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[c++] Check if game paused


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How does one check if the game is paused (pause menu)?

I tried using UI::IS_PAUSE_MENU_ACTIVE() but it doesn't seem to work.

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Maybe you could try UI::GET_PAUSE_MENU_STATE. It returns an integer, and has at least 15 different returned states.

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For some reason, still not working with using all provided functions you gave.

Does GAMEPLAY::SET_THIS_SCRIPT_CAN_BE_PAUSED() need to be in a loop?

Edited by HeresOtis
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unknown modder

you only need to call it once and pass 0 as the argument. that way the script will still run while the game is paused. then you can use is_pause_menu_active to detect if the game is paused

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Have you or someone else successfully used these functions to allow a script to run when game is paused? I'm using them correctly but just want to verify if these are actually working.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Can anyone verify if UI::IS_PAUSE_MENU_ACTIVE() works? I tried different ways using this and other functions, but to no avail.

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  • 2 years later...

Looks like this topic is dead. Any help would be appreciated, we still need to check if game is paused or not.

Anyway, it looks like if the scripts were paused while the game is paused: SET_THIS_SCRIPT_CAN_BE_PAUSED(0)  does not seem to do anything meaningful.
IS_PAUSE_MENU_ACTIVE() didn't help either.
Maybe, there are other methods, like memory hacking, or other natives to check, but if someone knows the ultimate solution, please don't keep it secret!


Edited by Jupiter_Hortenzievich
Adding some clarification, some more info.
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I also had no luck using SET_THIS_SCRIPT_CAN_BE_PAUSED.


One way to do it would simply be to detect the key press / button press.

This is not full proof as they could be rebound but its simple and will work.

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