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Release Date Checker problems



So, after not having played it for a long time, I decided to install GTA IV (retail version) on my new computer (running Windows 7). Everything worked fine, up until the part where, after finishing the installation, it wanted to check the release date or something.


Except it didn't work: it would go up to 30%, wait a bit, then it would throw me an error. I checked the link it gave me, where it says that the reason it didn't work is either because I don't have an internet connection (obviously false) or because my firewall is blocking it (also false, since I tried disabling it and it still didn't work). Whatever, I said, I can still do it manually, right?


So I clicked on the "Activate Manually" button, did what it asked, and it even said that the activation was succesful. Except that must've been a lie, since when I started the game (or rather, tried to), it gave me the same "checking release date" screen that it gave me after installing, complete with the error message. Clicked on the "Activate Manually" button again, except THIS time, it didn't work. The cursor would show that it's loading something, but nothing.

Tried again, nothing.

Tried resetting the computer, still nothing.

Tried the "Manual Activation" program in the game files, same thing.

Installing the latest patch, uninstalling and reinstalling the game: guess what happened (spoiler alert: NOTHING).

And here's the thing: on my old computer (running Windows XP), I had ZERO problems installing and playing the game, in fact, I don't even remember seeing this screen there, so....WHAT'S HAPPENING?


I already tried looking this up, both on Google and Rockstar Support, and I've found nothing (actually, I did found out that the Steam version is just as unplayable as this one, but nothing else).

Could anyone help me fix this?

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2 answers to this question

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El Dorado

change the date back to 2013

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change the date back to 2013


Thank you, it worked!

Edited by 2PacSerbia

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