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YouTube Intro Music

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Hey everybody, I'm currently in the process of making a new into video for YouTube and I'm maybe a bit stuck on my music choice I guess you could say. I'm not disappointed but I would like to see if anyone had other suggestions. Here is what I currently have.





The current song is a shortened version of the start of Ice to Never by The Black Queen


The style I'm looking for is somewhat retro, something that has an obvious beat and/ or buildup to a point within about 20ish seconds. Maybe something that you wouldn't be surprised if it was playing on vinyl?


I also have a topic over in Graphics / Visual Arts talking more about the editing and graphics of the video.


Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Edited by DJS
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I love The Black Queen, but that intro doesn't really go anywhere. It starts off strong, and I love how the visual compliments the song, but I feel like it should end with some kind of resolution. You know, end on the tonic (first degree of a scale). Or some kind of fade out at least. At the moment it just...stops...awkwardly. Frankly, I loved what you had before this intro.


Maybe you could pull audio from the end of a tune? That way at least it feels finished. The trick then would be getting it to start off OK. But I think that would be less hard then trying to start at the beginning and then cutting in the middle of a phrase.


I don't have any suggestions at the moment, but I'll be going through my music collection. If anything pops out to me, I'll let you know.


Good luck.




Not really retro sounding...but this could work.


Start at 4:40. There's a nice break in silence just before it closes out. It's pretty clean and illustrates the point I'm trying to make.



Edited by Queen
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I see what you're saying, I never actually thought about looking at the end of songs before. That could be much better.


The annoying thing is I heard something on my phone the other week but I forgot to take a note of it so now I'm on shuffle to see if it pops up again :D.


Cheers for the advice though.

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Mister Pink

Thats nice but is it all good being able to use copyrighted music if you want to monetize your videos?


Also, do you know anyone producing? Maybe you could ask them to make you a couple of jingles for a few quid and/or a credit or something else in return?


Im glad its just not a Dubstep intro lol 😅

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For such a short clip it would fall under fair use. Would you even know what the song was if I didn't say? On top of that none of my videos are monetised anyway


I dont know anyone making :( and I also hate the classic dubstep intro, trying to do something different.

Edited by DJS
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Would you even know what the song was if I didn't say?


I probably wouldn't, but YouTube might. It isn't so much about somebody saying "I know what song that is, I'm telling on you". I uploaded a video with some German jazz playing in the background by chance and I ended up with silence. If you're looking for music/producers, you might find some luck via Soundcloud. Some producers may be more than happy for you to use some of their music, and I'd be willing to bet some even make music for that specific purpose.


Even if your videos aren't being monetised, it's just good etiquette and can save you a headache down the line, fair use or not.

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