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How do I play GTA 2 split screen?


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So I saw this thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/230281-is-there-a-split-screen-mod-for-gta2/. So I tried this mod out. And I couldn't play split screen. The problem is that my controller is not detected. How do I use it? My controller is an ACME GA-02 controller. I tried using X360CE but no luck. How do I use the Split Screen Mod? I noticed that i can only control one character, because I can control the other split screen player only if I focus on the window. The game tells me that there was no controllers found, and when the game starts it tells "Gamepad glue has quit!"

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You need at least two xinput compatible controllers (keyboard isn't supported in this mod). If your controller uses dinput instead then you might need a dinput to xinput emulator.


For me, version 3 of this split screen mod worked better than version 4.

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well, I tried both of versions, but none of them worked. I tried to use x360ce, which can emulate dinput to xinput on every folder of these mods, but no luck. Is there any way to convert dinput to xinput? I've looked at Motioninjoy, but it didn't work. SCPToolkit is for DS3/4 controllers, so how do I make windows detect that my controller is xinput?

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UPDATE: I installed XOutput, but it didn't work, but i had to install SCP Drivers that came with it, and it worked!

But I can't still use Version 4, I get stuck on 1/2 players joined. Sometimes no one joins the game

UPDATE 2: I get to the point of "Showing All Windows" but after that nothing happens. The screen stays the same. Now how do I change controls on v3?

I've got two controllers. One has two analog joysticks, and the other one has only a d-pad. The D-Pad is used for changing weapons. XOutput detects that the D-PAD is an Analog Joystick. How can I change controls in the game version 3 so that I could use Start and Back buttons to change weapons?

Edited by ajud
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