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The first time i played GTA3


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I remember after doing the first couple of missions walking around

down by the club and seeing the posters on the wall, one still sticks in my mind. The caption was " She liked to be taken down a dark alley" that still makes me smile to this day, also chatterbox radio station with Lazlow with the nude caller " im naked back here and theres nothing you can do about it" Lazlow response " i really didnt need to know that"

Such a great game and its still fun to play even now.

Edited by ViceBoy69
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The first time I played the game was at a friend's house. All I remember doing was asking my friend how to find Ammu-nation. Then I would head to Diablos turf and shoot the place up. My comment to my friend was "How could you possibly get bored of this!?" To this day I can still revisit the game and enjoy myself. Remarkable, isn't it?

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I remember after getting it on Christmas 2001, I played it every morning. I wanted to get off school early so I could play it.

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The first time I played III was in 2004, my brother recommended it. I didn't understand the game at first, in fact, I never even finished Portland. It wasn't until I bought SA that I officialy became a GTA fan.

Edited by Achlys
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Did you eventually get around to finishing III, Achlys?

Edited by Queen
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I played GTA III back in 2008. I tried loading saves and they crashed. Stopped playing till late 2009 when I came to know of the 1.1 patch that allowed loading saves. Since then, I never looked back.

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