots in Vice City. VCS came a long way from VC from my point of view though, with the ability to swim and having Empire building, which means the player interacts with 30 buildings they'd have nothing to do with anyways (I'm not worried about not having the ability to enter The Malibu, The Pole Position, or InterGlobal Studios, since that's a VC thing). But still, LCS wins there for me since that game already started with a well-structured game world, and I think improved on it slightly.

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  • 5 months later...

Story - Of course VCS.

A.I. - Both are the same.

Maps - LCS. Vice City is too f*cking small.

Vehicles - LCS.

Physics - Same as A.I., both are almost the same.

Features - VCS, duh. LCS didn't even add anything new but being the first PSP GTA.

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