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How do I play GTA 2 on LAN

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so I just wanted to play the game with my friends, but everywhere i looked mentioned something about LAN, but they did not tell how to play on LAN. I have some software called EVOLVEHQ. It's made for multiplayer. We played minecraft and starbound through it. It was fun. But how do I play GTA 2? The software actually as I know makes a private network for those who are connected to a group, so it will function like LAN, but it will still require some work to do to play. So I just want to know how do I play the game on LAN, on EvolveHQ?

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I've never tried EVOLVE but on a real LAN to play multiplayer:


host: run gta2manager.exe, click on network, tcp/ip, it doesn't matter what you put in protocol connection but I would leave it blank or put, start network game, create game and then wait.


joiner: run gta2manager.exe, click on network, tcp/ip, leave protocol connection blank (if that doesn't work then put in the internal IP address of the host), start network game, the hosts name should show in the list, click join and wait for host to start.


Screenshots here: http://gtamp.com/gta2/gta2-multiplayer/\


You might need to disable UPnP.

Edited by Sektor

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ok thank's

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